Washington Examiner – What is the United States trying to achieve in Ukraine?

The article summarizes the question posed in the United States about the goals of increasing American participation in the war in Ukraine. The USA and NATO are increasing their support for Ukraine, but contrary to appearances, the acceptance of Biden’s foreign policy in Europe and the United States is not universal.

“When men direct their minds to victory, they see only the enemy… When their minds are filled with fear, they feel nothing but fear.”

If the battle of the enemy guarantees him victory, he cannot be fought. We have a choice: surrender, negotiate or escape.”

Few are willing to fight, and most are willing to fight for them.

(Sun Tze, The Art of War)

In the latest issue of the conservative Washington Examiner (May 6, 2022), an article by Daniel Depretis was published summarizing the question being asked in the United States – “What are the goals of America’s increased involvement in the Ukrainian war?” .. In the vernacular, this also means – “After what we poured into Ukraine and what will you give us?”

Daniel Depretis is a writer and columnist, author of The Pasteler #1 New York Times atomic habitswhich has sold more than 7 million copies worldwide and has been translated into more than 50 languages. In 2019, the book was also published in Poland.

Sure enough, Debertis knows the “Art of War” of Sen Tze, and he found plenty of inspiration in it.

The USA and NATO are increasing their support for Ukraine, but contrary to appearances, the acceptance of Biden’s foreign policy in Europe and the United States is not universal.

Western weapons continue to flow into the Ukrainian army. The United States is sharing intelligence with Ukraine about Russian troop movements that helped it oust high-ranking Russian leaders—about a dozen Russian generals have died since February 24. Western intelligence also helped Ukraine identify multiple targets – on land, at sea, and in the air.

The European Union has proposed another set (the sixth in a row) of sanctions against Russia, this time with an embargo on Russian oil and a ban on companies from EU countries to transport and insure Russian oil.

The Russian military directs intense fire against Ukrainian infrastructure, targeting power stations, railways, ammunition yards and fuel depots. In turn, the United States and its European allies in NATO decided to adopt a common strategy – to paralyze the Russian economy and provide Ukraine with as many weapons as possible to stop the movements of Russian forces.

Media is a documentary, providing reports and commentary from the battlefields, emphasizing the successes of the Ukrainian forces. All comments show a significant share of weapons, equipment and supplies for the Ukrainian army from the United States and NATO countries.

Depretis wrote in the article –

It is impossible to resist the feeling that the United States and Europe lack an agreed goal…Strategy without goals is like thoughtless driving on an interstate road without the slightest idea of ​​where you’re going.”

Some may find this strange. After all, the United States and the West, in their public statements, very clearly condemned the Russian invasion of its neighbor and fully supported the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine.

Debretis encourages – “Examine and compare some of the recent comments by US officials from the start of the war, and you may be unsure of what Washington’s goals really are.”

As Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said, the US goal is to stop the violence and persuade Russian forces to withdraw from the occupied territories. Addressing the State Department’s press briefing on March 17, Blinken said that every step the United States and its allies take is directed toward one goal: “to end the war.”

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin continued. He said the weapons, intelligence and other forms of military assistance provided by the United States are not only intended to help Ukraine defend itself, but also to weaken Russia as a military superpower in the long run. In other words, the United States wants to weaken Russia’s military capabilities to the point that it will not be able to do what it did to Ukraine.

Departes described it as allegorical—”If Austin gets his way, Ukraine will be an opportunity to plunge Moscow into an unwinnable quagmire in which Putin will have to throw all Russian combat units into a meat grinder. “…According to Debertz, this is a policy that escalates a bloody war.”

President Joe Biden’s goals for Ukraine are bolder – at least rhetorically. Speaking to the White House on April 28, Biden drafted the $33 billion Ukraine Additional Assistance Act Ammunition in the Fight to Stop the Unitarian Movements of a Cruel Dictator.

According to Biden, helping Ukraine thwart a Russian invasion is more than just protecting Ukraine’s freedom; As Biden said – this is to reduce the risk of future conflicts “and to show that to dictators like Putin.” “Aggression generates economic, diplomatic and military pain.”

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