Måneskin: From Eurovision to Eurovision

  • Manskin won the 65th Eurovision Song Contest. The Italians sang “Zitti E Buoni”.
  • Controversies accompany young artists since the beginning of Eurovision. During the closing, there was a lot of talk about the cocaine scandal with the participation of the singer
  • Manskin was also accused of plagiarism. The winning song, “Zitti e Buoni,” is, according to some, confusingly similar to the song “The Vendettas” from 1994.
  • members manskin They openly stand with groups and people who are discriminated against
  • Although many associate them with the controversy, the band is still working on new material. He plays concerts and sells halls, incl. In London or Los Angeles
  • This year, Måneskin will once again appear in Eurovision as last year’s winner. Musicians will introduce a new song
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Although many suspected Måneskin’s career would end with a win at Eurovision, the young Italians proved they could raise their voice. The team they are made of Damiano David (My voice), Thomas Rage (guitar), Ethan Torchio (drums) and Victoria de Angelis The (bass) conquers the international scenes. Italian media agree: young 20-year-olds belonging to a Romanian ensemble, who until recently were collecting money from passers-by for a guitar case on Via del Corso, have achieved tremendous success. Everyone knows each other since school days.

Manskin at Eurovision: Thomas Raggi, Damiano David, Victoria de Angelis, Ethan TurchioMåneskin on Eurovision: Thomas Raggi, Damiano David, Victoria De Angelis and Ethan Torchio – Dean Mouhtaropoulos / Getty Images) / Getty Images

One of the members of the band was the creator of the name Måneskin – guitarist Victoria de Angelis, of Danish origin. The Italian group won the Eurovision final in 2021, winning on aggregate 524 votes. Until the end, the team from southern Europe was competing with the second favorite in the competition – Switzerland. The song was presented by Måneskin “Zitti E Buoni”.

In 2018, Måneskin released his first studio album “Il ballo della vita”, which was certified three times platinum. The disc was a huge success both in Italy and other European countries. In March 2021, the premiere of their second album took place – “Teatro d’ira: Vol. 1”.

Soon after Eurovision, a viral video went viral on social media He raised a wave of suspicions about the use of drugs by Italian band singer Damiano David during the competition.

Damiano immediately denied the accusations. The artist decided to take a cocaine test to finally end all speculation. “Guitarist, Thomas Raggi, broke a glass… I don’t do drugs. Please don’t say that. There was no cocaine.” David defended himself at the post-competition press conference.

In the end, the European Broadcasting Union investigated the case and acquitted all members of the team of the charges. The group voluntarily underwent drug testing and all tests were negative.

“There were no drugs and we believe the case is closed,” the organizers said, adding that rumors and accusations spoiled the spirit of the event and were very unfair to the competition winners.

Måneskin group won “Eurovision” with the song “Zitti e Buoni” which It’s supposed to be confusingly similar to The Vendettas song from 1994. Both bands share a rock sound, and some parts are actually similar, but is it enough to call the Italians’ song plagiarism? Especially since Italian law – as reported by Eurowizja.org – allows a fragmented coincidence of two songs.

He drew attention to the similarity of the two pieces Vendettas captain Joris Linssen, during one of the Belgian RTL 4 programmes. However, he did not confirm that the Italians’ song was a plagiarism. “Of course, these guys weren’t even in the world when our band was active,” Linssen said on RTL 4. “But they said themselves that rock ‘n’ roll never dies.” This is a reference to the words of singer Damiano David. . who launched such a slogan into the microphone while receiving the award on the stage of the Eurovision stage.

This is not the first time that Måneskin members have been accused of plagiarism. Before that, it was after the band performed at last year’s festival in San Remo. Then reports emerged of the group stealing the song “FDT” published by Anthony Laszlo in 2015. The case was promptly taken up by RAI and TV, which analyzed the songs – and Rule out the possibility of plagiarism.

Damiano David presented himself in the music video published in mid-July 2021 in a surprising version: painted with lipstick and wearing women’s underwear.

From the beginning, the group members do not hide that they support all kinds of other, especially minorities who are subjected to violence in the modern world. “People should not judge anyone, because they can do great harm to others. We will not change the world from second to second. However, as people whose music reaches a lot of people, we know that we can change reality a little” – said singer Damiano David In an interview with Onet Cultura.

at “I want to be your slave” Måneskin provided an atmosphere and script in which opposing characters tell about sex with all its nuances. The clip is directed by Simone Boselli.

In an interview with Onet Kultura, the team members emphasized that the group photo is a “form of expression”.

“Our image is a form of expression, we stand behind everyone who gets hurt. People shouldn’t judge anyone because they can do great harm to someoneDamiano said.

The group members responded that they would like to perform in the equality procession. “It would be a great honor for us! We know that a large percentage of our fans are members of the community. LGBT And we are very proud of him, ”- said Damiano.

In March of this year, the band announced that they had decided to postpone a scheduled tour. The musicians also added that they did not intend to perform in Russia – Manskin wanted to show solidarity with Ukraine.

“We have destroyed the fate of the Ukrainians, and we express our solidarity with them. Because of the decision of the people in power, we will not perform in Russia. We must all unite in the name of peace, now and forever,” they were informed.

The team has not been idle since winning the Eurovision Song Contest. In October 2021, he released his tenth single. Then the Italians also “embed” a performance on the popular show “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon”. In November, Ellen DeGeneres invited them to her show, and then they presented themselves on the stages of the MTV Europe Music Awards (they won Best Rock Performance) and the American Music Awards.

They sell concerts in London and Los Angeles. In January of this year, they appeared as guests on “Saturday Night Live” – ​​they were the first Italian band to do so.

Minskin’s eleventh single will be “The Supermodel” – the song will be released on May 13. Musicians will play it during this year’s Eurovision final in Turin. The competition takes place in Italy thanks to Måneskin’s victory in the latest edition. Thus, the assembly comes full circle in a way. However, he has returned to Eurovision not to present himself to an international audience, but to cement his position on the world stage.


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