Nick confirmed how the eldest son, Jethro Lazenby, died. The artist’s life since his father’s childhood has been characterized by suffering

On Monday, Nick confirmed how publicly his 31-year-old son had passed away. This is another tragedy of the many tragedies in the life of a musician. The first was the death of my father. He died in a car accident when Nick was 19 years old. They did not agree, but perhaps that was why this death – which shattered any hope of reconciliation – hurt Cave so much.

Nicholas Edward Cave felt alienated from an early age. He spent them in the Australian outback, where he loved the scenery, but also had a small town mentality. So much so that his parents – a teacher and a librarian – sent him to a boarding school in Melbourne. His artistic sensitivity and aversion to sports did not make him popular there. However, there were a few strangers like him with whom he formed his first band, Christmas Party.

Young people are inferior

Kaif and his colleagues were harassed by their peers, who were considered inferior, stupid, and suspected of homosexuality. According to legend, at one time they began to carry bricks in their bags and beat anyone who wanted to harass them. Is this true? “Oh, you only care about the truth, not a good, interesting article,” said How when asked about it in an interview.

“Google it yourself”

When he was 19 years old, his father died in a car accident. They did not agree, but perhaps that was why this death – which shattered any hope of reconciliation – hurt Nick so much. He didn’t want to talk about it and dismissed reporters’ questions with the text “google it yourself”. The results of the research, on the other hand, make one wonder if how much significance is the fact that when the tragedy occurred, the caveman was in custody for burglary, and his mother was just posting bail.

A few years after these events, in 1980, Nick quit his art studies and set out to conquer London with his band. The success wasn’t amazing, to say the least. The work of people somewhat frustrated with life members of the birthday party is getting darker and more difficult to perceive, and their concerts are becoming more and more controversial. At one point, insulting the audience seemed to become the main focus of the band, which eventually broke up in 1983.

Silly and drunk addict

At the time, no one would have thought that there would be anything else from the cave at all. According to those who knew him at the time, he was “a little psychotic, drunk and destructive fed on fantasies about fame”. No wonder he didn’t have many friends in England. So he returned to Australia for a while and then moved to Berlin. At this time the Bad Seeds team was forming, with which Cave finally began to be more successful.

However, while his art was getting better and better – apart from music, he was also involved in films and literature – he didn’t necessarily do so. Everyone knew about his heroin addiction, but no one talked about it. When asked about this in a 1988 interview with Jack Baron of The Ranger, Cave opened for him at first, but then got angry, hitting a journalist and destroying the tapes of the conversation.

“The concept of monogamy has not been fully understood”

About the fact that BJ Harvey left him after nearly a decade, he wrote on his website: “I was so surprised I almost dropped the syringe.” The couple had other problems, such as infidelity from Keif (who “didn’t fully understand the concept of monogamy”) or both of them focusing on their careers. However, his acknowledgment of the injection suggests that addiction was one of the main reasons for the breakup. It also scares and worries him, if only because of fans who might want to emulate him. And because he was unable to liberate.

They did so many years later, in rehab and back at NA meetings. It was thanks to them, as he asserts, that he overcame his addiction. He was very skeptical of the whole idea for a long time and never felt like part of the group, but was always accepted into it, no matter how many times or how much it slipped back in. This is known from the Red Hand Files website, which he created to open up to fans and answer their questions honestly – without any intermediaries in the form of journalists, they probably never liked.

death of children

The site was created in response to the massive support the musician received from fans following the death of his 15-year-old son. In 2015, Arthur Cave fell off a cliff. It was an unfortunate accident, but likely related to drug abuse. Arthur’s colleague testified that they were testing LSD that day, he was hallucinating and paranoid – so he might have been a little caveman too – and passersby saw the stunned boy.

For the next year, Nick avoided concerts and the media. He focused on working in a small recording studio near the cemetery where his child was buried. At one point, he moved with his family from England to Los Angeles. In the song “Heart That Kills You”, he explained that she was very sad in Brighton, where they lived. In the end, it turned out that grief was everywhere, so they returned to London. There, as you can read in the Red Hand Files, Cave treated mourning as rooted in love and is happy most of the time.

Or at least it was until now when he had to bury his son again. He did not meet him until Jethro was seven or eight years old, and regrets that he came so late, for they then established what he calls “a great relationship.”

Nick howstock struggle

Cave has two more sons: Earl (Arthur’s twin) and Luke, who was born in Brazil just 10 days after his half-brother Jethro in Australia. The artist admitted that at first this family situation was very tense and strange, but in the end the whole thing worked out. But it certainly wasn’t the biggest problem the musician had to deal with. And there were no accusations of plagiarism, lack of inspiration for months after drug withdrawal, or inflammatory reactions to some of Howe’s statements about politics and harassment.

His life story in a depraved way resonates with the created image. So dark that many couldn’t believe he had just come to the concert by train. And when he asked his audience what was to come, he heard: – I don’t know. fit?

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