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Marcin Heckel – Interview after the separation of Chicobak

After breaking up with Katarzyna Chikupek (40 years old), Marcin Haeckel (39 years old) is eager to be seen in the media. The dancer shows his transformation and also talks about the backstage and end of the relationship. During the last interview, he said, inter alia, about love and about another child …

Marcin Hakel and Katarzina Chikupek met on the set of “Dancing with the Stars”. Their feeling flourished before the eyes of all Poland – soon the actress and dancer became a couple. The next step was the wedding and a beautiful wedding in the style of Highlander and parenthood – they had two children. Katarzyna Cichopek and Marcin Hakiel seemed to be a perfect couple, harmonious in their private and professional lives.

Chicobek and Hakiel broke up

To the fans’ amazement, beautiful photos of the dancer and actress from everyday life can be seen among other things on Instagram that apparently had nothing to do with reality. Chikopek and Hakiel released a statement informing that their relationship had ended. This sparked a torrent of rumors and speculation. There were rumors that the reason for the divorce of Katarzina Chikobec and Marcin Hackel might be an affair between one of the spouses.

At first they were silent, but before some time the dancer gave an interview in which he admitted that for some time he had an illusory hope to save their relationship. He also indicated that he was betrayed.

“Kasia has been asking me for more freedom and freedom for a long time. I gave it to her. Then it turned out that this freedom had a name” Hekel was saying.

The injured Marcin Hackel is not only active in social media, but also willingly gives interviews. On May 11, he spoke with the Pleiades, where he mentioned his plans for the future and answered questions from netizens. Marcin Heckel admitted, among other things, that in recent years he had been afraid to talk to journalists.

We did most of the interviews with my ex-partner He said, revealing that they usually know a few questions. He added that he followed the therapist’s advice and is currently trying new things, including interviews. Marcin Hakel also revealed that he’s not the only person who manages his Instagram profile – his colleagues help him with that.

Given the circumstances of my life, I’m on my own for more time. Media interest in our breakup is very high. I treat it like other things – it’s a part of my life – He said about the separation from Katarzyna Seechubek.

Marcin Hakeel also mentioned that the psychologist he works with advised him to do so “flowed with this life”. He told how he and his children interacted with the photojournalists – he mentioned with slight amusement that his daughter was waving at people taking pictures of them and, as he said, resembles Katarzyna Chikupek in this respect. He revealed that he and his wife (still) share their care of their children, but he does not want to provide details about the issue in the media. Remarkably, Marcin Hackel revealed that he had recently received an offer to participate in “Dancing with the Stars”. However, he stated that he had an injury a while ago, and that he has so many professional commitments that it is impossible to devote himself to training and return to the dancer role on the show.

Tomato (laughs). time will tell – Marcin Haeckel said of the question if he would appear on “Dancing with the Stars” as a juror.

Marcin Heckel also admitted that he could not get rid of addiction. – I drink a lot of coffee The dancer cheated when asked about his diet. By the way, he admitted that his nanny, Dorota, helps him with household chores, including cooking. – It’s hard to understand everything by myself He said.

During the interview, Marcin Haeckel mentioned the topic of his treatment several times. Talk about the conclusions he made during the session. In response to questions from netizens, he said that he receives a lot of marriage proposals on Instagram! – I can’t keep up with the reply Marcin Heckel said. He also mentioned that fans send him their stories, and he made arrangements to chat with several people and have coffee. When the reporter asked him if he was ready for dates and using fan meet offers, he replied with a laugh: “tomatoes”.

This saddest stage is behind me – He said about the parting of Chicobak.

The dancer revealed that he often touched on the topic of love during treatment. – Somewhere in my place there is an empty space in this field He said. as suggested “Not yet old” He can still think of the baby…

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The journalist also raised the topic of the separation of Hakel and Chubek, and the first interview of the dancer after the end of their relationship. However, Hakeel declared that by revealing certain details, he did not break any of the rules that (so far) his wife has agreed to.

You are left with certain things, with too much knowledge of certain things. It was hard for me. (…) I have decided that I will not carry all my luggage in this backpack Talk about his first interview after the breakup. – I have not broken any arrangements, I have no claims to myself. I think I said as much as I felt fit.

Marcin Haeckel also noted the opinion that he wanted to “stand out” in the divorce from Shichobki. – If I wanted to stand out, I’d wash off the dirt. But I don’t want to do this. Out of respect that my ex-partner is the mother of my children – He said.

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Marcin Hokail also admitted that he was not in contact with anyone he met on “Dancing with the Stars”. When asked where he saw himself after five years, he replied:

There could be some wagon. (…) I think I can still do it He laughed, indicating that he might become a father. – I love children and have never hidden it – added.

We remind you of Chechupek and Hakel’s wedding photos:


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Katarzina Chikobec and Marcin Haeckel broke up!

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