New information on the condition of Sasha Skochlenko. The Russian artist is a political prisoner

  • Petersburg artist Sasha Skochlenko was accused of knowingly spreading “false information” about the activities of the Russian Armed Forces in Ukraine. At Perekrestok, instead of price tags, anti-war slogans were displayed
  • For several weeks, Sasha was starving. The center’s regulations didn’t allow her to follow the gluten-free diet she needed. She was still very cold and not sleeping well in an overcrowded, cold cell with a bucket instead of a toilet.
  • Only a month after his arrest, and after a personal appeal from the President of the Human Rights Council, Valery Fadeev, Sasha received a hot dinner
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Sasza Skoczilenko is an artist who turns every experience she encounters—whether it’s living in a shared apartment, a toxic relationship, or even severe depression—into an artistic process.

Sasha has always been considered a like-minded person. Especially in its quest to make the world a better place, or at least a good fit for unconventional thinkers. You have created communities in which people have been accepted. They were not judged for mental problems or gender identity. She created spaces for creative expression that weren’t constrained by criticism and strict rules – just like her musical hollows.

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Until one day her free world was turned into an 18-bed dungeon in St. Petersburg SIZO No. 5. She found herself in a place where her every move was controlled, where her health and even her life depended on a few random people and hundreds of ridiculous rules. For example, Sasha was forbidden to accept dairy and semi-finished products from friends that could be cooked in hot water.

The ridiculous arrest and imprisonment soon turned into a brutal test of strength.

Many of the prisoners in the room hated Sasha and made her life difficult by harassing and bullying her. Only a month after his arrest, after a personal appeal from the head of the Human Rights Council, Valery Fadeev, Sasha received a hot dinner. However, even his intervention was not enough to solve her basic problems in daily life. Sasha has not been given any painkillers yet, although she is suffering from severe toothache.

Surprisingly, even in such unbearable conditions, Sasha does not cease to be herself. When, after numerous complaints, she was transferred to a more decent cell for two people, the administration of the detention center appealed to improve the living conditions of the 17 women who were kept in a cold cell without sanitation. And here’s the point: wherever Sasha goes, she always sees the injustice and suffering of others, and tries to do something about it.

The era of “special operations” will be remembered as the period when the darkest features of violence and deceit were revealed to so many people. Revenge culminated in hundreds of denunciations, one of which led to the arrest of Sasha. At the same time, in other people, the disaster brought out their best qualities – readiness to help victims, selfless sharing of what they have.

After her arrest, a whole community of volunteers formed around her, many of whom did not know Sasha. They are musicians, journalists and artists who in a month made the Skochilenko case one of the most famous in the country. A petition for Sasha’s release was signed by 115,000 people in nine languages.

They created a website about Sasha’s persecution in Russian and English, quickly mobilized with video calls for support, and organized poetry and music evenings to raise funds for help. The support team (of which we, of course, am a member as well) decides how to fulfill Sasa’s long-held dream of publishing her famous comics about depression, mania, and anxiety in full color form. the book.

A hearing in the Skochilenko case is scheduled for May 17, and it is tempting to think that Sasha will finally stop torturing and will be released at home, where she can draw comics and compose new poems.

Already more than 1.2 thousand. People charged under an article invented in March about discrediting the Russian military. The funnel machine seems to be only gaining momentum.

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