The Festival of Light in Jura Graduá from 13 to 15 May 2022

The Festival of Light is an event open to all. For kids, parents, students, retirees and among them, for fans of art, science, technology and puzzles. Photo from the Hevelianum Night Watching Universe in August 2020.

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Presentations, exhibitions, workshops and one main theme: Dawn. This coming weekend, May 13-15, Gdansk will shine with a thousand lights. All this thanks to the Festival of Light that will be held on Mount Gradua on the occasion of the International Day of Light. Entry to all events is free.

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Light in the tunnel, bright future, role model – the light evokes many positive associations. No wonder – after all, there is no life without light. While necessary, it is greatly underestimated, even imperceptible.

Thanks to the Gdansk Light Festival, it will be possible to remember the great role that light plays. For a one weekend getaway, a green oasis in the middle of the city, which is undoubtedly Gradoa mountainyou will turn into the brightest point on the Tri-City map. The event will be an opportunity to enjoy not only the colorful and luminous buildings, but also scientific experiments, the expression of artists and, above all, enjoyment in the fresh air. Surrounded by nature and the historical architecture of the old fort.

Events schedule

Events schedule

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The Festival of Light is an event for everyone – from children and their parents, through students, to retirees. employment Youngest participant Will wait for the festival Light educational workshopsAnd grown ups can participate in it art lessons: Drawing or multidisciplinary workshops and in 3D printing workshops, during which they will design and create a 3D kerosene lamp. employment Art and technology enthusiasts They are waiting Many exhibitions and installations in the spacewhile on science lovers Mobile planetarium and astronomical observations at Hevelianum. Everyone, regardless of their age and interests, will be able to participate Field game “Travel at the speed of light”In the meantime, they, together with the French physicist Louis de Broglie, will solve the mystery of preserving particles of light and visit the unknown cavities of Mount Gradoa.

Long Museum Night this weekend. The most important exhibitions and attractions

The event will begin on Friday, May 13, with classes for schools and organized groups, while on Saturday and Sunday the festival will be open to all. On Saturday evenings, most attractions await those looking for outdoor entertainment. It was then Gradowa mountain will be illuminated with assignmentsThe theater group El Trupa Kabra will take viewers on an interstellar journey With the performance of “Messenger of the Stars”.The MonoChromancer project will add splendor to the evening with a light and musical journey through the land of the surroundings.

Participation in the event is free. Pre-registration is required for workshops for children and adults, and other events are open. A detailed program of the event and registration for the workshops can be found on the Al Noor Festival website. Light Festival

attractions map

attractions map

mat. press releases

The organizers of the festival are an independent group of animators, artists, scientists, activists and creators associated with several Tri-City organizations: Hevelianum, Hackerspace Trójmiasto and CUMY Open Workshop. They combined their strength and resources to do something that had never happened before – a festival created from the bottom up, by the people, for the people, without a curator, without a manager, without restrictions.

The goal of the collaboration is to build something more than just a few light installations. According to the organizers, the Festival of Light will be an annual celebration that integrates the local community. Everyone is invited to participate and contribute to the event. So, if you have a crazy idea that you want to implement – join the creation of new versions of the festival.

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