Before you see the prince, here are 5 amazing artwork thefts

In 2021, it will be sixty years since Goya’s “Portrait of the Duke of Wellington” was stolen from the National Gallery in London. This was the first and last daring robbery from this place so far.

On May 27 this year, the film “Prince”, which revolves around the scenes of this issue, will be shown in Polish cinemas. Starring an excellent duo: Jim Broadbent and Helen Mirren.

Art theft is an international business. It is estimated that it could range from 1.5 to 6 billion per year. Here are five of the coolest art thefts. Let’s start with our first movie.

1. “Portrait of the Duke of Wellington,” Aug. 21, 1961, Method: Through a Toilet Window; Defendant: Kempton Pompton, a taxi driver. Verdict: Excuse me. Artwork has been returned. Details and conditions to watch in cinemas.

2. On the same day, August 21, just 50 years ago, the famous “Mona Lisa” by Leonardo da Vinci was stolen from the Louvre in France. The accused, Vincenzo Perugia, was a painter working in a museum in Paris. Sentence: One year and 15 days in prison. Police intercepted the work while trying to sell it to an Italian art gallery.

3. Thirteen paintings, including works by Vermer, Rembrandt and Manet, were stolen on March 18, 1990 from a museum in Boston. The thieves turned out to be fake cops who allegedly checked the disturbance report. The value of the stolen works is now estimated at half a billion dollars, and so far none have been found.

4. Munch’s famous “Scream” has 4 releases, two of which were stolen. The first robbery took place on February 12, 1994 in Oslo. The authorities of the Norwegian capital, blindly believing in the honesty of citizens, did not properly secure their cultural property. The thieves entered the National Gallery going up … a ladder, and when they left with the painting, they left a note that said, “Thank you for the poor security.” And although they later fell into it, they managed to avoid punishment due to procedural errors. Another copy of the Norwegian artist’s work was stolen from his museum a decade later. The robbers were photographed by a random passerby. They were caught, but the painting was not found until two years later.

5. Poland. September 19, 2000 Claude Monet’s “Bourville Beach” stolen from the National Museum in Poznan. Robert Z. , claiming that he was a student at the Academy of Fine Arts, painted works in the room where Monet’s painting was hung. In the absence of the employee, remove the original from the frame and replace it with a copy. Museum staff realized this after a few days. The thief signed up 10 years later as a wanted man for non-payment of alimony to his ex-wife.

Trailer for the movie “The Prince”

Check out where you can watch “The Prince” at the premiere

MULTIKINO ul. Marszałka Focha 48 / BYDGOSZCZ / May 14 and 15
MULTIKINO Al. Zwycięstwa 14 / GDAŃSK / 14 and 15 May
MULTIKINO ul. 3 Maja 30 / KATOWICE / May 14 and 15
MULTIKINO ul. Warszawska 26 / KIELCE / 14 and 15 May
CINEMA under BARANAMI Rynek Główny 27 / KRAKÓW / May 18
MULTIKINO ul. Dobrego Pasterza 128 / KRAKÓW / May 14 and 16
MULTIKINO Al. Spółdzielczości Pracy 34 / LUBLIN / May 14 and 15
MULTIKINO ul. Piłsudskiego 1/13/ ŁÓDŹ / May 14 and 15
for him! Mujahideen Cinema. Katwika 64 / My Swiss / May 19
SOKÓŁ ul. Długosza 3 / NOWY SĄCZ / May 17
MULTIKINO ul. Juliana Toema 26 / Olsztyn / 14 and 15 May
Avangarda pl. Jana Pawła II 2/3 / OLSZTYN / May 13, 14 and 15
Rialto ul. Dąbrowskiego 38 / POZNAŃ / May 14 and 15
MULTIKINO 51 ul. Królowej Jadwigi 51 / POZNAŃ / May 15
MULTIKINO Malta ul. Maltaska 1 / Poznan / 14 May
MULTIKINO Stary Browar ul. Półwiejska 42 / POZNAŃ / May 14
MULTIKINO ul. Kopisto 1 / RZESZÓW / May 14 and 15
MULTIKINO ul. Pooh. Monte Cassino 63 / Sopot / May 14 and 15
MULTIKINO ul. Wyzwolenia 18-20 / SZCZECIN / May 14
Mujahideen Cinema. elazna 51/53/Warszawa/May 14th and 15th
MULTIKINO Ursynów Al. KEN 60 / WARSZAWA / May 14 and 15
MULTIKINO Targówek ul. Guboka 15 / Warsaw / 14 May
MULTIKINO Złote Tarasy ul. Złota 59 / Warsaw / May 15
MULTIKINO Galeria Młociny ul. Home Army Gatherings “Kampinos” 15 / WARSZAWA / May 14 and 15
New Horizons May. Kazimierza Wielkiego 19/23/ WROCŁAW / May 15
MULTIKINO Pasaż Grunwaldzki Plac Grunwaldzki 22 / WROCŁAW / May 14 and 15
MULTIKINO ul. Gdańska 18 / ZABRZE / 14 and 15 May

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