Elibeta Zabindowska is 75 years old. What did she look like in her youth?

Elibeta Zabindowska For years he trained singers and singers at his song school. She was sponsored, among others Edita GorniakAnd Elijah Janusz (Listen!), Tomek MakovitzkyAnd I will addAnd Anya WizconyAnd Catarzyna Gronic (Listen!)And Mila KotelukAnd Łukasz Zagrobelny (Listen!) And Natasha Urbaiska.

It gained popularity in 2002, when along with Robert LeszynskiAnd Kuba Wojewódzki And Jacek Segan Become a juror in the first edition of the program “Idol”. Zabindowska was known for her honest and often harsh comments.

In the program, she evaluated the participants until the last version of the show, that is, until 2005. Then she was the juror of the programs “how they sing” And “Must be the music”.

In 2017, she sat on the jury for the revitalized movie “Idol”, Next Wojtek uszczykiewiczAnd Iowa Furna And Janusz Banasevic.

Although she teaches singing by herself today, she has never been enthusiastic about the teachers.

“In primary school, I was interested in thought-out jokes. The main objective was to annoy and annoy the teachers., But it is very annoying. I was often the creator of such jokes. In the class were almost all the girls and only one boy was dominated by us. In high school it was worse By my behavior and education. I did not even transfer to the next grade and almost got expelled from the Opole school ”- Zabindowska told the “Super Express” program about her student years.

In one of the episodes of “Music Should Be”, Zapendowska admitted that before becoming a respected specialist in vocal production, she was engaged in completely different activities.

“I worked as a receptionist in a hotel and I really appreciate this job” – she admitted on the set of “MBTM”.

“In addition to the hotel, Miejskie Przedsiębiorstwo Gospodarki Komunalnej in Opole had a market, a local bath and a funeral home. I will not forget that on December 31, as an employee of the company, I was sent to a funeral home for an inventory, where I had to count the coffins ”- recalls Elżbieta Zapendowska.

What did Elibeta Zabindowska look like in her youth? Some time ago, her photo appeared on Instagram, along with contemporary photography.

In 2020, the coach admitted that although she is still professionally active (recently appeared in the premiere of the musical “Congo” on the Capitol Theater), she has no intention of returning to television.

“I have moved to the countryside and work with a group of adults in Siroc in a community center. It is a great pleasure. Here the youngest participant is 16, and the oldest is 50. I have two students and one younger student. The boy, the rest are adults, Mature people ”- she said then.

As she said, the state of her eyesight, which is deteriorating every year, is of great importance here.

“My age, I have advanced blindness, so it would not be easy for me to take part in something like this, even if I were offered such a proposal. Age does its job and you have to calculate your intentions and life enough for your age ”- said Zapendowska.

Vision problems are very common, although many underestimate them and pay attention to their eyes. The voice coach admitted in an interview with the Pleiades that she has already dealt with her health issues.

“I can’t see in one eye and I’ve dealt with it. I’m not in hysteria. I’m used to the fact that I’m losing my sight. Recently, I visited a doctor recommended and I told her, ‘If this had happened to you about 20 years ago, we would have had surgery.'” Now, it is no longer a “.” – She confessed.

“When you lose your sight, everything is difficult. Especially when you are working and I am still working. The fact that I cannot see the faces of people who are singing is a terrible problem for me, because I cannot see feelings, I can only hear them ”- she added.

“It cost me a lot. I paid two thousand injections, nothing helped. I gave up, and decided that I had to come to terms with what was planned for me. In my private life I often joke that what I did you do not see, I imagine ”- summed up Zapendowska.

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