Poland’s biggest failures in the Eurovision Song Contest. Who caused the embarrassment?

Eurovision Week began on May 10 with the first semi-finals. Although the party has only just begun, we can already see a few daredevils on stage that Eurovision fans will surely remember. And we don’t mean great talent here, we mean weird technical solutions that can be really tricky.

Fortunately, this year Poland sent a singer to Turin, which certainly wouldn’t embarrass us. Christian Ochmann is not only a talented singer, but is also listed among the candidates who have a chance to return home with a gold medal.

Unfortunately, it was not always very colorful. Over the years, we’ve sent artists to the competition whose imaginations were so good, we regretted keeping our fingers crossed for them. Unbuttoned shirts, rigging, and improvisational nightmares are just some of Poland’s worst performances at the Eurovision Song Contest.

Although we would like it to be better, we sadly have to say that Rafai Brzozowski’s performance on the Eurovision scene was not the best. While the song itself received very good reviews among fans of the competition, its performance was heavily criticized by many netizens. Dissatisfied fans primarily complained about the bad idea of ​​the performance itself, poor choreography and Brzozowski’s voice, which didn’t sound very clean. Had it not been for the help of the men of the choirs, who were performing very well, the effect would likely have been worse.

It was clean, it was colourful, but unfortunately very boring. Eurovision fans love great performances and amazing singing. Unfortunately, Tulia’s “Fire Of Love (Burns) turned out to be a very monotonous choice, and the Poles’ fun at Eurovision ended before it even began.

He was supposed to be rich and worldly and looked bad again. Gromee managed to release some really good tracks into the pre-Eurovision club music atmosphere. In the national qualifiers he started with the song “Light Me Up” with the support of Lukas Meijer. The problem arose when the gentlemen stood on the Eurovision podium, and the singer turned out to be absolutely unable to cope with the task assigned to him. You didn’t have to be an expert because Meijer was just faking it. Rather, no one was surprised by the result that Poland was not included among the finalists.

Magdalena Tolle was called up in 2011 and went to Düsseldorf to represent Poland in the 56th Eurovision Song Contest. The whole speech ended in failure. The artist received only eight points in the semi-finals, and thus scored the worst Polish result in the history of participation in Eurovision. Despite the two English versions of the song “I” created specifically to promote the song internationally, it was unsuccessful. After Tolle’s performance, TVP withdrew from the competition for two years.

Good local vocal costumes, strong choirs, Mazowsze ensemble … and it didn’t work. What happened? The track itself wasn’t good enough. Boring. We have the impression that even today hardly anyone remembers that once in white and red on stage, none other than Marcin Mrozinsky.

It is not really known where we should start the evaluation. The success of the song “Black Eyes” led, for unknown reasons, to the selection of the Ivan & Delfin team to represent Poland in the Eurovision Song Contest. The piece was chosen in an internal vote, so it was not the viewers who decided that Komarenko and his colleagues would take part in the competition. How was Kyiv? There were four points less than qualifying for the finals. Very little, yet the difference is huge. It is worth noting that Gosia Andrzejewicz, unknown to anyone, appeared in the then choirs.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Poland was once represented at Eurovision by Lydia Kobanya. It’s hard for a singer to deny talent, that’s for sure. Unfortunately, Eurovision fans did not like the song “I don’t want to leave” and Poland did not enjoy the emotions associated with the final of the competition. Concert songs had to be very strong, and could not be mediocre, as Conchita Wurst convinced the whole of Europe. The artist remembered herself in this year’s pre-selection, but her problems with live performances mean she’d rather forget about it quickly.

It was meant to be mundane again, and it turns out as always. The duo Jet Set 13 years ago was really popular. The band had a few covers of Bravo magazine, which was then a testament to their success. That is why they were chosen by viewers’ votes to represent Poland at the 52nd Eurovision Song Contest in Helsinki. The Time to Party track eventually finished 14th in the semi-finals, not qualifying for the finals…

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