Warsaw. Museum Night 2022. Program, attractions, public transport

Museum Night will be next Saturday. 202 cultural institutions in Warsaw as well as institutions and places not available to residents on a daily basis will participate in it. The program will also include attractions for people from Ukraine and outdoor events. – Museum Night is a special event, when we encourage everyone not only to leave home, but also to see Warsaw through the eyes of a tourist, as if they were in a different place, curious about what awaits us around the corner – said Vice-President Aldona Machnowska-Góra.

The president of the capital, Rafai Trzaskovsky, announced the Night of the Warsaw Museums on Tuesday. His press conference was held at the Miejskie Zakłady Autobusowe warehouse in Stalowa, which will be available for a visit as part of the upcoming event. – As in previous years, the epidemic frustrated our plans, the whole capital is anxiously awaiting Saturday night for museums – said Trzaskovsky. – For now, we can return to this great tradition – he pointed out.

Museum Night 2022 – Sights in Warsaw

The President announced that 202 institutions in Warsaw have prepared a special show for visitors at this year’s edition of Museum Night. He also emphasized that it will be unique because it will be tailored to the needs of Ukrainian citizens residing in Warsaw – 34 institutions have prepared programs targeting refugees.

As in previous years, during Museum Night, places normally closed to the public will be made available, such as the ruins of the Babice radio station in the Bemowski Forest or the nooks and crannies of the Iluzjon Cinema. The bus station on Stalowa Street will also be open to Warsaw residents. There is also a parade and exhibition of the planned old buses, which are always very popular. An interactive installation will appear in the Plac Defilad, transporting them to the world of art, thanks to which each participant will be able to see his image in the form of a well-known painting.

There will be 84 outdoor events: outdoor concerts, night picnics, outdoor exhibitions.

Although Museum Night is no longer accompanied by the restrictions of the pandemic, virtual participation will still be possible. The online program has been prepared by 20 institutions, including the Wedel Factory and the Museum of Modern Art, which are being built in Plac Defilad.

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President Rafai Trzaskowski and Vice President Aldona Machnowska GoraCapital office of Warsaw

Internet and paper guides

Museum Night is a great opportunity to get to know Warsaw better. This year, I strongly encourage you to take part in the walking tours that we have prepared, which will be accompanied by private guides. There you will be able to learn not only about the walking path, but also about the history of the place we are visiting and related anecdotes – announced Aldona Machnowska-Góra, Vice President of Warsaw. – The rallies will focus around Banquei Square and the old Braga – she added.

– Museum Night is a unique event, when we encourage everyone not only to leave the house, but also to see Warsaw through the eyes of a tourist, as if in a different place, curious about what awaits us around the corner – I noticed.

Town Hall also encourages children, for whom special attractions have been set up, to take part in Museum Night. – For the youngest of them, it is an opportunity to have fun, but also to learn – about the culture and their city – added Machnowska-Góra.

The guide, available in Polish and Ukrainian, will be available in both paper and electronic form. An interactive guide is also available on the website Kultury.um.warszawa.pl.

Long Night for Museums 2022 is comingCapital office of Warsaw

Public transportation during Museum Night

Free museum lines will be launched – Bus Line N, operated by electric buses on Narutoviča Square – Muranovska Road, and Tram Line N, operated by historical trams on Narutoviča Square – Alija Zelenica Road. The operating time of selected public transport lines will be extended until 2:30 am, and night buses will run at an increased frequency.

Line buses 105, 111, 116, 180, 190, 517 And 527 It will last until 2:30. From 19:00 until 01:00, passengers will pick up approximately every 10 minutes, and an hour later. 1:00 AM – approximately every 15 minutes. The city council has announced that there will also be additional routes for the N13, N24, N25 and N32 lines, and many of the night bus routes will be served by larger-than-usual vehicles.

Those wishing to ride the historic bus around the center can take advantage of the training courses line A From 19:00 to 22:00. Their way is: Plac Defilad – Marszałkowska – Aleje Jerozolimskie – Emilii Plater – Plac Grzybowski – Królewska – Marszałkowska – Plac Defilad. The second line will be special, fully “electric” n: Narutovička Square – Grojica – Zawizi Square – Torua – Grzebuska – Kruljewska – Piłsudski Square – Mulera – Senatorzka – Meuduja – Ponefratska – Muranowska. Line A buses do not stop at bus stops, while N buses run from 19:00 to 02:00 and will stop at all stops on the route.

Trams will run along the line as well, that is, until 2:30 2, 4, 9, 24, 26 And 33. They will go with the same frequency as the buses. The “historic” line will run until 23:00 36. From 18:00 all tram lines leave 1 They will be in Banach’s ring. From 23:00 tram line 4, 9 And 26 They’ll go on shorter trails, and 33 on longer trails.

A special tram line will also be launched M.Containing the most modern and historical Warsaw trams. They will operate from 1.30 pm to 6.00 pm on the route: Narutovich Square – Grojica – Allegi Jerozolimsky – Josef Ponatovsky Bridge – Aliga Josef Ponatovsky – Aliga Zelenica – Targua – Kigovska – Alija Tisiklesia – Zagizdenia between 10.00 pm and 7.00 pm in Braga. Route: Narutovichka Square – Grojica – Jerozolemsky Street – Joseph Ponatovsky Bridge – Joseph Ponatovsky Street – Zelenica Street.

The M1 and M2 metro lines will run every seven and a half minutes until 01:00.

Main image source: Capital office of Warsaw

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