Mood for wood is an international design workshop

Mood for wood is an international design workshop for students and young designers interested in the actual implementation of their ideas. This year, there will be two editions of the workshops in Poznan (July 21 – August 1, 2022) and in Sezine (August 11-22, 2022). The deadline for accepting applications is June 1, 2022.

During the workshops, students, with the help of renowned architects and designers from around the world and experienced carpenters, independently design and manufacture street furniture for selected local communities.

It is the design phase – with the help of participatory tools – that distinguishes Mood for Wood from similar student workshops. Participants not only make the furniture themselves – they also completely decide their shape. They work in a specific location, meet users of the space, and learn about their needs and problems in a particular location.

In order to implement the project, they are obliged to obtain acceptance of their ideas from the recipients, and then, based on the prepared cost estimate, place an order for certain materials, from which they build furniture or wooden fixtures.

Poznan edition – let’s play

(July 21 – August 1, 2022)

let’s play It is the logo of the 10 editions of the International Woodworks Woodworking Workshops, which will be held in July in Poznan. Workshop participants will design and manufacture their own furniture for “Dzieciniec pod Słońcem” recipients.

“Dzieciiniec” is a spacious Jordanian garden with an intimate building for the Municipal Youth Culture Center. The green and spacious complex was built in 1929 between Droga Dębińska, Warta and Łazienki River, which was built on the river at the same time. In recent years, both Dzieciiniec and azienki have been completely restored, after years of decay and oblivion, in a form very similar to the original almost a century ago.

Now is the time to introduce a modern and functional variety to the geometrically planned space of the garden, designed with young people in mind. Create elements that are missing in an aesthetic but still poorly-moving space. Useful, multifunctional, accessible, unique furniture with an element of fun – and at the same time respectful of the historical context, because the Children’s Museum is under the care of the restorers.

Tours – Poznan

Nils Wenk (DE)

Caroline Fore + Yasser Al-Mamoun (Germany)

Otamtu Studio (PL)

Karol Szbarkowski (PL)

Studio Martial Maquet (France)

CIESZYN Edition – Biology


Biology Under this banner, students from Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia will work in the month of August at Cieszyn. The daily struggle with polluted air, rising temperatures and lack of green space makes the city’s wild nature the last oasis in the urban dimension. The eleventh edition of the workshops in Cieszyn will focus on the wild nature of this frontier town. Workshop participants will design and manufacture street furniture that will fill the gap at the frontiers of the world of wild nature and urban culture. The projects created under the guidance of teachers will accompany the natural monuments and will take care of and protect the homes of plants and animals living in the green areas of Cieszyn, as well as serve recreation and environmental education. The furniture created as part of the workshop should have an effect not only on the body, but also on the psyche of users who are tired of two years of the epidemic and overwhelmed by the news of the war. It is meant to help users on both sides of the border return to the long-awaited balance.

Tutors – Cieszyn

Mikowaj Smolensky + David Strubicki (PL)

Studio NO + Katarzyna Cimała (PL)


Projector (CZ)

CAN Architects (HU)

Nomad (LV)


Workshop requests will be accepted via the application form on the website. Recruitment ends for the workshops in Poznan and Sezine on June 1st. The organizers will contact qualified candidates for the workshop via email within 3 days of the end of recruitment.

The cost is 200 EUR / 800 PLN

Workshop price includes:

– Overnight in Poznan (July 21 – August 1) and in Cieszyn (August 11 – August 22, 2022)

Meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner)

– Break time

– Arrival from / to Poznań / Cieszyn (students from Poland from any city in Poland – Public Transport Class II), Students from Germany – Travel from Berlin or Cottbus, Students from France – Travel from Paris, Students from the Czech Republic – Transfer from Prague or Brno, students from Slovakia – transfer from Bratislava, students from Hungary – transfer from Budapest)

– Public transportation in Poznan

Health and Safety Training Completed with Certificate

Materials for the workshop

– A set of tools bearing the workshop logo

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