Meg Ryan’s Private Life: Relationships, Husbands, Romance, and Kids

Meg Ryan, the queen of ’90s romantic comedies is back in her favorite genre! The actress will not only star in the film “What happens next”, but also direct it. After a ten-year hiatus, we’ll be seeing the love ups and downs with her once again on the big screen. And although the heroines she played over the years finally found happiness in films, the actress herself could not say the same about herself. If Meg Ryan’s private life were to be shown on screen, it wouldn’t be a happy ending movie.

Meg Ryan and her adorable role in “Sleepless in Seattle”

One night, an 8-year-old boy called the radio. His father, Sam, a widowed architect, is in despair after the death of his beloved wife. The son, unable to look at his father’s suffering anymore, wants to find someone to comfort him. The story touches the hearts of many listeners, including Annie, who decides to reach out to the widower. But they are quite apart: he lives in Seattle, and she lives in Baltimore. So he wrote a letter to Sam, and from that moment on, viewers cheer for the heroes until their relationship turns into love… Handsome Sam is played by Tom Hanks, and Annie is played by Meg Ryan. The international success of “Sleepless in Seattle” brought both of them immense popularity. Although Meg looked almost like a teenager, she was actually 32 years old at the time. And a dozen roles or so – a decade has passed since she first appeared in the cinema.

Meg Ryan and Anthony Edwards – America’s First Serious Relationship

Meg was born on November 19, 1961 in Connecticut. Since she started her high school, she has dreamed of becoming a journalist. To pay for her studies, she got extra money as a model. During one of the performances, she was noticed by a film producer and offered to appear on the big screen. Over the next few years, whether she wanted it or not, the roles of charming and slightly naive blondes, intertwined in various love stories, stuck to her. In addition Her real life was not much different from the stories invented by screenwriters. In 1986, on the set of “Top Gun” Meg Meet Anthony Edwards. The couple were linked for two years until the actress starred with Dennis Quaid during the filming of the next movie.

Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid – Marriage without a happy ending and the birth of a son, Jack

Cupid’s arrow did not immediately hit them. Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid didn’t fall in love until a year later. They married on Valentine’s Day in 1991, and 14 months later their beloved son Jack appeared in the world. It was meant to be wonderful and forever, but the poetic family turned into an illusion. Dennis was confused by the growing popularity of his wife. Before that, he was a shining Hollywood star. Unexpectedly, Meg took a palm from him. She became very popular and began to be called the queen of romantic comedies. She looked thriving, and in the Dream Factory she could choose among the best paying roles. In June 2000, Meg and Dennis announced their separation. And while it was speculated that the couple would be getting back together after a short break, it turned out otherwise.

Romance with Russell Crowe and divorce from Dennis Quaid

While working on the movie “Proof of Life” she met actress Russell Crowe. Their romance could not be hidden. Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid ended up divorced. A few months later, information leaked to the media that Meg and Russell are not back together. The actress was devastated. As if that wasn’t enough, In 2003, she starred in the erotic thriller. Both audiences and critics left a dry thread about it. It was also no secret that she couldn’t handle the passage of time. Every now and then she puts herself in the hands of aesthetic medicine specialists. Unfortunately, the effects of these treatments have been more and more unfortunate each time. In photos from that period, you can see that Meg has unnaturally swollen cheeks, and her lips are so full of Botox that it’s hard to smile.

Adoption of Daisy’s daughter and turbulent relationship with John Mellencamp

The first good change in her life happened in 2006 when She adopted a 14-month-old girl from China. She called her Daisy. Perhaps it was the re-parenting that opened her to a new love. In 2010, she joined vocalist and guitarist John Mellencamp. Their relationship was very turbulent, with the couple breaking up and getting off from time to time. Finally, in November 2018, they announced the engagement on social media. But a year later, the actress cut them off. Apparently, the final reason for returning the diamond ring to John was his immature attitude to life.

Either way, Meg Ryan has finally regained her composure. “I took a little break from love,” she frankly admitted. – Now I’m in love with my life and my wonderful children. And finally, I love the person I’ve become over the years – I argued. Maybe the stars will prefer it this time? And if not, then at least its asteroid orbiting in space? Because in honor of the actress, the asteroid 8353 was named Megarian.

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