The first Eurovision 2022 semi-finals, host, broadcast, where to watch

Let us remind you that this year’s edition of Eurovision is being held in Turin in northern Italy due to the group’s victory manskin Last year the rock quartet conquered Europe with their song “Zitti e buoni” (Listen!).

The first semi-final match began at PalaOlimpico with 17 countries 21:00. A representative of Russia was also supposed to perform at this concert, but this country was knocked out of competition after the invasion of Ukraine.

The event was hosted by an Italian singer Laura Businithe singer Mica And Alessandro Cattelan, Italian TV presenter who hosted the local version of the program in 2011-2020 The tenth factor. Comment on the show on TVP Marek Sirocchi And Alexander Sikora.

On the stage, the leaders proclaimed “love, freedom and peace.”

The competition has begun Ronel Hajati From Albania in the song “Secret” (Listen!). Her performance before the semi-finals aroused considerable controversy – according to some, it was “too provocative”.

The musicians from the group wear colorful costumes City Zeni From Latvia (“Eat Your Salad”) presented a mixture of disco and pop (Listen!), while a Lithuanian woman Monica Liu In the song “Sentimentai” I remembered the tradition of the French song (Check!).

Switzerland representative Marius Ber Enchanted the audience with the song “Boys Do Cry” (Listen!), although according to the bookmaker, his promotion to the final is not at all certain. a team LPS From Slovenia, he performed a piece called “Disko” (research!).

Share Kaloosh Orchestra In Turin it was not inevitable after the Russian invasion of Ukraine. president Volodymyr Zelensky He announced a ban on leaving men between the ages of 16 and 60. In the end, the musicians got special permission.

During the ongoing war MC Keliman He was a member of the Self-Defense Forces in and around Kyiv, and a leader Ole Bsyuk She organized a team of volunteers to help deliver medicines to those in need and evacuate people from war-torn areas. On the other hand, a few days before the show, it turns out that the choral singers will not come to Turin Dzhonni Dyvnyy – replace him Sasha Tapp (Aleksandr Slobodianik)Who as a member somersault back He participated in the Ukrainian primary elections for Eurovision 2017.

The main candidates for victory in the whole competition performed the song “Stefania”, in which the atmosphere of hip-hop combined with Ukrainian folk music.

Smart Music Project From Bulgaria introduced a rock-like atmosphere on the Eurovision stage (“The Intent”), hiding under a pseudonym S10 Steen den Hollander From the Netherlands he presented the song “De Diepte” – this is the first proposal in Dutch since 2010.

Get si Zdub From Moldova, they are Eurovision veterans – they appear in competition for the third time. This time in the song “Trenulețul” they support them Adhof Brothers. A classic dose of Balkan folklore sprinkled with the rhythms of rock ‘n’ roll.

singer from portugal Maru She sang the song “Saudade, Saudade”. The feeling of the title is a key concept for understanding the people of this country – it is a mixture of gloom and nostalgia, sadness and joy.

Upcoming Actors Taylor Swift is a huge inspiration Mia Demic From the Croatia collection (“Guilty Pleasure”) Reddy From Denmark (“the Show”) and an Austrian producer blame! X With the accompanying singer Friday Maria (“Halo” with a strong dance track).

Traditionally, Iceland tries to send extraordinary representatives every year. This time it was a group systor With the song “Mi Hokande Sol”.

The singer representing Greece also appeared among the favourites Amanda Teneford (“We die together”). Interestingly, the 25-year-old was born in Norway (her mother is from Norway, her father is Greek). She spent her childhood in Greece, and later returned with her family to the village of Tennfjord in western Norway.

Immediately after Amanda, her mother’s compatriots appeared on stage – a group dressed in original costumes Subwoofer (“Give this wolf a banana”).

Competition struggles closed Rosa Lynn From Armenia in the song “Snap”.

During the vote, recall a short history of Italian disco in a special mix Benny Benassi. Leaders praised their role Raffaele KaraWho died in July 2021 Italian theater star. Previously, there was information that a singer, actress and dancer may be one of the hosts of Eurovision 2022.

After the voting ended, a guest sang deodato (“Fai rumore”), Italy’s international participation in Eurovision 2020 has been canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic. The organizers also presented the final performances of the Big Five actors – duets Mahmoud and Blanco from Italy and Two thousand and one from France.

The finalists were won by the representatives of Switzerland, Armenia, Iceland, Lithuania, Portugal, Norway, Ukraine, Greece, Moldova and the Netherlands. Surprisingly, among others the absence of Albania, as well as the fact that Marius Behr (Switzerland), Monica Leo (Lithuania) and Sestor (Iceland) were among the top ten, which the bookmakers did not mention.

Promotion to the finals (the top 10 players from each semi-final) is determined by the points awarded in a ratio of 50:50 by jurors and television viewers. Jurys will judge the performance of all participants this year exactly 24 hours before the spectators. Jury rehearsals, during which jury members present their scores, were held on Monday (to the first semi-final), and on Wednesday will be held for the second semi-final.

Only participating countries and countries selected at random, the so-called Big Five. Thus, Poles will be able to cast their votes during the second semi-final and closing ceremony. However… not against Christian Uchmann. According to the competition rules, viewers residing in a particular country may not vote for a representative of that country.

However, it will be possible to vote for the Polish candidate from the territory of other countries participating in the competition or using the phone numbers of these countries. During the semi-finals, these will be: Finland, Israel, Serbia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Malta, San Marino, Australia, Cyprus, Ireland, North Macedonia, Estonia, Romania, Montenegro, Belgium, Sweden, Czech Republic, Germany, Spain and the UK United.

Voting streaks will be fired every time after your last competition performance.

1 – Runella Hajati (Albania) – “Secret” – Listen!
2 – City Zeni (Latvia) – “Eat your salad” – Listen!
3 – Monica Liu (Lithuania) – “Sentimentai” – Listen!
4. Marius Behr (Switzerland) – “Boys Don’t Cry” – Listen!
5. LPS (Slovenia) – “Disko” – Listen!
6. Kalush Orchestra (Ukraine) – “Stefania” – Listen!
7- Smart Music Project (Bulgaria) – “Intention” – Listen!
8. S10 (Netherlands) – “De Diepte” – Listen!
9. Win şi Zdub & Advahov Brothers (Moldova) – “Trenulețul” – Listen!
10 – MARU (Portugal) – “Saudade, Saudade” – Listen!
11 – Mia Demšić (Croatia) – “Guilt Pleasure” – Listen!
12- ‘Reddy’ (Denmark) – ‘The Show’ – Listen!
13. LUM! X feat. Pia Maria (Austria) – “Halo” – Listen!
14- Sestor (Iceland) – “Mi Hokandi Sol” – Listen!
15- Amanda Georgiade Teneford (Greece) – “We Die Together” – Listen!
16. Subwoolfer (Norway) – “Give this wolf a banana” – Listen!
17. Rosa Lynn (Armenia) – “Snap” – Listen!

The representative of Poland will appear in the second semi-finals Christian Ochmann With the song “River”. The final festival will take place on May 14th.

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