Johnny Cash and John Carter: It was the most famous romance in the country

When Johnny Cash talked about love for June, he used the word “unconditional.” Their relationship, as described in many famous love songs – turbulent, full of passion, ups and downs, but finally – ended with a happy ending. They lived together for 35 years, gave birth to one son and many strokes of heartache, worship and redemption. They vowed to be together for the rest of their lives and would not break their promise, Johnny passed away just a few months after his wife’s death.

John Carter: Doomed to Success

June was born on June 23, 1929 in Virginia, into a very musical family. John’s mother, the legendary Maybelle Carter, began her career playing in the popular group The Carter Family along with her brother-in-law, A.P. Carter and his wife Sarah. When it was June 10, she was in a band with Maybelle sang some parts. The two young artists’ sisters, Helen and Anita, also sucked their talent out of their mothers’ milk, and their voices were said to be more melodic than June.

Mabel Carter and her mother daughters Mabel and Carter’s sisters (sometimes referred to simply as the Carter Sisters) were founded in 1940. It’s true that June may not have the voice of her musical sisters, but on stage she was able to take full advantage of the other advantages – she was very attractive, And she liked to make the audience laugh, and also had a great acting talent, so she quickly became a theater character, not only a singer, but also a comedian. Besides songs, she told jokes.

The ladies quickly gained notoriety, traveled across the country with their performances, and eventually became part of the world’s most important country radio show, the Grand Ole Opry. It was there that June met her first husband, country singer Carl Smith, and they married in 1952. Their daughter Carlene was born, and in the future she also switched to country music and became very successful.

The Carter Family: Maybelle Carter with her daughters, Anita, Helen and Yoon

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Johnny Cash: Childhood, Career Beginnings

He was born on February 26, 1932 in Kingsland, Arkansas as JR Cash. The name Jon was to be adopted years later under pressure from an Air Force enlisted who would not accept only the initials (JR allegedly acted as a compromise between his parents, who did not agree on naming their son). JR-to-Johnny’s Cash “Swipe” has also been credited to Sam Phillips, founder of Sun Records.

Cash was born into a family of cotton farmers who did not do well. There was a crisis, and as a result of government resettlement, the boy’s family moved to Dyce Colony on the Mississippi River. Listening to music was one of Johnny’s greatest passions. He was inspired by the voices of many country stars, including the melodic songs of the Carter Sisters And he dreamed of one day writing his own books.

When JR was twelve years old, a tragedy struck that affected the rest of his life. Older brother Jack, who had been a huge authority for Johnny from an early age, died in a tragic accident with a circular saw. According to Cash’s sister, the 12-year-old was supposed to help the 12-year-old dig his brother’s grave on the day of his funeral, then stood with his head down covered in dirt throughout the ceremony. His brother’s death ended JR’s childhood, after which he was never as comfortable as he once was.

In 1954, Johnny finished his service in the US Air Force as a radio operator in Germany and After returning to Poland, he married Vivian Liberto, whom he met shortly before his departure, on skis in San Antonio. They started a family and had four daughters: Roseanne, Kathy, Cindy and Tara. Cash worked as a peddler to maintain loved ones, but deep down he dreamed of starting a career in music. Over the years, his childhood passion has grown stronger. While still in Germany, he began composing his own pieces. “Za murami Folsom” inspired him to compose the song “Folsom Prison Blues” which became a hit a few years later.

Johnny’s brother introduced him to two auto mechanics, Monroe Perkins and Marshall Grant, with whom he founded The Tennessee Two, a group soon more audiences would hear about. In a meeting with producer Sam Phillips, Cash played one of his original songs, “Hey Porter,” which interested the producer so much that he was asked to write a sad song that complemented the previous song. The aspiring songwriter came home and wrote the song “Cry, Cry, Cry” in 15 minutes. Both songs quickly became Cash’s ticket to huge fame.

    Johnny Cash John Carter's love story when they met

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Johnny Cash and John Carter: First Meeting

In July 1956, Johnny Cash made his debut on the Grand Ole Opry stage. He recently released “I Walk the Line” which was a huge hit among pop and country fans. Until now, it was difficult to find such a track, and then Cash managed to create an unusual and original set of sounds. On that day, backstage at the Grand Ole Opry, singer Carl Smith introduced the singer to his wife, John Carter.

