Balthasar: unique among many [relacja]

Baltazar sang last Thursday in Warsaw with an album sand. The return of the Belgians was, as usual, a feast that turns into a glutton. Because you want more of them.

Balthasar Presents: You haven’t seen a party like this yet

Today’s technical possibilities are what everyone can see. Big. The show depends on the budget, and it also depends on who plays what. Also in the Polish market, the shooting of such events in the director of such events can be disputed, but the trend is that every artist assures that no one is standing on the stage. Balthazar He also signs, but with this Belgian band, the show is synonymous with a concert. This is a band that would play equally well for five and thirty people in front of the stage in a smoke-filled bar. Nor is it so Nick howOne would like to move into a space that can enter up to 500 listeners, as this will create an atmosphere and intimacy that is a bit far away. Balthazar He works exactly on the principles that allow him to perform such creative tricks. They are playing in such a way that they have no doubts afterwards that they were in the best party of their lives. merely. (Maya Kozlowska)

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Balthazar: One concert, a change of perception

Maja Kozowska: Balthazar Returns regularly to Poland – it was my second concert, your third and I’m curious how you see their performance in terms of: time, material and their stage setting.

Weronika Szymańska: This is actually an interesting example to analyze. My first party Balthazar I remember it as… annoying? The band played great, recently released – I think it’s the best album in terms of translating it into party reality – feverBut the club they played in failed completely. It was already the second concert Palladium, a concert between albums and it was the best performance I had the chance to take part in – the most energetic, closest to the audience and most interesting in terms of what was happening on the stage – the musicians had an amazing harmony between them. This is yesterday, again in PalladiumIt’s a new album. sand. It can’t be hidden that it’s a bit quieter, which also translates to the energy of the concert. The band was more withdrawn, just doing their job. I had the impression that he was sticking strictly to the script for this evening. Which of course doesn’t change the fact that for the third time I had a great time with them. prom Balthazar It’s always a celebration for me!

Maja Kozowska: That’s the second party Balthazar, for my first – it was a complete game-changer for me when it came to the perception of concerts in general. With them, I saw what a concert could look like, to the point where he was completely spoiled by both the musicians, their talent and the complete setup. For me, they are an example of very clean performance, that is, they are played on their own and on the basis of the audience. There are no theatrical elements there, there is no show in the sense of a theatrical performance, they simply make it themselves. From the viewer’s point of view, it looks very easy and even natural, but behind this, aside from innate charisma, there is also work. You have to experience something like this to understand: this laxity, this certainty. Despite the fact that both in the studio and at the concert, fever I put above sand, so experiences always give you a shiver. I really dream of following them on a tour and stopping a few times in different European cities, to be able to feel them again and again.

Balthasar – on roll (official video)

Weronika Szymańska: complete agreement! Balthazar change too much Balthazar On the stage they need nothing more than each other. Perhaps if all the artists focused on what was more important on the stage, that is, playing together, rather than everything that surrounds it, then the concerts would be on a completely different level. But I have to touch on the offer you mentioned. I’m always pleased with the fact that so little in the context of the setting and scenery can provide so many multidimensional experiences. I felt it at their last party and now. The few columns placed behind the backs of the musicians, which were the only element of the scene, created such a wonderful display. Without a doubt, it was the best lit concert I’ve ever attended and I can’t help but admire the number of impressions this blurred and glowing equipment has given me. I don’t know anymore if the light is driving the music or if the music is driving the light, but it all seemed like a point… I had the impression that the music was starting to sound completely different. Fatiha Pass Firefly!

Maja Kozowska: Oh yeah, that’s another thing – a lot of their stuff. They don’t perform on stage, but they also don’t need a huge spectacle. On the other hand, I would never accuse them of simplicity in my life, because when something happens, it is full. Since my first concert I remember the two hemispheres that were also tubes, now there are speakers and it made a whole atmosphere. Everything was fine there and you are absolutely right about the adoption of music and lights, in my opinion the director of this concert is a tribute to their fit. For me at concerts Balthazar Shocking above all is how they sell themselves. Let me cut off my hand that anyone who accidentally lands on their set will be happy then, which is an understatement. What do you think is the result?

