Jan-Rapowanie “Buffin”: Returning from a trip

I totally understand the million numbers in the broadcast and the Instagram audience expectation for each album night timeBut you can’t feel it Jean RaboaniThe tenth water is a little more relaxing after Casey… I mean Taco Hemingway, constantly searching for his identity in May. But… there was something about it that attracted people and gave hope to a project that would eventually allow Janek to become a rapper, not a young rapper. You should have waited for her “neutral”Shut the mouths of all skeptics, including me.

In this “Sit with the boys” First, Jan-Rapowanie cleverly remembers Martyna Jakubowicz, and then points to him Andrei Zaucha (Excellently written line “I live next to a bar for lonely ladies/Sometimes I go there for a drink, but I come back on my own,” applause not just for the follow-up.) at “I’m here” He realized that there was no longer any difference between Warsaw and Warsaw, and put down a few lines, the value of which can be measured using a truskul ruler – “Like Paolo Maldini, I’m not moving anywhere / Although his life was not so colored by Disney” (re The reference this time to Bizet, one of the hip-hop gurus of today’s heroes).

and these “Angels” with wonderful Furtak . missionWhich proves that a Polish rapper can write a good, universal and above all frozen subject of feelings, and as we all know, this is not an easy task for our boys.

However, not to be too rosy, there are moments when Janek falls into strange areas and the style tries to control the content. Like “Parabola” It sounds as neatly written as the song’s title, but thoughts like, “You think you’re having an exam or your boss is careless / I w***, that people grow their toenails or that they have to eat” are best left with a coffee bill In Zbawix. or blunt “We’ll see”Where the profanity seems, rather than to heighten feelings, is unnatural and forced.

And not only there, because curses disturb a little satisfaction from listening to “Buffer”, just like some choirs – well, it is impossible to bear “Keys to the City”. However, to be fair, efficient and good, it also appears here, even in a successful state “Flight mode” if “Szymek Smorąg”.

It can be different with the appearance of the guest. Kenny Zimmer With his absolutely unbearable style of v . voice “LAXJFK” It simply irritates, does not color the piece. Less time for solos and more and more worries. The duo Capital-Radom is trying to fraternize with Krakow and Warsaw Kaz Bagan And Coco. The first fits perfectly at the time of high interest rates from “I built a house, they will say ‘it’s a studio’ / plus a loan and patodeweloperka”, the second closes in the house with the family and sums up the whole “he is here”.

colorless fall off toe And Falcon at “Keys to the City” – Again, there is a bit of a path from zero to hero, and for free we get eight stars drawn in five star hotels. Bonus feature is the outdoor combo tent w “I am afraid”who is visiting Cortez. Easy, not on vocals, but on beat, and very interesting, the trumpet intersects with the rhythm and bass that stand out strongly.

Interesting and is perfectly fine with sleepers, as they mainly carry Gana Rapwani. Not that I have anything to complain about Nocna, because it is an excellent and universal product, which is also confirmed here by “Peace of mind is an imitation of armor”but diversifying “Buffer” with a few more nicknames worked for the rapper.

da vosc duct In the electronic “Parabola”, he put on a fine guitar, while in “ŁAWKA Z CHŁOPAKAMI” Matthew It takes the main role and is the perfect grounding for the host’s music coloring. Pedro’s Little World With his vocal sample, he reconciles lovers of ladybugs and newbies, and “angels” Kizi We invite you to the world of surrounding formula and dreams. The music is varied and important – at a very high level.

A momentary break from recording and a cut from successful reality turned out to be beneficial for Jan-Rapowanie. Those who waited for “Buffer” were rewarded with ripe materials that they can identify with in many ways. The group who did not have expectations and clean the keyboards of the next mothballs on the Internet is gaining much more – for them “Buffer” is not just a flutter in the nose, but also evidence that Jan has finally used his potential.

Jan-Rapowanie “Bufor”, SBM تسمية designation


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