Harry Styles is your idol? You must know these artists

If Harry Styles is totally your mood when it comes to music, you really need to get to know these artists. And they go to their party, especially since some of them will be playing in Poland soon.

Harry Styles, but what’s good is not just British

I can give myself a hand to cut that out if it’s in family Asked about a contemporary pop artist, Harry Stiles The answer will be the most scored. Not surprisingly, given his career advancement, he flies steadily upwards without encountering any turbulence along the way. May 20 Preparing for the premiere of his third album, Harry’s houseIn June, a concert tour will begin in the UK and the rest of Europe – it’s happening, and fans can’t help but envy the amount of content.

However, the spectacle is endless for the British singer, moreover – there are many female artists and performers with similar / similar / upside-down vibes in the reflection of the mirror. And I’m not talking about the rest of the team at all One-wayAlthough I have no doubts among the fans luisa And Harry The joint portion would be frighteningly large.

Below I present a brief overview of the musicians who have all the preparations to satisfy the tastes of consumers of creativity Harry. Their concerts are just around the corner, so don’t wait!

Harry Stiles – as it was (official video)

Harry Styles Harry's house
album cover Harry’s house

#1 Conan Gray, intense romance

It is easy to fall with him, even easier to drown, but these are not catastrophic visions of God. a musician Conan Gray It is so absorbent that it draws you deeply and wraps itself around you and won’t let anything go. However, it doesn’t work like a typical ear warmth with the tune burning in your head, it relies more on setting the traps in the mindset. An artist with great sensitivity who plays sensitive songs: a little pop, a little alternative, sometimes characterized by brutality, or some kind of rebelliousness. Conan Gray He debuted with Pandemic, in March 2020 released his first full album Kid Crowe And when I looked at his playlist now, I felt happy again. I remember them all after a big break from this album and even as I look around at these numbers I feel some peace and balance.

Because on the one hand – this album is perfect for heart-wrenching scenes straight from friends (Here: Preview), on the other hand, it is almost impossible to reassure him and holds a lantern saying that everything will be fine, third, forget the words, you can enjoy it, according to the definition of entertainment and party events. The artist is currently ahead of the album’s premiere. June 24 He releases his second studio album, Superache. He will be playing in Poland for the first time with new and old items – don’t miss it!

Conan Gray will appear in in Warsaw Previously May 11Where he will be having a concert Tourwar. Tickets are available on the event organizer’s website.

Conan Gray – I wish you were sober (official video)

#2 Declan McKenna – The Prince of British Pop

if Harry Stiles He is a king, he has no other title Declan McKenna. He had to wait whoo-whoo and some more for his concert in Poland. Serving the pandemic has lengthened fans’ longings significantly, but the deadline is closer than that. Declan It’s more of a pop alternative in my opinion, but it still is. His songs sound somewhat like the mainstream: an interesting case study on design where long-pop music was something artists tried to avoid. Declan McKenna He is the proud author of two albums. His first appearance was released in 2017 under the title Graceful What do you think of the car?While Zeros Published September 2020. Three years of work, numbers in the millions and … a big return to Poland.

Declan McKenna will appear in in Warsaw In the club progress Previously May 29. Event tickets are available on the website Biletomat.pl.

Declan McKenna – rapture (official video)

#3 St. Motel, Sea Breeze

Salt Wave Festival The festival raged. When I saw this year’s lineup, my eyes really popped out of my sockets. Great place, row so the fly doesn’t sit and this is my first chance to hear it St . Motel He lives. The band comes from Los Angeles and has been around since 2007. Dinosaurs? Not really, if I remind you that Harry Stiles With One-way It debuted only three years later. Who is feeling old now?

St . Motel
They play indie games, play dream pop music, and have a weird old school style that can’t be explained in any way. They are not grandparents, and they do not play like grandparents, but they interrupt with surprising elegance in their musical contents. For me it’s something like translating Ivy League style into music. where it fits Harry? Maybe just in my head, but the connection will be in the music that splits them right.

Salt Wave Festival will be held in days August 19-20 at Jastarnia. Tickets and one-day passes are available on the organizer’s website.

Bonus recommendation: Dawid Podsiadło

Not any Polish Harry StilesJust simply: David Podsiado. Going to his concert is an obligation to see how much is really happening on the Polish scene and how much Polish artists are capable of. The stadiums are approaching, so there is a lot of hope for new things. and maybe some cover(wink wink).

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