Balthazar report from the party
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When music generates desire

Weronika Szymańska: Well, good point and tough question, although I know exactly what you’re talking about. Balthazar It’s a band that watches me as a spectator. I would even say it sucks. Yesterday, the first sounds of the intro were enough for me to start feeling this rare plot, and I know that if I had heard these for the first time while running between scenes at the festival, I would have stopped wanting more. The artists came on stage and the first two penises were enough to make me totally annoyed by something hard to name, but it happens. energy? Definitely Balthazar It offers something magical and with its own personality, as a band and an extraordinary voice. Maybe this is it? Their play is also very characteristic. Goofy, but quite specialized in this hit. The combination of rock and roll with synthesizer, funky jazz moments in the brass section, or the classics provided by the violin is not a popular combination. However, I danced the whole party yesterday and I still wasn’t enough! Fortunately, the band’s technicians came to the rescue and gave us a little party after all. Yes, on top of that. And you, do you have your theory about that?

Maja Kozowska: I remember reading your interview with my genty He said they play pop music because their songs are about love. This is an absolute sense and simplistic to me, but I think I would agree with it. I mean, it has a huge potential for music that defines popular, and at the same time technically and acoustically, you don’t use the movie that’s dedicated to it. Balthazar It’s in my opinion a Sophie team, with awesome magnetism. They stimulate a truly peculiar kind of energy, even sexuality, which, however, interests them on stage, that is, their musicians, apart from their desire according to a studied subjective attraction. This is a big thing: the sharpest stimuli are crowned and led to the beat of the music. I wonder if they even realize that this is how they affect people…

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Balthazar report from the party
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Balthasar: Detail makes everything

Weronika Szymańska: Ha-ha-ha-ha, fun! Need to ask in the next interview. For me, their concerts are also very cohesive in the sense that I see them as a single whole, not as a set of separate songs. So much so that I won’t be able to point to one or even a few of the best moments, because there were no moments there, only loneliness, from first to last sounds. At the same time, it should not be confused with superficiality, boredom and lack of variety, which is very valuable. And you, do you have your favorite moments from their party?

Maja Kozowska: Yes sure! And this is generally baffling: they can play an entire group softly, without a announcer between songs, without any interludes of applause, just as a coherent project. This concept appears to have been made for them. Ironically, I don’t think they’re a showman, although they do wrap the audience around their fingers. However, I have my favorite moments – solos tees It’s always punches and shocks, HOW YOU CAN PLAY SO ONE INSTRUMENTS. How often do you watch the violin at rock concerts? And the trombone? And let’s be honest – you can’t just take your eyes off them all. my genty And his position on stage is a universe to me when he starts moving that way — you know, the dance-like thing. love how Martin He pierces the audience with their eyes and then does this thing with his tripod, leans it all the way and sings, literally doubly curved, it’s a little scary but also charming at the same time. Their supporting voices – how does that sound on the album and how does it sound lively. purr moments. The best thing about them is the details which are well taken care of. Sometimes I think I’ll have to go at least three or four times to be completely satisfied.

Weronika Szymańska: You have a comparison with the previous party which as we said was a little better. Do you think it could be a tuning list? Something about it surprised you, or maybe you missed some songs you thought you should be on?

Balthasar – I want you | HolyShit . session

Maja Kozowska: It was a lot quieter – I wouldn’t rate it for better or worse, because it’s still quite the top shelf. The group’s roster was sectional, and they played a lot of older songs, but in milder versions to fit the atmosphere created by the album. sand. I really wanted to hear I want you Live, I admit it Martin He looked startled at him, raising his voice and lowering it into a frightening whisper. Best performances of the evening, in my opinion. I might be dreaming the changes With the entrance of the crowd, perhaps I will never take you again With fever Finally helplessThat would be a violent conclusion with its choruses. Did you miss something?

Weronika Szymańska: For me, it’s a song in concerts Balthazar It has always been a success blood is like wine. The moment the whole band sings verses in the chorus Raise your glass to the night and the roads (…), then the audience joins the musicians, raising their glasses up with each subsequent episode of the script—a beautiful thing. Measure and move consistently every time. fever – You don’t even need to add anything here, just listen to this track to imagine what might happen to her at concerts. A totally underrated gem from the album fever It’s mine Roller coaster I only heard it once at my first concert Balthazar I definitely wish it would come back to the playlist. Like biggest sisters – I was lost in this piece when my genty He performed it solo three years ago, only accompanied by a trombone. it’s known – Decency, fifteen floorsThese are the classics that it’s always nice to come back to, but the rubber bands aren’t, and not every concert will sound like the last. You can make a wishlist now, but in the end I wouldn’t change anything anyway, because – I’ll stress that again – I had a great time! So much so that I regretted missing even a minute of what was happening on stage to refill myself with a beer. : Dr

Maja Kozowska: I could have made a whiskey list before the party, but now? I am fully satisfied and am waiting for the next one, and everything indicates that it will come sooner than the last time. Salt Wave Festival – Reservation Balthazar This festival has already led to the top of the lineup.

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