International vocal competition Stanislav Moniusko without Russian artists. They have been disqualified by the organizers

Jury member Soprano, TW-ON Team Selection Director, Izabela Kłosińska, said during a press conference at Teatr Wielki – Polish National Opera, “The Moniuszko competition is an opportunity to introduce participants from all over the world to our culture and music.” She added, “Some foreign singers perform songs Exceptionally Polish, with perfect style and sometimes better than the Polish singers, which proves a very serious approach to the preparations for the competition. So far, the competition has been very popular, but the record number of applications for this year’s competition proves that this competition is gaining ground.”

“Because the competition is so popular, press and theater directors, directors and directors all come in droves to listen to the performances of the participants. It’s a kind of exchange, everyone listens and picks a singer. The winners of the competition, she explained, are the singers who are not qualified for the finals, who look great in the first and second stages. They also acquire voice managers and moderators, and get the opportunity to participate in auditions and competitions.”

Agnieszka Rehlis, a member of the selection committee, reports that this year the largest number of sopranos and baritones entered the competition.

The director of the competition, Beata Klatka, declared that “this year we received a lot of applications from Russia, of course we treated them as a great success, because the number of applications was a record-breaker, and the winner of last year’s competition” was Russian … the war broke out during the testing of recordings Therefore, after consulting with the Ministry of Culture, we made a decision on the exclusion of Russian singers from the competition, and this decision did not apply to Belarusian singers, because it so happened that none of the representatives of Belarus is qualified for the competition. ” The director also announced that she is in contact with singers from Ukraine and that the competition organizers will provide the singers A place to rehearse if necessary.” “Most of the singers who qualified for the competition are already outside Ukraine.” “In the case of two men, we wrote private letters so that they could leave the country despite the decree on general military mobilization. One of them is already in Poland. I hope that the other will also be able to take part in the competition, ”- she reported.

John Allison, chair of the jury and editor-in-chief of Oprah magazine, rated Moneusko as a great composer, but unfortunately he is still not well known in the world. “I am glad that this competition is not only about Moneusko, but is also a celebration of Polish music. Thanks to the fact that I have been part of the competition for many years, I realize how many great Polish composers there are. In his opinion, my accident happened that Jakub Józef Orliński recorded the first non-baroque album with music Polish composers.There are some great surprises on this album, including songs by Tadeusz Baird.

The 11th International Vocal Competition Stanislaw Muniuszko will be held from 6-11 June 2022 at the Teatr Wielki – the Polish National Opera.

112 participants from six continents and up to 28 countries qualified for a podium place in this year’s edition. Among them, the most numerous team comes from Poland, closely followed by Ukraine.

In addition to the world repertoire, during the auditions, the participants will perform two Polish tracks, and the final round will be accompanied by a concert of songs by Polish composers performed by the winner of the ninth edition of the competition – counter Jakub Józef Orliński and pianist Mikhail Biella.

The competition was founded 30 years ago, and from its inception, as its organizers point out, it is much more than a get-together about fierce artistic competition. It is also a promotion of Polish audio literature.

Stanislav Muniuszko (1819-1872) of Curziuda’s motto was a composer, teacher, organist, and composer of about 268 songs. He became famous not only as a creator of works dedicated to professional singers. Its goal was also to create a Polish reference for amateur music at home, for selected poems “from our best poets”. He published songs of this direction in later volumes of the “Home Songbook”, the first of which was published in Vilnius in 1843.

Six collections were published during Moniuszko’s life, and six more were published after the artist’s death – in total, they contained as many as 267 songs. Alexander Polinsky may have had this work in mind when he wrote that Moneusko was a “modest village harp” who spoke only Polish beautifully. […] This composer was perfectly able to perceive the beauty of folk simplicity and enchanted natural melody in the poetic text. ”

The dramas of the lead actor of the Polish National Opera abound with poignant melodies filled with lyric poetry. Some of them have become a permanent staple on the concert set, such as Skołuba’s famous song “This Old Clock” from the opera “The Haunted Manor”.

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