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GUEST is the motto of the twelfth edition of the International Festival of Movable Theatres “Masquerade”, which will begin on Saturday in Rzeszów. The program includes performances for children, teens and adults as well as projects referring to the “Disguise” slogan including. Live library.

As revealed by the organizer of the festival, the Maska Theater in Rzeszow, the main theme of this year’s “Masquerade Ball, which will take place from 14 to 18 May, will be the motto of ‘Another guest’, where ‘other’ is understood.” As difference, diversity and ‘hospitality’ As respect and curiosity for the other man.

“We will look at the feelings that the unknown awakens in us. We will look at whether tolerance is a positive, derogatory or neutral concept, and how it differs from respect. The director explained that we want to talk about how to overcome the barriers that separate our artistic musky and Przemyslav Jaszczak.

The Masquerade program, which will start on Saturday and last five days, until Wednesday, May 18, includes seven shows, including those aimed at children, including the youngest – from three years old, as well as teenagers and adults. . In addition, there will also be initiatives with the main motto: the Dziwoląg parade under the slogan “We are all strangers”, a living library, workshops for children and teachers, a performance reading for young people.

A “Masquerade Party” will begin on Saturday afternoon with a workshop for children aged 10-13 “How to tame a basilisk?” , which will be led by Natalia Koza, the Maska theater teacher. The leitmotif of the workshop will be Woody Allen’s words: “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” an invitation to transcend the boundaries of the ego and see another person.

“We would like to draw the workshop participants’ attention to the great importance of respecting other cultures, traditions and all kinds of differences: race, gender and religion, and to draw their attention to the need for acceptance and pursuit of equality in relation to persons with disabilities or other often socially excluded persons. Because Their origin, place of residence, earnings and appearance “- emphasize the organizers.

The next item on the agenda will be the Freak Parade under the banner “We are all strangers,” after which viewers will be able to watch the premiere of the musical “Moon Stories,” which nonetheless has the theme of fear and friendship. of social expectations. The show will invite the festival organizer Masca Theatre.

During the upcoming festival days, viewers will be able to watch shows prepared by other theaters of the country, including “Ja, Snowman” from the Pozna Animation Theater was honored with the main prizes at the XXX National Festival of Puppet Theaters in Opole. The show is aimed at children, but – as noted by the creators – it should be watched by everyone, regardless of age.

For younger viewers, from the age of three, the Guliwer Puppet Theater from Warsaw in co-production with Teatr 21 has prepared a performance of “Kingdom”, full of warmth, taking into account the needs of people with different sensory sensitivities, including people with autism spectrum and will invite Bagg Theater From Warsaw, in cooperation with Theatregruppe Batida in Copenhagen, children to “Spaghetti”, where young viewers will have the opportunity not only to learn the secrets of preparing one of the most popular dishes, but also to listen to live music by the actors and accompanied by all the fools.

Thinking of the slightly older children, Pinocchio’s Theater of ód produced ‘My Shadow is Pink’, and the Arlekin Puppet Theater of ód ‘Nabu Wandering’ as well. The program also includes a show for young people and adults, “Wykluczeńcy”, prepared by the Warsaw-based Analog Group. The leitmotif of the performance is “different from everyone else”. During the days of the festival, an accompanying event is also planned, which is carried out in cooperation with the High School of the Bilingual University. Stanisław Barańczak in Rzeszów – The Living Library. It is an international project that promotes the idea of ​​tolerance, dialogue and respect for human rights.

Anna Kolba of the Maska Theater explained that the living library functions like a real one, but the books are full of people.

“Apparently ordinary people, but in different ways distinguish themselves from others with their stories. People who, because of their origin, religion, lifestyle, opinions, skin color, sexual orientation or past, must face stereotypes, ostracism and exclusion. Who set fate In a seemingly impossible situation. How did they deal with it? What can be learned from this life lesson?” Kulba noted.

She added that this can be “read” during a visit to the human library. It is enough to come, “borrow” a selected human book and talk to it.

“Maybe this conversation will help in mutual understanding, dealing with the problem, taming our fears and fears” – she indicated.

Book titles that will be available for borrowing include: Parent of a Disabled Child, Person with Depression, Person with Eating Disorder, ACoA, Alien, Mother of Person with Schizophrenia, Atheist, People of Different Religions, Parent of Lesbian, Person Not Binary, Person with Autism , drug addict, vegan, senior traveler, former CBŚP official.

The “Bringing Room” will be open only on Sunday 15 May from 14-19 in the premises of the University of Rzeszow.

During the “Masquerade”, there will also be workshops for teachers called “The Pygmalion Effect”, where participants in their pedagogical work will consider whether they are not giving their pupils signs: “You can’t do it”, “It is too difficult for you”, “No” I need to help you with this.”

There will also be a presentation of three art studies from the Little Theater Academy at the Maska Theatre, as well as a performance reading of the text “Patryk’s Trick” for young people, along with a conversation with the authors. (PAP)

Author: Agnieszka Pipała

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