It takes place on the Hill Peninsula. We are talking about the new Euro Style project

Eurostyle invests in Hill Peninsula. The company is currently building a Wydma investment, and will soon begin its next investment – Las. The author of the shape and development of the area is the Rayss Group studio, and the interiors were designed by Monika Potorska. We talk to Magdalena Reńska, Managing Director and Board Member of Euro Styl from Dom Development Group, about the site’s potential, the environmental aspect of the investment, and the fact that Hel… is a huge success among Warsaw residents.

Wydma & Las is not the first serviced apartment investment in the Euro Styl portfolio. I have also presented a similar model in Montownia’s investment in Gdańsk. Why did you choose this direction?

Magdalena Riska: Models differ in the condition of the assembly plant and investment on Hel Peninsula – Wydma & Las, as well as the products themselves. However, both projects share the idea of ​​providing maximum comfort to clients and minimizing the time they spend dealing with real estate, which, as their investment, is to maximize profits.

The assembly room operates in the style of a typical hotel. Each investor gives his apartment – in this case a loft – to be managed by a professional operator who belongs to our group. On the other hand, investments in Jastarnia, Wydma & Las can be used as apartments for rent as well as for a holiday property owner. In the case of an assembly plant, the owner generates proportionate profit from renting out the entire facility, while in Jastarnia this is done individually, based on the lease of a particular apartment to a particular owner.

Why did you choose Hel Peninsula this time – a place unlike Gdańsk, usually holiday, summer and, I get the impression, more seasonal …

Magdalena Riska: We believe that our investments in the Hill Peninsula, located near the open sea, in the immediate vicinity of the bay, and surrounded by nature, are exceptional. The peninsula has a naturally limited stock of land, so the possibility of buying a modern apartment there is a unique and unique opportunity. Especially since Wydma & Las is located far from the hustle and bustle of the holidays, in the quiet of the forest, near the little Jurata.

Can serviced apartments compete with traditional hotels? What do they have to offer to clients?

Magdalena Riska: The apartment is able to accommodate a larger group of people, for example a family, 2-3 couples or a group of friends. For hotels, it is necessary to rent more rooms, which is a more expensive option. Wydma & Las are spacious apartments with comfortable and fully equipped kitchenette, on the ground floor there will be a large part of the affiliated land, giving a sense of closeness to nature and independence. It is an organized green area and transformed into a natural forest area.

The garden area of ​​the one-storey apartments is up to 340 square meters, so it is an important piece of a special nature. From the top of the apartments we have a view of the bay, and on the other side of the building we have a beautiful wild pine forest, blown by the peninsula winds. Some will be included in the crowns of these distinctive, often twisted, aromatic pines.

In hotels we usually have smaller rooms, although the Assembly Building, with its high and relatively large lofts of up to 51 square metres, breaks this pattern. In Jastarnia, a holiday with a slightly “lazy” character is also an advantage. In the investment area, in the gazebo with a fireplace, you can make a fire, and there is also a terrace at the reception that offers space for yoga or evening live jazz. There is also an infrastructure prepared for lovers of water sports.

On the other hand, the assembly plant will beat to the rhythm of the city, because it is located in the center of Gdask, near the well-known Electricov Street. It has a huge, industrial and typical urban feel – a perfect setting for the so-called city breaks. It is worth noting that the rich flavors of the food court on the ground floor will be a strong draw of this place – it will be a special treat for fans of culinary travel.

What will be the serviced apartments in Wydma & Las investments? What standards and facilities can future investors and tenants expect?

Magdalena Riska: For finishing we use high-quality, noble and durable materials that have been protecting buildings for years. Panoramic and sliding windows will allow the forest to look into the interior spaces of the apartments on the upper floors.

The measure of quality is also the very large tracts of land belonging to the ground floor apartments – these home gardens will be a paradise for children or pets holidaying with this investment. We have also prepared a place where you can park a food truck serving local dishes during the holiday season.

We have also designed a space to store water sports equipment. There will also be parcel lockers that cater to the modern world of e-commerce, as well as stadiums with comfortable platforms for fans, which can also serve as a place for sunbathing. There will be hammocks among the trees – for lovers of spending time with writers.

Who designed the interior design of the apartments? What style did you choose?

Magdalena Riska: The author of Shape and Evolution is Studio Rayss Group, which we have been working with for years and whose designs are characterized by a love for simple forms immersed in natural greenery. I appreciate this method. In turn, the studio of Monika Potorska is responsible for arranging elegant and noble interiors. We focused on 3 styles of apartment finishing: sun, water and wind. The sun is soft, with warm colors, the water is dim and elegant, the wind has more strength and the element – darker and more intense colors.

The investment is reported as an environmental project. What sustainable solutions and technologies are used here?

Magdalena Riska: The center that stood on this land, whose glorious days passed, was demolished by us, and the area was redeveloped with minimal interference with the natural resources of the land and its surroundings.

As a pro-environmental solution, we have used heat pumps and photovoltaic panels to supply power to common areas, including reception and recuperation areas. In addition, small retention systems in the form of rain gardens – we try to preserve the natural character of the dunes, which begins the peninsula path in Wydma & Las investment.

We reduce paved areas, and preserve natural areas, including driveways, because we do not create additional driveways. We try to be as intrusive as possible. We use natural paths and paths that lead through the forest towards the water, and we have adapted to nature.

Our devices enable effective temperature control and adaptation to the seasonal nature of use. Door locks are electronic, they work in the hotel system – we can open them with a card or phone – you can be self-sufficient and bypass the reception, which also applies to tourists. The investment is adapted to the nature of the place, it allows to silence the systems in the high season, which will bring savings to the owners in terms of operating costs. They are designed to have a different and more durable standard of finishing buildings for the purposes of intense tourist rentals.

The areas of the house are also planned differently, the valves are cut differently, and we also think comprehensively about preserving the common areas. We also intentionally use endemic greenery, which is typical of this area, but avoided vegetation not found on the peninsula. We agree with the nature of this region.

It is interesting that about 70 per cent. The buyers of apartments are people from Warsaw. What do you think – where does this trend come from? Having been hit by the pandemic, residents of the capital want to be able to rest in a private residence during the holidays, without worrying about possible closures or restrictions? Was the pandemic an accelerator for the serviced apartment market at all? Or maybe there is another reason?

Magdalena Riska: In fact, the pandemic appears to be doing some damage, and as it turns out, it has helped domestic tourism. Faced with the complexities of traveling abroad, many Poles opted for domestic flights. Residents of the capital or other large gatherings are not adjacent to the sea and a lot of nature every day, hence this natural longing.

The Hel Peninsula is also a very fashionable place, beloved by fans of windsurfing – and among the residents of Warsaw there are a lot of them! For people from Tri-City, the peninsula is easily accessible, so customers from the local market often buy typical investment apartments that are only for rent. This option is convenient because we offer the service of our operator in the package, which will take care of renting and maximizing the owners’ profit.

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