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The only night this year – The Long Museum Night is fast approaching. As usual, institutions from Bialystok and those in the region have prepared a rich and attractive programme. On May 14, it is worth going “to the city” and participating in events.

picture: Grzegorz Chuczun

Museum Night 2017

European Museum Night is a nightly cultural event in which museums, galleries and cultural institutions make their spaces free for one night. Every year, it is very popular, and then crowds of people looking for cultural sensations at night take advantage of the rich offer. In Białystok and the region, it will also be possible to take part in the European Museums Night. It will be held on May 14. Entry to all events is free!

The Podlasie Museum has prepared many attractions in each of its branches. It will be possible, among other things, to visit permanent exhibitions, participate in workshops, in a demonstration of the preparation of a traditional mouthpiece, a walk in the picturesque park in Choroszcz, there will also be a concert by the Ilana band in Tykocin, educational workshops will be held in Bielsk Podlaski. At the Sculpture Museum in Bialystok, you’ll be able to visit two galleries through a guided tour.

The Podlasie Museum of Folk Culture will open a new permanent exhibition under the theme We Play, and after the opening, the open-air museum will release the sounds of traditional music performed by Honey for the Heart Band. The museum will also set up a fireplace. Everything will start at 7:00 pm.

Bialystok Cultural Center / Centrum M. L. Zamenhofa and Fama Club have prepared attractions for young and old. You will be able to see temporary exhibitions, the permanent exhibition, there will be a celebration with an open-air exhibition “Full of it anywhere”, as well as workshops for children and a meeting with Marcin Kostrzyński “Marcin z Lasu” at Club Fama.

On the night sightseeing map, Galeria im. Sleńdziński. The three buildings of the gallery will host, among others, workshops on creating key rings, light visualizations (headquarters on Kościuszko Square), and you will be able to visit the permanent and temporary exhibitions. You will also be able to win attractive publications from the gallery’s library. At the headquarters in the ul. Legionowa will feature, among other things, the MARMØ DJ set.

The Institute of National Remembrance, Białystok branch, has also prepared an interesting program of Museum Night. Educational films will be shown here, it will be possible to visit archival magazines and take part in educational and art classes.

The Arsenal Gallery is also open tonight. There will be an exhibition “When the sun is low – cienie jest czas / When the sun is low – the shadows are long / Калі сонца нізка – цені доўгія”, there will also be a workshop entitled “City Breath”.

The Siberian Memorial Museum is also preparing the program of European Museum Night. From seven in the evening you will be able to visit the museum exhibition with a guide, get acquainted with the Monument of the Month and see an unusual mapping of the museum building from ul. Polisca.

At the Bialystok Puppet Theater on Saturdays you will be able to visit the Doll Cellar at 4:00 pm. The most exciting puppets that used to dominate the BTL stage will be available to see in the unusual atmosphere of the underground spaces of the theater. Art studio specialists will talk about them. Doll Cellar will be available to visitors until 7:00 PM.

Fun time at the Long Night of Museums promises to be at the Podlasie Opera and the Philharmonic. Here the opera photographer Michau Heller, who will conduct a quick photo session, will be able to visit the “corners of the opera” with a guide, see the exhibition “Mieczysław Fogg – Polish Singer”, and also take part in the public rehearsal of the “Broadway Dance Club”, a dance and lyrical show.

The Military Museum is a real treat for fans of military history and the automotive industry. You will be able to admire the exhibition of motorcycles, visit the exhibitions in the museum, animations of representatives of the state police from the interwar period will be held. The opening on that day will be one of the main attractions and the opportunity to visit Biaystok Military Park at ul. And they galloped.

On the other hand, along with the Museum of the History of Medicine and Pharmacy, you will be able to go into the world of medicine, visit the cellars of the Branicki Palace, see open-air exhibitions, meet with historical professionals, dance with the Favorito Early Music Ensemble, Renaissance and Baroque dances, listen to Historical stories about the palace and a concert of Ukrainian songs.

The City of Białystok has informed that due to Museums Night on May 14, Kilińskiego Street in Białystok from 16:00 to 24:00 will be closed to traffic. The entry ban will not apply to the Public Prosecutor’s Office cars, access to the Aristo Hotel and the rank of taxis.

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