KRRiT Email Complaints TVN7 License Extension

During subsequent votes, the National Broadcasting Council did not make a decision on whether or not to extend the TVN7 license. The license extension is supported by the following: Chairman Witold Kołodziejski, Vice President Teresa Bochwic and Elżbieta Więcławska-Sauk. Constantly against: Andrei Sapatovsky and Prof. Janos Kauki. Four votes are required to extend the license. If the decision is not made before February 25, when the license expires, TVN7 will have to stop broadcasting on digital terrestrial television. It will be possible to conduct more broadcasts via satellite and cable on the basis of the Dutch license.

Members of the President-appointed National Broadcasting Council believe TVN7 is in violation of the Broadcasting Act. This is because it prohibits granting a Polish license to an entity outside the European Economic Area. TVN is owned by Polish Television Holding, but the Amsterdam-based company is owned by American Discovery.

TVN7 viewers heard the call

On Wednesday, we reported that TVN Group Discovery has started a media campaign regarding the TVN7 offering and the possibility of ending terrestrial broadcasts. At once, he implored viewers to send emails in defense of the station to the National Broadcasting Council. Companies provide an address that is used daily to file complaints about individual senders. Information about the possibility of sending protests in the HbbTV application is also displayed on terrestrial digital television (which owners of devices with Internet access can access) and on the tape that appears on the TVN7 antenna. The TVN7 spot appears on almost all TVN channels of the Discovery Group. TVN and TVN24 keep “Fakty” informed of licensing issues.

How many complaints has the National Broadcasting Council received so far? What do viewers write in it? – At present, we have registered about 8000 alleged complaints. Among them are expressions of sympathy for the TVN7 program and requests for licenses – Teresa Brykczyńska reported to the portal, press spokesman for the National Broadcasting Council.

There are no protests in defense of TVN7, as was the case with TVN24’s license extension issues a decade ago with no place in the multiplexer for transmissions to TV Trwam. Supporters of the television station associated with the father Tadeusz Rydzyk collected 2.5 million signatures for a year. Although the National Broadcasting Council did not grant TV Trwam a license in the first competition (the broadcaster’s financial situation raised doubts, among other things), it did in the second competition. Later, Telewizja Polska decided to free up her place in the multiplier, which was captured by TV Trwam. In the summer, 2.5 million signatures were collected in defense of TVN, but PiS questioned its credibility.

What’s next with TVN7?

Experts estimate that after the possible termination of terrestrial broadcasting, TVN7 will lose from a third to half of its viewers. The station enjoys an attractive position on the lists of digital platforms and cable networks. It also broadcasts popular programs such as “BrzydUla” or “Hotel Paradise” and feature films.

There are many voices saying that the lack of a licensing decision is a worse scenario for TVN7 than a decision not to extend the license. In the first case, the station must stop broadcasting terrestrial after February 25. In the second case, the court may try to “secure” the concession and transfer it if the court approves this request. Former KRRiT member Krzysztof Luft stated in an interview with that PiS tried to bring him and other members of the National Broadcasting Council to the state court for not giving him a place in the multi-channel Trwam. Then the app was lost. Opposition politicians do not rule out that the current members of KRRIT will appear in the future before CJEU.

If the Council is not granted a TVN7 license, it may organize a new competition for a place in MUX-2 digital terrestrial television. It allows you to reach 98.8 percent through a TV channel. Population. TV Republika and MWE Networks, which won a place on MUX-1 a year ago for Antena HD, which replaced ATM Entertainment, are not ruling out a potential competition.

TVN7 gained 3.60 per cent. In the TV market in 2021 (data from Nielsen Audience Measurement).

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