Car camera fine – in what cases can we be fined?

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When will we be fined for a car camera film? In what cases can it be used as evidence in the case? What do you want to remember abroad? You will find answers to these questions in our article.

car camera It is more and more common in cars. Drivers install video recorders in cars primarily in order to obtain evidence for police in the event of a collision or accident. The low cost of the hardware is also encouraged. Prices start from several tens of zlotys! However, it should be noted that registration from the driving recorder may not always be taken into account by the court or the police, In some cases, we can get fined and even sued for the webcam! What do the regulations say about car cameras? In what cases will registration help us prove our innocence, and when can we get into trouble because of it? You will find out later in the article.

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Car cameras – are they legal in Poland?

The law in Poland does not prohibit recording or taking pictures in public places. This means that we can safely record video with car cameras across the country.

Can video recorder recording be evidence?

In this case, the regulations are unfortunately not accurate. If the participant in the accident or collision records the accident on the car camera, The video may be presented as evidence at the hearing. Article 308 of the Code of Civil Procedure states the following: The court may accept evidence from film, television, photography, photographs, plans, drawings, paintings, audio tapes, and other devices that record or transmit images or sounds.. However, whether it is taken into account depends entirely on the court. The recording can also be shown to the police who were called to the scene. Then it may affect standardized decisions about withdrawing from the mandate or penalizing another participant in the event. Recordings can also be included after they have been sent to the Stop Aggression on the Road police website. The video is also worth having as insurance company material Sometimes this will determine the award of your compensation.

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Car camera, fines and lawsuits

When installing a video recorder in a car, you also have to consider some consequences. We can get a fine even if we present the recording as evidence against someone else. Cameras record our flight and speed. If the video shows that we are breaking the rules or going faster than allowed, we will also be penalized. It is worth remembering this, for example when registering a road pirate – we do not have to chase after him. If we were driving in a legal way, and dangerous maneuvers of a last minute driver would still be recorded, the police would use the material anyway.

Another issue is the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation. In principle, dash cam recordings may only be used as evidence or for personal use. If we want to make a video public (for example, upload it to YouTube), it must be properly “censored” – blurring the faces of drivers, pedestrians, license plates. If someone caught in the movie can prove that they were identified through the recording and that they were in trouble because of it, they can sue us. It should also be remembered that drivers can be recognized by characteristic or rare cars.

Car camera – what to remember when driving abroad?

Every country has different laws regarding car cameras and we should keep this in mind when traveling abroad. The most liberal rules in force in Russia – There, drivers with a video recorder get discounts from insurance companies. In Austria, Norway and Luxembourg, installing such a camera is illegaland the authorization may reach 10,000. Euro! In Germany, the fine threatens to send the recordings to the police and the insurance company. For personal use only, we can also have a camera on board in Hungary, Portugal and Belgium.

Penalties for incorrect installation (from the point of view of a particular country) of a car camera and a certain type of camera are also provided. If the police In Switzerland and Slovakia If he decides that the windshield-mounted camera (the same applies to the phone holder) is in the driver’s field of view, he may impose a fine. In France, the video recorder cannot have a screen.

Similar regulations to Polish ones are in effect, among others, in Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Italy, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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