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  • On April 18, 2022, Andrzej Korzyński, a composer, arranger, pianist, film composer and popular musician, passed away.
  • The composer was one of the founders of the youth studio “Rytm” on Polish Radio.
  • The works of Andrzej Korzyński influenced the imagination of the younger for dozens of years.

On April 18, 2022, Andrzej Korzyński, a composer, arranger, pianist, film composer and popular musician, passed away. Information about the death of the artist was given by Marcin Kossi, director of Radio Gidinka.

Bigbet’s Polish father

Music journalist Mariusz Gradowski’s first conscious contact with Andrzej Korzynski was regarding his services to a Polish bigbit. – This is a very important moment in his work and career for me – our guest emphasized. – Not only were great songs composed, but they also had a huge impact on what was created and recorded.

In 1965, Andrzej Korzyński was one of the founders of the youth studio “Rhythm” on Polish Radio, which presented, among other things, the works of young musicians performing Bigbit music. Songs were recorded there, among others, Marek Grechota, Chislau Neiman, Zeroni Guitar, Breakout, Trobaduro, Stan Boris and Wojciech Josowski. – This is a huge legacy, to which Andrzej Korzynsky must be considered the father – emphasized Marius Gradovsky.

Compositions in the imagination of generations

The presence of Andrzej Korzyński’s compositions in our culture can be recognized in a way that is not fully realized. – Just yesterday morning I was reading the book “The Zoo” by Jean Brzyszwa for children – our guest told them. – I realized that I was reciting these poems to the beat of Andrzej Korzyński’s music and smiled to myself.

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For several decades, his music has educated and entertained youngsters, taking them to a land of fantasy, where anything is possible. But his compositions are also rooted in the imagination and memory of adults. – This is a wonderful and different soundtrack, from very avant-garde to completely sweet, but how refined – said the musicologist.

11:12 Monday morning April 19, 2022 08_33_07.mp3 Marius Gradovsky Remembers Andrei Korzynski (Poranik Dueecki)

Andrei Korzynsky is dead. He was 82 years old >>>>


Andrei Korzynsky, born during World War II, lived outside Warsaw during the uprising. Returning to the devastated capital, at the encouragement of his mother, he turned to music. Join Professor Sikorsky’s composition class. The university in Warsaw turned out to be a radio pass.

He composed the soundtracks for such films as “Marble Man”, “Iron Man”, “Finding the Flies”, “In the Desert and the Wilderness”, “Big Show”, “Everything for Sale”, “Shaman”, “The Devil”, “Part III” of the night, etc. He collaborated regularly with directors such as Andrzej Wajda and Andrzej Żuławski. He entered the mass consciousness as the composer of music and songs already for the film stories about Mr. Clix (“Mr. Clix’s Academy”, “Mr. Clix’s Travels”, “Mr. Clix in the Universe”) or the creator and composer of the Franek Kimono project with Piotr Fronczewski as vocalist. We are also indebted to Andrei Korzynsky for such songs as: “I am a butterfly”, “To łezki łezka”, “Yellow calendars”, “Szparka sekretarka”, or “Soap Fa” – one of the first songs in the style of disco-polo (here as the author of the text, he performed His son Mikowaj composed the music.

He was active in the disco, funk and keyboard group Arp Life. He was one of the first musicians in Poland to use the sounds of synthesizers and drums. He was one of the founders of the famous Radio Studio “Rytim”, in which journalists such as Piotr Kaczkowski, Maria Szabłowska and Andrzej Turski participated. In 2017, he was awarded the Silver Medal for Culture – Gloria Artes – Minister of Culture and National Heritage. A year later, at the Soundedit Festival, “for outstanding achievements in the field of music production,” he was awarded the title The Man with the Golden Ear.

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Program title: Monday morning

Drove: Bowie Siwick

a guest: Marius Gradowski (musicologist and cultural expert, journalist at Dwójka)

Date of issue: April 19, 2022

broadcast time: 9.30

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