This capsule allows you to commit suicide. It is now available in Poland

Work at Sarco is progressing but slower than expected as we had to make some changes to the generator design. However, our chief engineer says the design will be ready for trial later this month Philip Nitschke, the initiator of the project, says in an interview with Medonet.

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Sarco is a capsule that allows persons intent on euthanasia to make an effective suicide attempt. It is enough for the user to press one button, and after a while a message will appear that we are about to faint and the room will be filled with liquid nitrogen.

The final work and tests are scheduled to be completed by the end of June. After that, the device will be transported from Holland to Switzerland, where it will be commonly used. The government of this country has issued a permit for the use of the device by terminally ill patients since December of last year.

Everyone will be able to print the “Death Capsule”

There have also been announcements of a file being posted online that will allow the capsule to be printed on a home 3D printer. However, there were some setbacks here as well.

As for downloading files, it is not possible yet as it has not been published. The plan is to make sure the machine is working properly before publishing the print files in our online manual Nichki adds.

Sarco in Poland

One of the “death capsules” has already arrived in Poland. In connection with the premiere of the play “The Right to Choose” at the National Theater in Pozna, Sarko was set in the foyer of the Grand Theatre. As Agnieszka Maciaszek of Teatr Nowy said in an interview with “Gazeta Wyborcza”, the capsule presentation is intended to start a discussion about the title’s right to choose and whether such inventions are needed.

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