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Regular and proper watering, ensuring proper exposure to sunlight – this is mainly when it comes to the basic principles of care indoor plants. For some just a lot, for others a lot. So people who love plants, but have no talent for taking care of them, should choose that plant speciesWhich is able to deal with many inconveniences.

cactus Potted plants are among the most popular and most resilient indoor plants. They forgive forgetting about the caregiver, and require minimal attention. cactus They take on different forms, but very interesting, they also differ in size, and if we pay more attention to them, we will return them to them with beautiful flowering.

most popular types of cactus belongs prickly pear tree Destined for colorful flowers. It can bloom more beautifully Gym – Smalldevoid of thorns and hairs, a cactus whose large flowers can turn yellow, white, pink or red.

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This plant is also called oval crusheror Silver Crassula The tree of happiness and money. Crassula oval is a super easy, hassle-free plant perfect for forgetting.

The fleshy leaves store water in the reserve so as not to disturb it Periodic droughts. Therefore, it does not require frequent watering. What’s more – frequent watering can cause leaf loss and plant rot. Oval Crassula He loves sunny places, so it is better to place it on the windowsill or near the window.

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Sansevieria Easy to grow and care, belongs to the so-called iron plants. Prefers drought, can withstand several months without a drop of water. Sansueria is succulent leavesAnd store the water in the fleshy leaves. Because of its shape, it is also called a file or mother-in-law’s language.

According to the arrangement prepared by the agency NASA, Coil is one of the plants that purifies the air from toxic substances – ammonia, benzene, formaldehyde, trichlorethylene, toluene and xylene. Sansevieria’s health properties consist in capturing smog pollutants, as well as toxins in adhesives, paints, impregnations, or carpets.

Sansewiria – the perfect plant for the bedroom

Cactuses Normal It is a unique plant that has been used in medicine and cosmetology for centuries. Aloe vera contains, among other things,:

  • Vitamins A, C, E.
  • Vitamin B12
  • Folic acid

Aloe vera gel is commonly used on irritated skin, cuts, or burns because it soothes injuries, soothes and speeds healing.

The plant is resistant to no watering. It collects water in thick leaves, so it can survive brief periods of drought.

Zamiokulkas gooseberry It is valued for its decorative character and low cultivation requirements. factory It does not require frequent watering, fertilizing or complex care procedures. It copes well with periodic drought, lack of light and is very resistant to diseases and pests.

The plant accumulates water in thick, thick leaves and underground roots, thanks to which it perfectly adapts to periodic droughts and does not require frequent watering. It can last up to several weeks without water. Be careful not to overwater the plant, as excess water can be fatal to zamiokulkas.

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