Italian Women’s Clothing and Accessories – 7 Stylish Italian Pieces to Have in Everyone’s Wardrobe

Italian women’s favorite clothes and accessories? Fans of elegant Italian style have these seven items in their wardrobes. You can follow in their footsteps and also polish your clothes. It will be colorful, shiny and claw-footed.

Residents of some countries stand out from others in their style. French women are masters of careless styling. She always looks elegant and at the same time casual. Scandinavians are the queens of minimalism. We can continually learn from Swedes and Norwegian women and without you that less is more. Italians are completely against their approach to fashion. It is assumed that southern women were famous for their unusual temperament and sexuality, and that their costumes were only intended to enhance this impression. The style was created based on their passion for brilliance, color and splendor in the Glitter Edition Italian Check. by analysis Italian clothing and accessoriesit will be easier to identify its distinguishing elements, but at first glance it is known that animal patterns, gold, silver and small length are mandatory items in this list.

If you don’t have good associations with leopard prints, snakeskin, zebra stripes, or leopard stripes, only Italian women are able to change your look at these prints. With them, these prints never look cheap and cheesy. exactly the contrary. that they They have mastered the art of dressing up animal patterns to perfection In your everyday and evening clothes. Leopard print coat, zebra dress, snakeskin purse, leopard striped belt? Each of these things has the potential to become number one in Italian design.

In the closets of Italian women You can also find classics accessed by women from all over the world. one of them power suits. However, black jackets and matching pants with a zip-up pleat are just one option. finally Italian women are the queen of colors. For this reason, the suits they choose are not only faint and universal in our understanding of the word. A suit in fuchsia, red, cobalt, or lime green? Each one of them fits Italian style. If you want to go crazy with color, then this style, which is dominated by someone else who additionally covers such elegant items of clothing, will be a bull’s-eye.

Italian women are famous for their love luster And glamor style. Therefore, flash and metallic colors are not alien to them. They constantly appear on various clothes and accessories, they are worn not only in the evening version, but also on a daily basis. for this reason italian jewelry boxes She is filled to the brim with luxurious models of necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings.

If it really shows up in their style, they should be visible. There is no chance of a thin chain with a thick chain and a delicate wedding ring with a ring close to the signet ring. You must be richBecause this is the style of Italian women.

Not only French women have weakness Mini skirt And Short dresses. Italians also reach this length. The differences can only be seen in specific models. Walking along the Seine, we will see that simple patterns and muted colors dominate. It is completely different on the Tiber. Italian skirts and dresses are often very colorful models, which also have decorations in the form of an ornament. Perfect for everyday use and an evening out dancing.

Since we already mentioned going out to dance, it’s worth emphasizing that Italians love it party sandals. They are not afraid of high heels, strong colors and additional decorations in the form of shiny chains or crystals. Just put them on your feet and blast away from the Italian vibe. La vita e bella!

Italians use sunglasses not only to protect their eyes from the sun’s rays. They know very well that this elegant accessory can bring a distinctive touch to any design. For this reason, they tend not to pay attention to famous pilots. They prefer models with luxurious and more often decorative frames. It is enough to look at the proposals from the collections of Italian fashion houses to find out what the glasses mean. VersaceAnd Moschino And Roberto Cavalli You have many suitable suggestions. Cheaper alternatives can be found at reputable stores.

Flash appears in the style of Italian women not only because of the jewelry in the XXL version, but also because of the clothes. Dresses, skirts, sweaters, pants, and tops are a must-have in their wardrobe. Gold is the most popular, but silver and other colors also play a role. Metallic in combination with pink or blue can also please, not only Italian women.

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