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Galeria Atrium Reduta has opened the Fifth Dimension – a unique space where you can experiment, play, learn and discover using your five senses. The intent of this concept is to awaken the interests of both children and adults and increase cultural, artistic and scientific awareness. Beginning in May, the area will be open to visitors to the center three days a week, offering a number of free development workshops.

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District The fifth dimension It is a unique space in the Atrium Reduta – open to parents of preschool and early school age children, adults and seniors. It is a place to forge new relationships, stimulate creativity, share experiences between generations, and learn through play. In collaboration with professionals and enthusiasts from various fields, Galeria Atrium Reduta has prepared a variety of series Free workshops. The detailed program of the classes can be found at

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Atrium Reduta has prepared for the youngest guests of the fifth dimension a series of free artistic and educational workshops that support healthy development. General development activities with sensory integration elements It will be driven by an SI processor. Their topics will focus on stimulating the development of hearing, touch, precognition, and sight. Movement and music for a child And Gordonki It is a workshop that develops creative skills through playing musical instruments, singing and dancing. Their goal is also to build the child’s relationship with the parent and peers. The program also includes lessons hello kids, Use the natural inclinations of children to learn English through play. Kids will surely love our Flexible Film Drawing Workshops – art for a little boy Giving youngsters the opportunity to express creative expression.

Older children, in turn, will have the opportunity to experience the world of colors and structures during Playing with colors. During creative workshops Environmental artists at work Participants will work in different technical techniques related to the environment. However, the chapters are titled He may come, play it for me They will devote themselves to practicing fine motor skills by pouring, gluing and dispensing. Of particular note is the opportunity to meet a speech therapist during classes Oral and tongue gymnasticsWhich will be an opportunity for children to stimulate speech development through appropriate exercises and play.

Classes for children up to 10 years old focus on games related to sensory integration and creativity development. during the workshops crush And Let’s make ourselves slime Children will be able to make simple sensory games on their own, in different shapes and colors, while experimenting with materials of different structures. And during the lesson bridge games Children will discover that it is a sport that develops many skills that go hand in hand with school learning.

Adults of all ages will also find something for themselves in the fifth dimension. People who want to bet First steps in the gymWe invite you to meet with the gym coach City Fit. Freshly baked moms with babies who want to get back into physical activity and regain strength after birth can benefit from kindness. Yoga for mothers. Classes specifically for seniors healthy spineIts purpose is to strengthen and relax muscles and the general mobilization of the body. The adult class schedule also includes a series of meetings Health under controlWhere you can practice first aid skills or learn the principles of healthy eating. There will be a special meeting on the last Tuesday of May – Africa through the eyes of a UNICEF staff memberwhose guest will be a traveller, a doctor for African studies and a UNICEF staff member, and will talk about African cultures and religions, as well as how money from daily collectibles and inheritance saves the lives of local children.

The Fifth Dimension at Atrium Reduta is in full swing May 6. The space is available to all visitors Tuesday, Friday and Saturday between the hours 11:00 AM and 6:00 PM. The restaurant is located on the first floor next to the restaurant area and the Eurolider games room. Pre-registration is required for all classes by email: info.5w

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