Eurovision 2022: Who is Christiane Auchmann? Not only the famous grandfather!

Christian Ochmann Won the first Polish nomination for this year Eurovision Song Contest. His song “River” soon became a hit.

“In a world where most of us are under tremendous pressure, we are constantly thinking about the future and trying to plan for the future. For various reasons, we have a lot of doubts about what lies ahead. We really want a break from all this hustle and bustle” – says the 22-year-old singer of the song“ River “.

The song’s authors are Krystian Ochman i Ashley Hucklen (text) and Adam Wiśniewski (atutowy) and Mikołaj “Tribbs” Trybulec (a musician). He created the music video for the song David Zimba and the team Mind Productions.

Check the lyrics of the song “River” on Tekś!

There are many sounds that the singer with the song “River” could tamper with at the entire Eurovision Song Contest in Turin, which is confirmed by quotes from the bookmakers.

“It is beautiful, there is a climate and there is a successful crisis”, “You will be better”, “Krakow 2023” – we can read in the comments below the music video “River”. Fans of the competition from other countries (France, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Russia, Greece, Turkey, Netherlands and Spain) also showed their support.

The Poles will compete to advance to the final in the second semi-final on Thursday. Bookmakers give him 94 percent – same result Cornelia Jacobs From Sweden.

Christian Ochmann He was born on July 19, 1999 in Melrose and raised in Potomac, Maryland near Washington. He spent most of his life there, but his family of Polish descent did not allow him to forget the history from which he came. his parents – Dorota and Maciej Uchmann (Keyboards play in a band europe roses) – they went to America to work and study there, and finally settled there permanently.

Christian’s grandfather, in turn, is the famous Polish tenor – Wieslaw Ochman. This is an outstanding artistCheck!), which has been awarded several times in Poland and abroad, was a source of inspiration for young Christian. His famous grandfather encouraged him to sing. Thanks to him, the novice singer decided to study at the Academy of Music. Karol Szymanowski in Katowice. He previously attended Thomas S. Wootton High School in Rockville.

Wiesław Ochman also invited his grandson to joint performances. Christian sang, among others at his charity concerts and at the Wiesław Ochman Festival in Zawiercie, which took place in October 2019.

At first, Christian came back to America every summer vacation and earned some extra money as a lifeguard. But since the epidemic began and his career began thanks to his participation in “Voice of Poland”did not leave Poland.

“Thanks to my family, I found myself in Poland, where I can devote myself to what I love. And when I didn’t know what to do with myself, they watched me. They led me the way that led me to the place where I found myself today ”- stressed the singer several times.

Christian has two brothers – brother Alexander (he is an athlete) and sister Natalia (he attended medical school). Netizens have long wondered if the singer has a girlfriend, but Ochman does not brag about his private life.

“I don’t have a girlfriend at the moment, although I think it’s great to have someone close with whom you can be honest and open and tell her everything. Trust is very important,” he told the Pleiades, adding that thanks to this he can focus fully on leaving to Eurovision. He revealed that his previous relationship had broken down.

The singer was introduced to the wider audience thanks to the eleventh edition “Voice of Poland” (2020). During blind auditions for the pop song “Beaneath Your Beautiful” (Check!) Labrinth and Emily Sandy, set by Mishaw Szback And Edita Gorniak. However, Ochman’s talent only exploded during the battles he sang in Weronika Szymańska Beautiful song” (research!) Billie Eilish.

“It was my first performance in the eleventh edition, which made me shiver” – he admitted right after the duo’s performance Mishaw Szback.

The participant also expressed his happiness in the following episodes. Edita Gorniak penned a memorable statement after his performance of Anna Jantar’s song “Ask for a Dance”. “There are sons of the earth and heavenly heavens in this world. And you are heavenly,” – she said.

In the end, the Szpak ward won the eleventh part of the TVP program. Since then, his career has gained more speed.

Dubbed “Revelation and Phenomenon”, he released his first original song “Światłocienie”, which was selected as one of the best debut singles for “The Voice of Poland” award winners. The song recorded as many as 300 thousand. Within a week, it debuted on Spotify’s Top200. Bachelorette gold is gold.

The second single “Big Headlines” ranked #1 on the page at Youtube time. Also on KNC there were four singles with music videos.

Christian won the song “Prometheus”. 58. National Polish Song Festival in Opole At the Prime Minister’s party and as the first Polish singer to participate in the circuit sessions, he performed two live songs, “Lights in the Dark” and “Sami Ja”.

Christian’s debut album titled “Ochman” premiered on November 19, 2021. There are 11 songs on it. It is worth noting that the album reached the top of Empik’s pre-sale chart and debuted at number six on OLiS. Christian has been nominated for Discover Empik 2021 in the Music category for his debut album “Ochman”.

After his victory in “The Voice of Poland”, questions were raised about whether Christian would like to participate in Eurovision.

“Good idea, but I have a lot of responsibilities on my mind right now.” I don’t have time – he then answered in an interview with Interia.

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