Eurovision 2022: Ukrainian commentator reported the semi-final match from the shelter

Kaloosh Orchestra With the song “Stefania”, she competed in the first semi-final on Tuesday.

The team’s presence in Turin was uncertain after the Russian invasion of Ukraine. president Volodymyr Zelensky He announced a ban on leaving men between the ages of 16 and 60. In the end, the musicians got special permission.

During the ongoing war MC Keliman He was a member of the Self-Defense Forces in and around Kyiv, and a leader Ole Bsyuk She organized a team of volunteers to help deliver medicines to those in need and evacuate people from war-torn areas. On the other hand, a few days before the show, it turns out that the choral singers will not come to Turin Dzhonni Dyvnyy – replace it Sasha Tapp (Aleksandr Slobodianik)Who as a member somersault back He participated in the Ukrainian primary elections for Eurovision 2017.

The main candidates for victory in the whole competition performed the song “Stefania”, in which the atmosphere of hip-hop combined with Ukrainian folk music.

“Thank you for supporting Ukraine,” Ole Bisuk said after the show, realizing that the European Broadcasting Union blocks political commentary.

As expected, the Ukrainians were among the ten finalists.

Check the lyrics of the song “Stefania” on Tekś!

In Ukraine, despite the war in the country, commented on the semi-finals Timur MiroshchenkoWho has been associated with the competition for years.

Just like last year Artur UrsichThe presenter was unable to make the official broadcast with his comment available on YouTube due to copyright, so if someone wants to watch the Eurovision semi-final with the presenter’s report, they have to use two devices or two tabs in their web browser.

Given the situation in Ukraine, it is not so simple now, but as you can see below, it is also not impossible.

“We will not change the tradition! When there are such conditions, and the Internet hardly slows down, but without Timur Mirosnichenko there is no way …” – wrote a resident of Ukraine and posted a photo of two phones.

A photo of the commentator who set up his studio in a bomb shelter has appeared on the web. The photo has already been shared on many profiles and has conquered social media.

The result of confusion with the Ukrainian preliminary selections and removal from the competition Alina Bashjust before the invasion of Russia, it was decided that Ukraine would be represented at Eurovision 2022 by the winner of the second-choice places, i.e. Kaloosh Orchestra With the song “Stefania”.

It is often said that due to the situation in their country, the musicians will win the competition.

“Let’s not get discouraged, let’s unite. Think about how you can help and how you can be useful to Ukraine today” – resumed the musicians.

In its songs, the band combines rap and Ukrainian folk music. The band consists of rappers Ole Bsyuk and musicians Timofej Muzczuk And Vitaly DweckAnd DJ MS Kyłymmen.

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