The dark face of Mother Teresa. Controversial movie aired

Agnes Junksha BojaxioBecause that was her name Mother Teresawas the founder of Missionaries of Charity, winner of the Templeton Prize and Nobel Peace Prize. In 1997, after the death of Mother Teresa of Calcutta, the Holy See began the process of her beatification. On September 4, 2016, during a solemn mass in St. Peter’s Square at the Vatican, Z. Mother Teresa from Calcutta Pope Francis declared saint of the catholic church.

most of my life Mother Teresa She focused on helping people, especially as she was known for leadership hospice for the dyingThe poor, the sick and the orphans. And specifically, among other things, a lot of controversy has arisen over the years about this nun’s activity.

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creators About “Mother Teresa: For God’s Love” (“Mother Teresa: For the Love of God?”) made great skepticism about the donations that went to the accounts of the organizations she manages Mother Teresa. Most of the money was to be donated Vatican BankResulting in a sharp decrease in the level of care for the needy. One of the witnesses to these practices was a British Dr. Jack PraegerWho worked as a volunteer at Mother Teresa’s hospice. A man told the British press many years ago:

Mother Teresa was also criticized by the born in Calcutta Dr., author of “Mother Teresa – The Untold Story”, Arup Chatterjeewho claimed that while in India he did not see schools for 5,000. The children who would lead the association, raised huge funds for this. According to Aroup Chatterjee, the devotees did not spend money on real help for the poor, but on building church infrastructure and transforming local residents into catholic.

one missionary Susan Shields He revealed in the media that death asked a simple question:Do they want a ticket to heaven?If they answered yes, unaware of the context of the question, they were deemed to have consented to the baptism, which was then kept in the strictest confidence.

The documentary also mentions the father. corporal punishmentWhich nuns working with Mother Teresa had to experience. Because she thought her spirituality was linked to pain Isa On the cross, so he commanded the nuns to wear chains with rivets – Follows from the movie “Mother Teresa: Do You Love God?”.

The priest’s case was also discussed in the documentary Donald McGuire. Mother Teresa had to defend the clergyman accused of child molestation. Mother Teresa interceded with the Jesuit province for a pedophile priest, and confessor McGuire resumed his service, at which time he found more victims. The priest ended up behind bars a decade later, when he was finally proven guilty of a crime harassment.


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