What texts from children may confuse parents?

Kids are very direct and always say what they think. Unfortunately, their honesty and ease of expressing their opinions sometimes cause a lot of trouble for parents. By what texts can children embarrass adults? Here are a few of them

How do children confuse their parents?

Children do not accept what other people think of them. If they do not like something or do not agree with something – they talk about it out loud. Unfortunately, being too honest can embarrass parents. Anya found out. – When Melina, my friend, came to hand me and my husband an invitation to the wedding and wedding party, our six-year-old son Marek suddenly asked if Melina would be a bride. I answered her yes and that she would wear a beautiful white dress and veil. A look of surprise appeared on my child’s face. Not much thought, son fired that Melina can’t be a bride because brides are beautiful and they aren’t. After this text, my husband and friend were shocked. When the shock was over, I reminded my son that he shouldn’t have said it and that Melina was sorry – our interlocutor said.

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Anya apologized to her friend for her son’s behavior. And although a friend, she says, said nothing like that happened, she knows he was just a good face for a bad match. – I guess she felt so sorry and she definitely didn’t expect such a comment – She added.

Monica had to face an equally unpleasant situation. – I was at the store with my daughter. A saleswoman was standing at the cash register You are seriously overweight. Asya was watching the woman the whole time and how she was checking out new products. Once, my daughter turned to me and said, “Mom, this lady is fat.” Feeling terribly stupid, some of the young men who were standing in the row behind me started laughing. I felt a wave of heat flow over me, and my face turned into a beetle. “Sorry,” she muttered, paid and left the store. I was stupid – she said.

family anecdotes

Some children’s sayings and funny situations become family talesWhich is repeated at almost every family gathering. Although they distract revelers, they often put an adult child in a difficult situation. Such was the case with Mrs. Marta.

– They just hooked up our phones at home. One day he called and I just picked up the phone. A woman spoke and asked if she could ask my mother on the phone. I’m sure she didn’t introduce herself. When my mom came to the phone, I said, “There’s a woman calling.” Turns out “some women” were good friends with my mother’s work. Of course you heard my comment that I told my mother about. Although the woman comfortably approached him, “some women” follow me to this day. Whenever my parents had memories or calls from Mrs. Alla, a “woman”, they would go back to this situation. This is so annoying – said Mrs. Marta.

slight slack

Children often twist or use a word in the wrong context. Sometimes, the situation provokes A series of difficult questions that cause a lot of trouble for adults and confuse them. Mrs. Cassia discovered it. My sister is ten years older than me. She also married early and had children quickly. One day, her youngest son was watching a movie with me that children shouldn’t be able to watch. In one of the scenes, the main character was badly beaten. My nephew, who was several years old, saw the abused man, and shouted, “But they mutilated him!” I corrected it and said it was a “massacre” and that masturbation was something else. I did not expect that in a moment the question would be asked: What is masturbation?? I made a stupid face and said that I would not explain it to him and it would be better if he talked about it with my father – our interlocutor remembers this.

Cassia added that after this innocent slip of the tongue, both men actually had a first conversation about male and female topics.

Children are also great watchers and know very well what is going on around them and what adults really do. – There was a meeting with parents in the kindergarten. During this, the children had to tell what their parents were doing. When it was our daughter’s turn, Alicia with a serious face said that her face My father kills monsters. I can say with full responsibility that the faces of the children and the teacher – it was an invaluable sight. When I realized what had happened, my daughter said, I had to step in and explain that my husband was playing a game after work where he was already killing monsters. I don’t know what other parents think, but I definitely do Daughter made us excellent PR Carolina added, laughing.

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