Meskie Granie 2022. Who will lead? Where and when are the parties?

Meskie Granie 2022 will appear in eight cities in the new formula. The thirteenth edition of the Popular Concert Tour includes 16 musical evenings, during which approximately 80 Polish female artists will perform on two stages. Here is the most important information about this year’s men’s play.

The organizers of the men’s game 2022, Thursday, released information about this year’s 13th edition of the popular concert tour. Last year, due to restrictions related to the COVID-19 disease, the Miski Grani played twice in four cities: on Friday and Saturday. The formula, which was supposed to be a one-time experiment, turned out to be well received by the audience.

Therefore, this year – in a new format – the tour will visit eight cities, where concerts will be held in two stages on Friday and Saturday. Approximately 80 Polish female artists of various musical genres will participate in it – some of them are famous from previous editions of the tour, others will appear in concerts for the first time.

Meskie Granie 2022 – Who will you perform?

This year’s tour includes Polish rap stars, alternative and electronic music, as well as rock and pop. A permanent element of the tour is a special performance by David Podciado, which will conclude Friday concerts in each city. As the organizers know, Podsiadło will present a repertoire that combines his greatest hits with songs that have not been played for a long time or not shown live.

But this isn’t the only special project that will be part of the tour. Natalia Przybysz will perform, among others, with the project “40 Years of O! Maanam”, and Paulina Przybysz as Rita Pax from “Tribute to Breakout”. Krzysztof Zalewski MTV Unplugged will play in some cities, and Kortez will appear with a special project. You will also be able to get acquainted with an unusual project called “Greetings to Krzysztof Krawczyk”.

The invitation to the tour was accepted, among others, by: FISZ EMADE TWORZYWO, Miuosh with Śląsk Song and Dance Ensemble, Ralph Kamiński, Kaśka Sochacka, Vito Bambino, Majka Jeżowska, Martyna Jakubowicz, Mitch & Mitch, Wczas and Królópa, Igo and Maria Peszek.

The Meskie Granie Orkierstra 2022 and the song promoting the tour will be known on May 31.

Meskie Granie 2022 – Track Calendar

June 24-25 – Poznan Park Citadel

Main platform: Daria Zawayo; Karai/Rogoki; Mitch & Mitch con Loro Grupo Eterofonico; WOJTEK MAZOLEWSKI – YUGEN ; David Podsiado
Scene Z: Anya Leon Baranovsky; Vismol. Jean-Rab Camille Hussain is dead the wasp

Main platform: Cool death kids. KORTEZ Special Project; MIUOSH x Team Silesia “Contemporary Songs”; WaluśKraksaKryzys. Men’s Play Orchestra 2022
Scene Z: Mole Blueberry Julia Winyawa Kasperchik. Mick, oh why? Paris syndrome holidays

July 8-9 – Katowice, Valley of the Three Ponds

Main platform: king; MARIA PESIC SMOLIK // KEV FOX; Tribute to Krzysztof Krawczyk; David Podsiado
Scene Z: 1988 – Show feat Rolita. Tymek, Kacha, Margaret, Rosalie. , Onoe Caponoe, Zdechły Osa, Tonfa, Hades, Scolop333ndra; Baranovsky; Frank Lane Julia Winyawa RAT KRU x COMBII; Casino

Main platform: Kaoka Suchaka; orange apple blossom; WaluśKraksaKryzys. Men’s Play Orchestra 2022
Scene Z: Natalia Szroder Ophelia. Rita Pax – Tribute to Breakthrough; saw the sea; Sobel. holidays

Simple Ways – Zahra Gaboney and Julia PetruchaAgora Music

July 15-16 – Warsaw, Służewiec

Main platform: Cool death kids. Daria Zawayo King, Mitch & Mitch con il loro Gruppo Etereofonico; David Podsiado
Scene Z: BIBOBIT / OSIECKA FAMILY AND GUESTS; Mole Blueberry Camp! X; Robbins. Zalia

Main platform: Maria Pesek, me and this guy. frost. Zalosky. Men’s Play Orchestra 2022
Scene Z: Atlanta; boca; Frank Lane, this is Ukraine. holidays

July 22-23 – Wroclaw, Partenice

Main platform: Cool death kids. Daria Zawayo; FISZ EMADE TWORZYWO; Tribute to Krzysztof Krawczyk; David Podsiado
Scene Z: coal. EABS; James Cochlear Kasperchik. Robbins. This is Ukraine

Main platform: betamin; Kaoka Suchaka; Ralph Kaminsky; ZALEWSKI MTV Unplugged; Men’s Play Orchestra 2022
Scene Z: BIBOBIT / OSIECKA AND GUESTS; Jan-Rap Ophelia. Show Resina. speechless; Tropa tropa. Surkovsky

July 29-30 – Krakow, Aviation Museum

Brodka. karai/rogoki; Natalia Brzebiz Ralph Kaminsky; David Podsiado

James’s cochlear family Mick, oh why? Rita Pax – Tribute to Breakthrough; Yana. Surkovsky

Main platform: I’m going; Frost apple blossom. WaluśKraksaKryzys. Men’s Play Orchestra 2022
Scene Z: Anya Leon Orchestra ARS LATRANS: The Art of Love; Martin Lang; SZCZYL; WOJTEK MAZOLEWSKI – YUGEN ; wasp died

Ralph Kaminsky

Ralph Kaminsky “Run with me” from the album “KORA”.YouTube \ ralphkaminski \ FONOBO Label

August 12-13 – Szczecin, Ostonia

Main platform: Frost apple blossom. Natalia Brzebiz: 40 years old Hey! Menem. orange; David Podsiado
Scene Z: crisis; Strange Spring Jean-Rap Natalia Szroder Oxford Drama Paris Syndrome

Main platform: betamin; I’m going; MIUOSH x Team Silesia “Contemporary Songs”; ZALEWSKI MTV Unplugged; Men’s Play Orchestra 2022
Scene Z: Kasperchik. Camille Hussein Camp! X; Cocoon. Miri Spolsky yana

August 19-20 – Gdansk, Polsat Plus Arena

Main platform: FISZ EMADE TWORZYWO; I and this guy. MIUOSH x Team Silesia “Contemporary Songs”; Ralph Kaminsky; David Podsiado
Scene Z: Boca family; blueberry mole radiating; Martin Lang; wasp died

Main platform: Kaoka Suchaka; Sana’a. Vito Bambino Orchestra Men’s Play 2022
Scene Z: EABS; flies; Ophelia. Cassino TYMEK; Zalia

Miush x Team Silesia x Jacob Joseph Orlinsky, Marcin Werostec

Mioch x Team Silesia x Jacob Joseph Orlinsky, Marcin Werostec “Dolini”records

August 26-27 – Żywiec, Pod Grojcem . Amphitheater

Main platform: Brodka. king; FISZ EMADE TWORZYWO; MIUOSH x Team Silesia “Contemporary Songs”; PRO8L3M Art Brut live feat. Wanda E. Banda, Majka Jegoska, Martina Jakubowicz; David Podsiado
Scene Z: Atlanta; coal. Spring weird Mick, oh why? Resina. TYMEK, Orbaysky; yana

Main platform: I’m going; Jacob Joseph Orlinsky and Alexander Dubic; KORTEZ Special Project; Tribute to Krzysztof Krawczyk; ZALEWSKI MTV Unplugged; Men’s Play Orchestra 2022
Scene Z: ARS LATRANS Orchestra: The Art of Love; EABS; James The Shell Camille Hussain Oxford Drama Sobel. This is Ukraine

Main image source: Photography: M. Murawski / Press Materials

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