Electronic music and … Christian meditation? “God gives freedom!”

We want to do to God and serve Him with what we can do. We try to get our listeners to think and look at ourselves more deeply. Break the image of the believer, say the musicians from BONOBOCO.

The BONOBOCO team was recently established. He performs electronic music with Christian content. Artists want their works to help people pray and bring them closer to God. On Great Saturday, they launched a new work in which they refer to the resurrection of the Lord. Its title is hyssop.

Editors: Electronic Music with Christian Content – The composition sounds strange. Where did this idea come from?

Natalia Pechenek: He agrees with us, because if this is the music we listen to, and we also want to create something about our relationship with God, why not combine it? I believe that we are the Church as we are and do not have to conform to the principles that have hitherto prevailed in Christian music. We can be ourselves in this, and even better show that God – contrary to what is often thought – gives freedom!

God gives freedom!

Where did the idea for BONOBOCO come from?

Cuba Pesnic: It arose spontaneously. I’ve been making music for a while and already had two projects open. A friend said there was a Christian song contest as part of the Vincentiana Youth Festival. It is organized by the Congregation of Missionary Priests. So we started writing the script and that’s how it was created hyssop. We liked the whole process so much that we decided to continue it.

What Does Your Name Mean? looks so weird.

Jasiek Piwowarczyk: The history of the band’s name is very short and was released entirely by chance. Cuba, while producing a piece of music, saved it to his computer under a working title bonobos, because it reminded him of the British music producer of the same name. So we added the ending “what” and it stayed like this (because… well, what…?).

Electronic music and… Meditation?

You want your creativity to help you pray, and to bring you closer to God. Electronic divine and prayer meditation?

NP: We don’t focus on composing music for prayer only. Rather, we are intent on doing and serving God what we can do. We try to get our listeners to think and look at ourselves more deeply. We want to break the image of the believer. I imagine that someone (not necessarily a believer) just during the day at home, at work or in the car, wants to hear something new and comes to our release and gets something of value, both for the ear and for the soul.

On Holy Saturday I released a new hymn referring to the feasts of the Lord’s Resurrection. What does the title mean? hyssop?

JB: The title does not refer directly to the lyrics, but is intended to convey the message we want to convey in this song. In the Old Testament, Hyssop symbolizes purification, and the Israelites, to distinguish their homes from those of the Egyptians, sprinkled their doors with the blood of the Lamb during Passover. Likewise, today we want to be purified by the blood of the Lamb, by the blood of the Risen One.

Experience God’s love

What is the resurrection for you?

JP: That’s a very difficult question. I think it is, above all, a great experience of God’s love. God who gave his Son to redeem our sins. These words may sound trite because we always hear them as the basic definition of resurrection. However, every year each of us somehow delves into this mystery anew, trying to be more aware of what happened. Usually, each of us spends the time of Lent or Easter actively, for example by participating in the liturgy of Holy Week. We serve in many places, not just where we live. This year’s holidays were special for Natalia and Cuba, because in response to the current situation in Ukraine, they decided to try them on the Polish-Ukrainian border. There they helped the refugees.

What are your musical plans for the near future?

KB: First of all, we want to work on a new material. We also have some gigs in the near future. We have a lot of work to do to prepare for them. Maybe we’ll release one song soon?

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