An unusual duo of musicians will play in Świdnica. Warp Party for Travelers on Friday! [ROZWIĄZANIE KONKURSU] –

Jazman is a famous and talented Vibravon and lecturer – Bernard Maselli and DJ Ebrom – DJ, rapper and producer collaborating, among others. With Fisz Emade, Taco Hemingway or Krzysztof Zalewski – on a new joint musical project. Under the name Warp Travelers, the artists will perform in Świdnica as part of their first concert tour on May 13. For our readers, we received two double invitations to this extraordinary musical event.

Bernard Maseli and DJ Eprom invite you to the first round of a new music project called Warp Travelers. The artists, known for their free movement across a broad stylistic spectrum, will present a completely original programme. It will cover both electronic and acoustic sounds. It will be a true musical and cosmic journey.

DJ Ebrom Leading DJ, rapper, producer and sound engineer among others are collaborating with Fisz Emade, Taco Hemingway, Shy Albatross, Natalia Przybysz, GrubSon Krzysztof Zalewski, Robert Cichy and others. Creator of Modulators and Sztigar Bonko, four-time winner of the Fryderyk Award and IDA Finals World Champion in the Show, Technical and Show Class categories, as well as DJShop Workshop Battle and Battle Champion in the Pro category competitions.

Photo: facebook Dj Eprom

Bernard Maselli – One of the most famous representatives of the national electric jazz scene, collaborating with artists such as Ursula Dudziak, Neppi Noya, Bill Bruford, Dean Brown, Mike Stern, Eric Marinthal, Hadrian Feraud, Kuppa Badach and Anna Maria Jobbik. Co-founder of Walk Away, The Globetrotters, and MaBaSo. For 28 years, he has also been a lecturer at the Department of Jazz and Folk Music, Katowice Music Academy, where, among others, he directs Poland’s first class of jazz music Vibravon, which he created. In 2017, he was awarded the title of full professor. Bernard Masselli has recorded over a hundred albums and has been ranked #1 in the Top 25 Jazz Poll.

I met Eprom in Rzeszów during the Jazz & HipHop Festival in 2013. I admit I have no idea what awaits me. Already during the first rehearsal, his parts easily “stick” to the musical texture and finally amazing freedom of expression using turntables, literally my words. I remember that after this rehearsal, while driving famous American guitarist Dean Brown in my car, I heard him, moved by playing Ebrom, say “Eeprum is great. He’s a real musician, a real artist” (Eprum is great, he’s a real musician, a real artist). From that moment on, the idea of ​​creating this extraordinary duo has been growing in me and so we are ready to show you the result of our collaboration. – Presents a new project by Bernard Maselli.

The Warp Travelers play on May 13 (Friday) at 7.00 pm in the Market Square in Świdnica, below the Town Hall Tower. This event was planned as part of the 29th Jazz Nights in Świdnica. In the event of unfavorable weather conditions, the concert will be held in the hall of the ŚOK Theater. Tickets: PLN 25 (pre-show), PLN 30 (concert day). It is available at:

Musical part of the Warp Travelers project

What can we expect from the concert? Also read the performance reviews for this first round.

Ah, what a concert. I knew it would be fine. Well, because when music giants like Bernard Maselli and DJ Ebrom appear on stage, it couldn’t be otherwise. But what happened to us today is an absolute knockout. I, and probably all of our guests, were very curious what the combination of two seemingly distant musical worlds would look like. And imagine what? It turns out that these worlds are not far away at all. But to prove it, you need ingenuity, courage, openness, and above all, hunger and the need to create something completely new and groundbreaking. Bernard Maselli and DJ Ebrom have all these features, they are very respectful and thankful, gentlemen. It has opened our eyes and ears to whole new areas of music. Spread your happiness and scenic energy to all of us. You can infect him like everyone else. Thank you very much and we look forward to more.”

Zbigniew Woszczyna, President of Jaworzno Jazz Club

Bernard Masselli and DJ Ebrom love two different worlds…but there was jazz, emotions, and energy. Music can be mediocre or measurable…this music can be measured in cosmological terms. On behalf of the filter community, thank you gentlemen. For me, this concert is a kick forward. If I feel bad… I’ll think about it… I charged the batteries.”

Bogusław Dziekański, President of Jazz Club pod Filarami / Gorzów Wlk

Who won the invitation to the Warp Travelers party in Świdnica?
For our readers, we received two double invitations to the Warp Travelers party in Świdnica. To participate in the competition, you had to answer the question – Why would you like to go to the Warp Travelers party? The most interesting answers were awarded by the competition jury. The invitation was received by – Barbara Pidante and Anastasia Kamenska. our end! Detailed regulations for organized competitions can be found on Świdnica24 here.

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