Amber teething: treatment or dangerous trend?

Amber jewelry is gaining more and more popularity among parents around the world. Manufacturers of the baby industry decided to use this environmental trend by advertising baby amber jewelry as a natural and safe way to painful teething. But experts have a different opinion, warning of the dangers and fatal!

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Teething keeps little dads up at night

Literally. Baby teething is every parent’s nightmare. The little one is crying, cranky, has no appetite, the parent is awake, anxious and hysterically looking for help, often on the Internet.Forums are full of advice, both good and even dangerous. If we add to this motto “the environment, of course, recommended by celebrities”, they already feel like they have discovered new lands, and after purchasing, in this case a decade of amber, their lives will be happy, worry-free, and above all they will be parents Superheroes that will relieve a child in pain. Stop.

“Strangulation is the leading cause of death in children under 1 year of age and one of the leading causes of death in children aged 1 to 4 years.”

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – an agency of the US federal government that is part of the Department of Health and Social Care) is concerned with the American public, Reason 85 percent. Sudden infant death is suffocation.

Because of the statistics, the topic of suffocation is very common, mainly due to SIDS (sudden infant death), but suffocation can also occur due to suffocation or tightening around the neck, which makes breathing independently impossible. Children’s jewelry can do this, including jewelry with a name from Amber for children.

This is why the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have banned the sale of children’s jewelry in drugstores.

The American Academy of Pediatricians explains that young children should not wear teething beads because of this choking hazard It is very high. Canada has issued an order to label the product with a choking warning, France and Switzerland have issued There is no sale in pharmacies Amber beads for painful teething.

On the sites of stores that offer amber products for children, we read:

Amber teething has analgesic, anti-inflammatory and soothing properties. Released into the bloodstream under the influence of skin heat, succinic acid accelerates healing of the baby’s gums and may reduce salivation by regulating the work of the salivary glands. What is more, Calms and relaxes the baby, helps him fall asleep and supports a good sleep. Amber also provides valuable negative ions that have a positive effect on the functioning of the thyroid gland and improve the body’s ability to regenerate.

Our store amber teething jewelry is completely safe for babies. Durable chains of necklaces and bracelets have knots between the stones, preventing the beads from scattering when the charms are broken. This reduces the risk of the child swallowing the balls. The jewelry also has a hypoallergenic buckle.

Even if a single pill breaks from a broken knot, parents should be aware that it can cause choking.

Scientific facts about amber

Amber in its original form, under normal conditions of pressure and temperature, is insoluble in water, soluble only slightly in some organic solvents, such as ethyl alcohol, petroleum ether or benzene.

An interesting fact is that in the best stone specimens, succinic acid ranges from 3 to 8%. How, then, with such a low percentage of succinic acid, (protective) skin function, and the temperature of the rooms in which the infant often resides, can the therapeutic component be released?

How to reduce the inconveniences associated with teething?

It is worth having proven remedies for fever and diarrhea and safe gels to moisturize your gums at home. You can also massage the places where the baby’s first teeth appear.

Painful teething is also often accompanied by diarrhea and vomiting accompanied by sore mouth. Swollen gums are vulnerable to bacterial attacks, which then enter the digestive tract and cause diarrhea or vomiting.

If your child vomits after every meal and his skin becomes loose and wrinkled, he should get a medical examination as soon as possible.

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