Stars of the Polish scene at Tauron Nowa Muzyka Katowice 2022!

  • Ralph Kaminsky
  • corpse corpse
  • live drunk
  • wasp died
  • right
  • holidays
  • Long live Lotto Linto
  • Hodak
  • bargains
  • Swift Cross
  • Shy
  • sarabata
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The most talented pop artists, high hopes for domestic rap, electronic creators appreciated abroad, new and interesting projects on the stage – up to 12 Polish artists join the program for this year’s edition of TNMK.

As with every year, this year’s festival program particularly emphasizes the local and national character of Turun Noa Musica Katowice. organizers from More music agency Their mission is to present the achievements of the local music culture. That is why on the penultimate weekend of July in Katowice we will hear a group of outstanding artists from Poland.

The most famous contractor on the list is Ralph Kaminsky. He is a singer, songwriter, composer, music producer, and music video director. He creates music that is difficult to categorize and categorize, but which is destroying hundreds of thousands of listeners across the country. Ralph Kaminsky won this year’s FRYDERYK Awards, when he was awarded the 2022 Artist of the Year, and also received a figurine for Album of the Year in the Poetry Music category. Laura brought him a CD “Bark” With a new performance of songs by Korra Jakovska and Maanim Band. In the summer in Katowice, we will likely hear recordings from this album, the artist’s greatest songs, such as “Cosmic Energies” And “dad”Plus totally premiere material.

The Gdansk ensemble will provide the dirtiest voices corpse corpseWhich has captured the hearts of listeners and critics from all over the world in recent years. The British newspaper The Guardian wrote that “The band’s music is a mixture of quirky melodies, intense instrumentation, and a lyrical exploration of the darkest aspects of the human condition.”. The Times compared it to Sonic Youth, Radiohead KEXP emphasized the 1980s Manchester scene “Wicked guitars, raw rhythms and poignant melodies”Pitchfork Books “Trupa Trupa is a wretched, rare post-punk band that treats optimism and seriousness as basic survival mechanisms. They may not have the perfect recipe for a better world, but they invite you to imagine it together”. In Katowice, they will perform material from the latest album “B FLAT A”.

Tauron Nowa Muzyka Katowice can’t miss a strong representation of national rap music. The organizers of the festival invited new and great hopes to the microphone, which interests hundreds of thousands of viewers with its unique style and colorful image. Among the leaders of the young Polish rap scene that will be shown at TNMK2022 are schielAnd wasp died rightAnd HodakAnd bargains And Swift Cross.

schiel Twenty years old, he is an actor of Gdynia, his recordings have reached millions of views, and last year’s album “Polska Florida” was recognized as one of the most interesting. You will perform at the festival in a new live format. wasp died It is not without reason that he is considered the honest and relentless voice of his generation. His songs are created at the meeting point of punk and rap, combining energy and dirt-packed backgrounds with unforgettable lyrics. It makes similar sounds, full of inspiration from both Polish New Wave and American rap Swift Cross. On the other side Hodak He is a young rapper who definitely entered the Polish mainstream and achieved strong views. work final Little Wolves Popkiller Volume 8 has completed three large-scale collaborative projects, the last of which is “Moody Tapes, Volume One” created for the company with producer 2K. He stands out due to his high vocal potential and original rap style right. service new He described him as one of the most interesting newcomers, and collaborated with him Taco Hemingway And tens of millions of views on streaming services. The rap lineup for TNMK2022 is closed Barto Cati.e. rapper, colorful and original producer who collaborated, among others with artists like JWP, Hades, Jan-rapowanie, Guzior and many more.

In addition to rap, there will be a hit pop music that will play in Katowice holidays And Shy. Powerful and emotional Polish scripts, original music videos and live concerts made Fr. holidays Rowdy among fans of alternative Polish music. In Katowice, we will hear not only the song “Today I Dance”, but also unreleased recordings of the band. They also follow a similar artistic path Shy. These are the captivating sounds of four talented women eagerly reaching for roomy guitars, expressive musical instruments and romantic pianos. Enchanted by her voice on Project Rebeka, Iona Squirk is now back on stage as the leader of a new Polish girl group.

Respected overseas manufacturer will offer much more electronic sound Lotto Lintowhich will perform at the festival in live format, has been extended to “live” drums and the Krakow duet sarabata, Admired for melodic electronics.

The program for the upcoming release of Tauron Nowa Muzyka Katowice has not yet been revealed. One of Europe’s most prized music festivals confirms this status every year thanks to its great artistic program and great location. It is worth visiting again.

The sale includes tickets for three days, including the opening ceremony, as well as two-day and one-day tickets. It can still be purchased online at the festival’s website and at Go, eBilet, Ticketmaster And ticket machine. It is worth deciding to buy now, because on June 1 the ticket and ticket prices will change. More information about next year’s edition of Tauron Nowa Muzyka Katowice on the festival website.

Torun Noa Musica Katowice

From 21 to 24 July 2022

Moderate ● Anna Calvey ● The Bug feat. Flowdan ● Fisz Emade Tworzywa ●

Ralph Kaminsky ● Donato Dozzi ● Andy Stott live ● Trupa Trupa ● Competition consoles ● ● Nilüfer Yanya ● VRIL live ● Szczyl live ● Dead Wasp ● CatchUp ● Holidays ●

Lutto Lento live ● Lorenzo Raganzini ● Resina ● Hodak ● BartoKatt ●

Jerzyk Krzyżyk ● Shyness ● Sarapata ● and many other artists ●

the tickets:

Three days pass

379 PLN / from 01.06429 PLN

2 days ticket:

zloty 349 / from 01.06 PLN 399.00 PLN

One day ticket

Friday Saturday:

179 zlotys / from. 01.06 229 PLN


69 PLN / from 01.06 89 PLN

FAJRANT (Sztauwajery)

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