“Propaganda should replace asphalt”? “It’s outside the Arctic Circle”? What the movie shows from Russia

Thousands of views on Polish social media included a video showing a display of children with Russian flags walking in the middle of a muddy street. “Before February 24 it looked awful, today it’s embarrassing,” said one netizen. But this is not an updated video.

Melts, a road with holes, mud and puddles in front. In the background, modest homes, containers, prominent pillars with telephone lines. You can see snowfall. On the way, a children’s parade. It was opened by teenagers in uniforms of the paramilitary youth organization Junarmia (Russian: Young Army) – holding a wreath and flags of Russia, the Ministry of Defense and their organization. The two of them had something like phantom weapons. They are followed by children in plain clothes, some holding balloons, others with pictures. Many older adults go with them, most likely caregivers or teachers. You hear a pathetic song in the background. The procession heads towards the Orthodox cross and stops there.

A half-minute recording of this scene circulated on the Internet for several days, which raised questions and surprises among Internet users. The film was distributed on the days when there was a lot of publicity about the celebration of the Russian Victory Day on May 9. He commented on May 10 “My biggest dream is to live in Russia” Twitter userWho posted the video (spelling all original posts). The entry quickly collected nearly 350 likes, and the video garnered more than 250,000. opinions.

Only in this post, the video has garnered more than 250,000. Reviews Photo: Twitter

“It’s somewhere outside the Arctic Circle”?

The recording was strongly commented: “If not for this terrible union, we would also have such ecological ways”; “They are wonderful, these puddles can be treated as little puddles”; “Every day is a little Runmageddon”; Twitter users sneered: “It looks like the concrete problem in cities has been taken seriously.”

05/09/2022 |  The war in Ukraine continues.  Vladimir Putin spoke in Red Square

05/09/2022 | The war in Ukraine continues. Vladimir Putin spoke in Red Square Video: Maciej Knapik / Fakty TVN

The video was also popular on Wekop. “Propaganda should replace the asphalt, the souls of the martyrs and the future” – commented the Internet user who posted it on May 9. The registry already has 1.7 thousand. Feedback from Wykop users and nearly 14 thousand. opinions. “Russia must be a mixture of very rich Canada and Finland, or Alaska, but it prefers slow pain and poisons the lives of all its neighbours. Sad” – was the most common comment.

The film, among others, was distributed on Wekop
The film, among others, was distributed on Wekop photo: excavation

But some netizens asked where the movie really came from. “It’s somewhere outside the Arctic Circle?” Someone guessed. “Before 2/24 it looked scary, today it’s embarrassing” – another commented, noting that the film shows the current event.

But it is not.

“It is not of our whim that we have such ways.”

The video has been posted May 9 Twitter user speaks Russian. In one of the comments we found information that the scene was recorded in the village of Voloshanka in Krasnoyarsk Krai.

Wołoczanka, a village in Krasnoyarsk Krai where D-Day was organized, immortalized on the Internet circulating recording
Wołoczanka, a village in Krasnoyarsk Krai where D-Day was organized, immortalized on the Internet circulating recording Photo: OpenStreetMap / Bartosz Chyż, Konkret24

We put the name of the city and tires from a popular movie in search engines – we found similar entries, and even articles in Russian about this procession. However, the film is not up to date: it appeared on the Russian Internet In May 2021.

On May 11, 2021, ngs24.ru reported that the video was spreading over the Russian network. It shows the local high school students’ march that was organized on May 9 for Victory Day. According to ngs24.ru, the video may have been posted by the gym manager. However, journalists could not contact him at that time, because he was on sick leave.

The site quotes a school employee who explained that the scene visible in the film is not unusual for the residents of Wołoczanka. “It’s always muddy there – it’s springtime, everything melts,” said the woman. There are only four streets in the village. The representative of the city of Dudinka (the capital of the region is about 350 km away, which is a little closer to Norilsk), in turn, explained that Wołoczanka is a remote village. “Of course, we don’t have such methods,” he said.

Ngs24.ru refers readers to volochanka.city, which promotes projects that support the local Wołoczanka community. The site states that the city is one of the most remote settlements in the Russian Arctic. It is inhabited by about 500 people – representatives of the Siberian Dolgan people and the Nganasan people.

author: Krzysztof Jabłonowski

source: concrete 24; Photo: Twitter

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