Modern eco-style kitchen – how to arrange it?

How do you arrange a kitchen that is conducive to culinary challenges, and at the same time is comfortable and original and helps form environmental habits? Choose a modern style. We advise you how to arrange a modern kitchen to make it exceptional, functional and elegant.

The kitchen is a room in which we spend a large part of our lives. Up to 93% of citizens admit that they sometimes prepare meals themselves, and 40% say they do it every day1. Let’s make cooking a real pleasure! Apart from – of course – the food products themselves, the internal arrangement and their furnishing are also very important.

Modern home appliances for the kitchen

Modern cuisine is often found in Polish homes. The projects that are implemented in our apartments and houses do not differ in quality from those in France or America. No wonder – the Poles love good design!

The most important room in the house in a modern version looks great when a few simple rules are followed:

  • Top quality workmanship – cheap materials and potential shortcomings will be clearly visible
  • Practical and designed home appliances
  • Avoid the use of decoration2
  • subdued colors

When arranging a modern kitchen, do not skimp on quality. Compact devices are the best solution here. Ovens, coffee machines, and refrigerators should be flush with kitchen cabinets to maintain a consistent and simple interior line. exceptions Designer accessories, which is a kind of decoration of kitchen surfaces. What could it be?

  • Modern color planetary robot
  • SodaStream Art water carbonization machine – new on the Polish market! Elegant, dignified, eye-catching with a slender shape and original settings, subtly referring to the retro atmosphere
  • elegant toaster
  • Original kettle – with smooth, light lines or, on the contrary, inconspicuous

Distinguished modern kitchen

When arranging a modern kitchen, remember to use top-shelf materials. They are the basis of flawless luxury arrangement and guarantee the perfect appearance of the room for many years. If you really enjoy designing your own interiors, this is great. However, when you don’t have a boss to deal with such issues, outsource this work to an experienced designer.

What finishing materials should be used in a modern kitchen?

Usually the basis for the arrangement is natural stone. This material can be used to make the floor, sink, window sills or kitchen worktop. The stone recommended by specialists is granite. It is very resistant to damage and is not afraid of typical kitchen work. It stands out with similar qualities quartzite. However, apart from its above average hardness, it has another advantage. Unlike granite, it can be lit because it transmits light. However, it is a beautiful raw material, but unfortunately it is impractical marble. It is not hard enough, it changes color easily, and chipping can quickly appear on its surface3.

Wood It is another material that will surely decorate your kitchen with a modern version. Floors made of it, cabinet fronts, worktops, accessories will add a little warmth to strict interiors. It is good to use species that are resistant to moisture and mechanical damage.

Using materials that were not associated with the kitchen until recently would also be nice. metal and glass – Because we’re talking about it – Create a modern arrangement. Glazing divides the space without visually reducing it. On the other hand, metal is a nice contrast to the warm wood.

Best wood for a modern kitchen - infographic

Modern kitchen – how to be environmentally friendly?

Modernity in the kitchen is not only simple in the form of a cabinet or the use of innovative technological solutions. It is also about the environment. Discover several ways to protect the planet every day, while keeping your wallet safe.

Modern solutions in the kitchen – more light, less energy

An element inherent in modern style is ideal lighting. Numerous diffused light sources, the task of which is to emphasize the value of the room, are a heavy burden on the home and land budget. What can you do to reconcile the chosen style with the environment? First of all, focus on energy-saving solutions:

  1. Lighting valve Shining. It is wear and shock resistant. It does not heat up and does not emit ultraviolet rays. It can burn for up to 50,000 hours. It consumes little electricity.
  2. Compact fluorescent lamps. They allow you to save up to 80% energy compared to conventional light bulbs. Emitting light for up to 7 years.
  3. Energy saving halogens. They allow you to save up to 30% of the energy consumed by the classic version of halogen lamps. Glow up to 5000 hours. Often used in spot lighting3.

Less plastic every day

Disposable plastic packaging has nothing to do with the environment. It’s also not a very stylish accessory in the kitchen. So, if you like your bubbling drinks, don’t buy bottled water that is bulky and harmful to the planet.

Find out 7 reasons why you should not drink bottled water >>

What is it worth using to saturate the water with carbon dioxide? Of course, SodaStream Art is saturated, which impresses with its designer appearance and helps protect the environment from plastic garbage. SodaStream accounts show that One saturator allows you to reduce up to 1,769 single-use plastic bottles in 4 years!

Thanks to the SodaStream Art coffee machine, in addition to sparkling water, you can also prepare popular drinks. You just need to mix the carbon dioxide water with one of the delicious juices.

You can choose from:

  • Pepsi
  • Pepsi Max
  • 7 Up
  • Mirinda
  • Fruit drinks: lemonade, grapefruit, orange, mango and lemon
  • Energy drink

Or you can simply add particles of your favorite fruit, slices of cucumber, or a little fresh citrus juice to the water.

Functional solutions in the kitchen – home compost

Gone are the times when it was possible to produce compost for your plants only in rural areas. Even when you live in the middle of a crowded city, you don’t have to throw all your trash in plastic bags.

If you actively use your modern, comfortable and elegant kitchen, you are definitely producing a lot of peeling, pulp and leftovers. Did you know that you can make precious compost for your beloved beast? Put the leftovers in a bowl and add a microbial compost, or invite homemade earthworms into your kitchen.

If you’re worried that the look of the composter won’t match your stylish kitchen, don’t worry. Today, many models of modern organic fertilizers are available. They look like simple containers in muted colors. Also from their lid is a bowl of beautiful green herbs! You will definitely find something for yourself.

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