An idea to invest in coins with the image of Robert Lewandowski

Contemporary coins are minted in gold or silver of the highest quality. These materials are resistant to rampant inflation. Moreover, in the event of an economic slowdown, its value increases, which in turn affects positive ratings. Investing in gold and silver is one of the safest forms of capital investment, also due to its high liquidity for sale and worldwide recognition.

A coin with a soccer star

The Gdansk mint issues university coins, which become more expensive over time. It is especially worth investing in coins of the first issues, because they are always the most valuable and most sought after by coin enthusiasts. This will likely also happen with the latest series “Droga do marzeń”, which tells the story of Robert Lewandowski and his path to the top of world football. Because the career of “Leo” is a script that is ready not only for a movie, but also for an extraordinary group.

The first $5 coin called the “Talent” was minted in 999 ounces of silver and will be available from August 25, and pre-sale has already begun. Numismat was created by the best Polish medalists. By 2028, a total of 56 coins will be issued in various forms. The chain consists of gold and silver coins of the highest quality. Since they are collectible, each will have a very limited working effort. Talents will be available 2 oz in 3000 pieces, pre-sale price is PLN 1,799 (offer also includes the $999 coin and 1 kg of silver, which costs PLN 14,999, only 200 available). It is worth hurrying to buy. Half of the 2 oz and 1 kg coins have already been sold out.

Coins with the image of the captain of the Polish national team are of great interest to collectors from day one and you can be sure that the voltage is completely exhausted. This means that it will not only become a wonderful souvenir that will be kept from generation to generation, but also an excellent investment. The first coins of the Mint of Gdańsk series are always much more expensive, at least by 50%.

Up to 400 percent. increase in value

This is for example with the series “The Witcher”. In the case of the 1 kg silver coin, we are talking about an increase from PLN 13,000 on the day of issue to PLN 24,999 in April of this year.

The two-ounce silver coin “The Last Wish”, a first in the series The Witcher, cost 1,300 zlotys in pre-sale, and today – more than two years after its first presentation – you can buy it for 6999 zlotys. So in this case we have a 400 percent increase in value.

Another coin with an idea from Andrzej Sapkowski’s book – “Krew Elfów”, which sold out within two hours of its first show, in February 2022 at a cost of PLN 2,999, and currently PLN 3999.

Interestingly, the coins with The Witcher are in the hands of people connected with this world. The Gdansk Mint presented it to Andrei Sapkowski, Michai Chybrosky, Thomas Baginsky and Maciej Musiac.

The world’s first figurine coin – “White Wolf” from the “Witcher” series is also gaining in value. At the pre-sale stage, in February 2021, the 5-ounce silver coin cost 2,999 PLN, and today it is worth 6,000 PLN. In the case of the kilogram currency, we are talking about an increase from 17,999 PLN to 21,999 PLN.

Another wonderful statue created by the Gdańsk Mint has been sold. It presents Guana Yu, one of the most famous historical figures of ancient China. Guan Yu lived in the years 162-219 BC, he was an outstanding general who showed courage, honesty, and wisdom. After his death, he was considered a deity who protected the Chinese Empire and its people. The pre-sale 10 ounce silver coin costs 4,999 PLN.

Or maybe an “anti-inflation” coupon?

The Gdansk mint has just added its first Coupon Collection Coupon to its offer. ‘Cyberpunk 2022’ joins the excellent ‘The Punk Universe’, a series of collectible coins dedicated to science fiction. Coins represent alternative facts related to mechanics and technology. The voucher – issued with yeast 5000 – is now available for pre-sale and costs PLN 79.

The collector’s voucher perfectly reflects the nature of the popular cyberpunk trend in pop culture. The word “cyberpunk” was first used in 1983 by Bruce Bethke. However, William Gibson, author of the “Sprawl” trilogy, is considered the father of the genre. And although the work of the Cyberpunk business takes place in a technologically advanced future, it is not the development of the technology itself that is most important here, but its impact on people.

Coupon denomination refers to the old currency, i.e. Gdańsk zlotys. Inspired by Mahatma Gandhi’s 0 rupee anti-corruption paper, the Gdańsk Mint has created a Polish equivalent that draws attention to the moral problems of the modern world. The voucher also carries an anti-inflation message and is not a method of payment in Poland.

The voucher is secured with nine specialized and innovative technologies, back and front. Moreover, the use of Polish security printing paper ensures the security of the applied data.

Staying with “Cyberpunk”, it is also worth noting that the coin, minted in 2020, already costs 4,999 PLN. At the time of the premiere, you had to pay only 1399 PLN for it.

Recently issued coins have gained a lot: Rusalka (increase from PLN 1699 on the day of issue to PLN 2199 now), Jupiter (from 729 to 2499), Spartacus (from 899 to 1399), Big Bang (from 899 to 1599), Guan Yu (from 1199 to 1699) and Mesopotamia (from 899 to 1599).

A gift to collectors will undoubtedly be the first coin in the “Spirit of Nations” series – “Fighting Ukraine”. The back of this beautifully engraved 999 silver coin shows the figure of Michael the Archangel, the patron saint of Kyiv. It is surrounded by an inscription written in Ukrainian: “For us and for the souls of the righteous. On the obverse is the coat of arms of Ukraine at the top. In the center of the octagonal frames, on the disc is the emblem of the National Bank of Ukraine. This emblem symbolizes the protection and expansion of the country’s gold reserves.

The cost of the coin is 999 Polish zloty. Most importantly, 60 PLN from the sale of each copy will be donated to humanitarian organizations helping Ukraine in these difficult times.

The currency has a face value of 1 hryvnia. It is noteworthy that all coins issued by the Gdansk mint are legal tender. They have a denomination (New Zealand dollar) and a guarantee from the government of the Pacific island of Niue, which is headed by the President of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Under Polish law, only the Polish National Bank has the right to issue zlotys.

11 Reasons to Invest:

  1. Robert Lewandowski is the most prominent Polish athlete, great football player and great Polish ambassador in the world. The Gdansk Mint series honors his great merits and achievements.
  2. The minting of each coin is strictly limited. Small sets of 2 oz coins – 3000 pieces, 1 kg of coins – 200 pieces is a great feature. Robert’s fans number in the millions all over the world, and coins are definitely not enough for everyone.
  3. The unique design of the coin expresses the most important feelings associated with the road to victory; Passion, strength and determination. Includes an innovative 3D accessory that imitates a ball. The coin was created by the best Polish medalists.
  4. The first coins of the Gdańsk Mint series often gained value, as evidenced by: The Last Wish 2 oz (increased in value by 400%) and 1 kg, Rusalka, Jupiter, Spartacus, Big Bang, Guan Yu, Assassins, Cyberpunk, Ma between the two rivers.
  5. The New Zealand dollar is the currency of many valuable coins and is used as a currency. It is minted from the finest quality 999 silver with a very high 3mm engraving.
  6. History shows that ores are particularly resistant to inflation and are considered one of the safest forms of investing money, and their value is increasing systematically.
  7. The Road to Dreams series follows Robert Lewandowski’s path to the pinnacle of Olympic football.
  8. Great interest in coins makes it likely that they will sell out quickly.
  9. The idol of millions of children around the world and thousands of future footballers has also been forever inscribed in the pages of history as a series of coins. This coin will become an excellent family heirloom, preserved from generation to generation.
  10. Robert Lewandowski joined the small group of great Poles: Joseph Piłsudski and John Paul II, who were commemorated during their lives with a coin.
  11. Football-themed coins, such as those for Euro 2012, are always very popular, which affects their value.

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