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Maciej Orłoś has been cooperating with Kingsman Finance for several years. It is a company that acts as an intermediary among others for the sale of electric cars. I just signed a contract with the Chinese manufacturer of these cars – the Seres brand. A well-known journalist became the company’s managing partner.

– We have been cooperating for several years. I did communication trainings for them, last year we made a series of “High Turnover” car movies on YouTube, and now we’ve come to the conclusion that we want to close our collaboration. Currently, I am involved in the strategic decisions of the company hence the title of Managing Partner. For me, this is an important job, because you have to think about the future, and electric cars are the future of the automotive industry, as Maciej Orłoś explains to the portal.

Kingsman Finance has signed a one-year contract with Seres. It’s about selling a new car model. – These are the electric cars of the Series 3 Series. They are compact SUVs available in some European countries, which are slowly entering the Polish market. We only have the first copies. But Poland has great potential, because we are a good market for selling electric cars. In our country, the infrastructure for owners of such vehicles is improving year by year. And they’ll be better, because the more electric cars are offered, the more sophisticated the infrastructure, and the greater the driving ranges without recharging, making travel easier, argues Maciej Orłoś. – Now, in major Polish cities, driving an electric car around the city is not a problem. There are more and more charging points out there, for example in shopping centers. This also applies to delivery vans or trucks. Some logistics companies are already installing dozens of charging points for their vehicles at loading points.

As the journalist adds, the company would like to sell about 50 cars this year. The price of a Series 3 car in our country is 169.9 thousand. zloty.

Maciej Orłoś YouTuber

Maciej Orłoś is a television journalist. He spent 25 years at Telewizja Polska. He has been associated with Teleexpress since 1991. During that time, he has received many prestigious television awards. He is the recipient of four Wiktor Prizes and two Telekamera. TVP left in 2016 – Teleexpress has always been a green island, and here it was necessary to abandon the illusion that we will remain an oasis of freedom of expression. The change of director made me sure I made the right decision – he said of his departure in an interview with Newsweek.

After leaving Telewizja Polska, Orłoś has been associated for two years (2016-2018) with the Wirtualna Polska channel, hosting the news program “#happening”. Later, he left television for good and began working with radio stations: Radio Zet and RadioSpacja, and for almost two years he has been running a weekly (Monday) morning program on Nowy Świat Radio.

Four years ago, he started his YouTube channel. Today he runs two programs there: “In a Nutshell” and “WTS Talks”. – It’s an important activity for me – Tell us about his internet activity. Maciej Orłos’ YouTube channel now has 207 thousand. Participants.

As of July 2020, the journalist has an account on the Patronite platform with online groups for various projects. This is where he seeks financial support from fans. At the moment, Maciej Orłoś has 425 beneficiaries who declare that they will transfer a total of 10.1 thousand per month. zloty.

Maciej Orłoś, apart from his online activity, continues (for more than 20 years) to train entrepreneurs in the field of public speaking. He also collaborates with the Eko Cycle organization, which has a series of video programmes, “Ty garbage”, on the environment (including air pollution, waste separation, and food waste). He is also the ambassador for the world’s first environmental theatre, Bohema House, where he is the narrator.

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