This meeting was so special for the two of them that they both knew very well who they were before they could shake hands. Johnny had heard Jun’s special voice in his childhood, and she had heard it DrThanks to the recommendations of Elvis Presley, with whom she toured in the 1950s, it has been speculated that the two artists were having an affair, But June denied these rumors. “Elvis made me go to those little cafes and listen to John [z szafy grającej]When we played in the South — in Carolina, Florida and Georgia,” Carter said when asked how she first heard about Cash.

“I’ve always wanted to meet you,” Johnny told her backstage. She, in turn, remembered his eyes only from their first conversation. “Those black eyes that sparkle like onyx…Johnny had something so charming in his eyes that he instantly gained a kind of audience control I had never before. Only the guitar and bass and his gentle presence made him and the whole audience their “followers,” June wrote years later. .

Both were married at the time of their meeting, but June was due to divorce her first husband the same year, and a year later to marry football player Edwin “Rip Nicks”. She gave birth to a daughter, Rosanna Lee, who also became a famous country singer.

    Johnny Cash John Carter's love story when they met

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Johnny Cash and John Carter: A Love Story

In the early 1960s, Cash and Carter began working together and began touring together. June joined his band and sang in backing vocals and also sang with the singer in a duet. In 1963, Johnny’s hit hit “Ring of Fire” was produced, which June wrote with Merle Kilgore, which contains all the feelings she had for the artist at the beginning of their relationship.

“I never talked about falling in love with Johnny,” Carter told Rolling Stone in 2000. “One morning, at about four in the morning, I was driving as fast as I could… I was heartbroken and suddenly it hit me: ‘I am falling in love with someone I have no right to fall in love with. I thought, ‘I can’t fall in love with this guy, but he’s like a ring of fire [z ang. ring of fire]”.

Jun was not alone in these feelings. Johnny felt the same way for her, but they both took a long time to confess their love for each other. “We put it off because we sensed what was going to happen: We knew that after saying ‘I love you,’ we’d be set free and we’d have to go through hell. So it happened,” Cash recalled to Rolling Stone.

    Johnny Cash John Carter's love story when they met

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Johnny Cash and John Carter: Fighting Addiction, Marriage

Cash’s struggle with alcohol and drug addiction also occurred in the 1960s. Indeed, at first it is difficult to talk about the fight against addiction, because Cash completely surrendered to them. This is one of the reasons why the musician’s wife filed for divorce in 1966. However, the main reason was his relationship with John Carter, in which Vivian had been suspicious of her husband for several years. The artists got married two years later. “Although the separation of the parents seemed inevitable, my mother took it very seriously,” Cash’s daughter commented on her first marriage in People magazine in 2019.

Although the beginnings of their great feeling kept Cash and Carter to themselves and away from the media hustle, it was very different with the proposal. Johnny, after several previous rehearsals, which June was said to have refused, asked his sweetheart to marry him during a concert in front of a musical audience of 7,000 people in February 1968. This time she said yes. Two years later, the artist gave birth to her son, John Carter Cash. Together with children from previous marriages, they created a large patchwork family.

They also continued to roam together. They recorded joint songs, the most famous of which are: “Jackson”, “Beloved Gift”, “If I Were a Carpenter”, “Don’t Worry” and “Long-legged Guitar for Peking Man”. Together, they have won 13 Grammy Awards. 10 of them belong to Johnny.

    Johnny Cash John Carter's love story when they met

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“Unconditional.” This was the word Cash used a lot when asked about his love for the month of June. “It may be an inventive term, but it’s true in our case” – Cash confirmed in an interview with Rolling Stone. “June loves me anyway. Against myself. She saved my life more than once. She was always there with her love when I needed it, and she was always able to make me forget my pain. When it gets dark and everyone comes home and the lights go out, there’s only her left.” And I.”

Speaking of their relationship, John said, “I’ve always walked by his side, and he’s always been supportive of everything I do.”

The beloved has shown many times that she supports her husband and can always count on him. It was June who helped Johnny overcome his addiction by staying with him through many crises, Which he tested in rehab and back to drugs and alcohol. Carter also battled her demons: She was a shopaholic, and she also became addicted to prescription drugs over time.

Johnny Cash and John Carter remained by their side until the end of their days. And the artist died in March 2003, her husband died a few months later, in September of the same year.

    Johnny Cash John Carter's love story when they met

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