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Sexon is an education project of the Avalon Foundation, dedicated to sexuality and parenting for people with physical disabilities, and has been in place since 2019. The project’s mission is to educate, combat discrimination, exclusion and stereotypes and work to change the social perception of disability in the context of creating intimate relationships, creating a family, and having and raising children. In addition, the project activates people with disabilities and their work within the specified scope. The project activities aim to make the proposition that “sex is part of all of us – regardless of gender and level of fitness” become a reality. This year, Project Sexon is celebrating its third birthday. This is a great opportunity to summarize his activities so far.

social research

In January 2020, the SW RESCARCH Research Center, commissioned by the Avalon Foundation, conducted an extensive qualitative and quantitative research entitled “Sexuality and Parenting of Persons with Physical Disabilities”, with more than 800 participants. Research became the starting point for project activities. Topics related to, among others, disability, gender, relationships and parenthood, as well as access to medical services and disability associations. The study group included not only people with disabilities, but also people from their immediate environment: parents, partners, partners, as well as specialists in the field of gynecology and physiotherapy. The research confirmed the importance of the obstacles and restrictions that persons with disabilities face on a daily basis. They demonstrated the strength of stereotypical thinking about people with disabilities in the context of intimate and family life, as well as in their immediate environment. Research reports are available on the Sexon Project website.

Sexon Conference

The most important task of the project is the annual Sekon Conference, which is implemented from 2020 as a nationwide and free event. The conference is a forum for exchanging knowledge and experience in the field of disability, gender and parenting for people with disabilities and professionals. Education and the sharing of the above experiences are the power to change reality and build a world of equality, independence and independence for people with disabilities. It is the largest event that brings together the disabled community and professionals in fields such as: sexology, gynecology, urology, psychology and activists for people with disabilities. Each edition was held in a hybrid format.

“We invite you to the 4th National Congress of Sex today. This year, the topic will be Body and Body in an interdisciplinary perspective – in terms of sexology, medicine, psychology and, above all, education. When organizing such a meeting, we know that we are not afraid to ask difficult questions and educate about topics that others overlook. We know that thanks to our actions, we have been able to change the social perception of people with disabilities and educate them about such important topics.” Shanita Krysiak, Director of the Sexon Project.

The fourth Sexon Conference will take place in October, and the speakers have already been appointed. To participate in the competition, you must complete the application form, which includes, among other things, you must include a proposal for the title of the letter and a brief description of it. The deadline for applications is June 20.

Among the submissions, representatives of the Avalon Foundation and the team of experts on the Sexon Project will select three winning entries, the authors of which will have the opportunity to speak at the conference.

Availability Map

In response to findings from the research and indications from the counts, an accessibility map was created for the Avalon Foundation, which has been continually expanding with new medical facilities for more than two years. The map is a nationwide search engine for offices adapted to the needs of people with disabilities, adapted to the needs of people with disabilities, as well as professionals in the field of gynecology, physiotherapy, sexology, andrology, urology and physiotherapy. It can be found on mapadostepnosci.pl. Anyone can submit a recommended, adaptive facility, a doctor or a professional with experience working with people with disabilities via a custom form.

The success of the social campaign “Able to Love”

At the end of 2021, the Avalon Foundation launched a nationwide social campaign, co-funded by PFRON, under the popular title “Skills in Love”. The campaign was a huge media success. Professional execution, selection of promotional materials, as well as great media interest in the campaign theme and the involvement of online creators in activities related to “Able to Be in Love” made it possible to reach more than 22 million recipients. The campaign involved three people with different types of disabilities in different life situations – Artur Wachowicz, Anna Klecha and Sylwia Gajewska. The stories presented prove that disability should not be a barrier to love, relationships, relationships, and families.

Other Activities of the Sexon . Project

The Sexon project is constantly evolving and creating new initiatives. From March 2022 to January 2023, every two months, there are film screenings in the “MOVIE-MY NA GŁOS” series along with a discussion on the topic of parenthood and sexuality for people with disabilities. Once a year, the project organizes a Gender Week to celebrate International Gender Day. As part of the campaign, events, workshops and online meetings are organized on topics related to gender and disability.

On social media channels, Sexon Project runs educational courses with the PONTON Group and the N69.pl store. The charts can be found on Project Sexon’s Instagram profile.

An informative leaflet on intimate health was also released, “How to Take Care of Your Intimate Health? A 7-Step Guide”. In collaboration with the expert team, a guide to intimate health prevention for people with mobility impairments, graphically prepared by Julia Zacroca, has been developed. The brochure is also available online for download from the website The Sexon Project.

More information about these and other activities can be found on the project website, which is also an educational platform: https://www.sekson.pl/

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