Mandarin loves to buy in second-hand stores!

to me Marta WiśniewskaYou don’t need much to live ecologically. It is enough to follow a few simple rules. First of all, water and energy must be saved. Both the environment and our portfolio will benefit from this.

“I try to live according to the principles of the environment and what we should all do, I do too, ie sorting trash, not brushing my teeth when I open the tap, turning off the power strip, having everything chargers attached, at night, when I’m not charging it. Hybrid, I don’t eat meat, and she’s also very pro-environmental, so I try as much as I can, but there’s probably still a lot ahead of me” – says Marta Wiśniewska in an interview with Newseria Lifestyle.

The dancer says that eliminating meat from the diet was not a real challenge for her. These products were never her favorite and were not the basis of her daily meals.

“It wasn’t hard for me to give up meat, because I’ve never liked it and it wasn’t the main meal of my day. Finally a moment came when my son once walked into the living room and said, ‘Mom, I don’t. I don’t want meat anymore,’ he watched a story Fairy and totally pulled it. To what to say: Xavier, cool, we can only live the three of us now just as I want. And we made it. We haven’t eaten meat in nearly two years and we feel so much better., I’ll say more, maybe better, it’s somewhat nicer. – says Marta Wiśniewska.

The singer also loves the idea of ​​lazy fashion. This fashion movement is a conscious choice, buying into minimalism and choosing high-quality clothing with which you can create unique styles for years.

“I buy a lot less now. In general, I find myself not remembering anymore when I was at a fair or shopping for full-on shopping. It used to be that you would go shopping in our DNA, and now I do a lot less. And I don’t.” I don’t need them at all, so I’m happy with that ”- says the dancer.

There are also many ways to give clothes a second life, without much effort and with great satisfaction. It can be converted to a newer model, given to someone else, sold or exchanged. It’s also a good idea to buy used or recycled clothing. Mandarin emphasizes that items of clothing you no longer wear, or those that were an ill-considered purchase, are often passed on. However, if they have an original and unique story, he puts them at the bottom of the wardrobe in the hope that there will be time for them again.

“I give up my clothes when I don’t wear them anymore, but I also try not to take them off, because fashion also comes full circle and then it turns out that something I wore 20 years ago can be worn again, so this too we also discovered a second life with Fabka and buy many From old or used things, and we like them very much, it is a fun treat. Apart from the fact that we buy cool, expensive things, I also like to buy something that has a different spirit ”- says Marta Wiśniewska.

The dancer ensures that it is not the gadget type. If he bought some electronics, it is because the previous one has stopped working. She doesn’t like cluttering phones, tablets, and other devices that she only uses occasionally. It also makes sure that electrical waste goes to the right places, where it will be transported for reuse.

“Of course, I throw them to special places, I take them to different stores, they have their own baskets. Anyway, I’m not a great electronic gadget and I don’t collect all the equipment available in the market. It’s enough for me “says the singer.

Marta Vinivska notes the method of disposal of electrical waste that she promises with admiration Anna Kubis As part of the work “fashion recycling” Organized by the European recycling platform.

“Anya is really crazy here, it’s great that she uses all these conductors, different e-waste, but also some metal in a wonderful way, very creative and beautiful. I love it so much” – she adds. A special presentation of all creations made as part of the campaign’s third edition will take place in September.

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