Give Them Year Number 3: Soak in the lukewarm Icelandic waters

Giving them a year is a whole new cycle during which we will be digging into the deepest corners of all kinds of playlists in search of artists who, in our opinion, have a bright musical future ahead.

Giving them a year is a whole new cycle during which we will be digging into the deepest corners of all kinds of playlists in search of artists who, in our opinion, have a bright musical future ahead.

Give them a year in the third installment – Icelandic Frost

Many of you have probably tried the platform at least once spotify Discover something new. I did this myself several times, but sometimes I had the impression that I had heard everything and after a fruitless search I gave up, leaving nothing. However, the playlist came to the rescue Fresh Spotify DiscoveriesWhich made it easier for me to find new music.

With her I was able to spot artists who haven’t yet shone in the brilliant spotlight (or not as much as their talent), but believe me – the word STILL really matters here. It has long been known that the music market is a real show. Talent and skills are not always the only things that will allow you to excel. Sometimes you have to show yourself to the world in the right place at the right time, or in short, you have to be lucky.

in the course Give them a year We would like the artists who have developed their wings in one way or another to be known to you – the audience. So you could say “Wow, that’s really a good bit of talent” to any of them.

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Get ready too, because now we are going to show you some names that should have left the so-called field of music a long time ago.

Give it a year: Brit

Brit Assis Elfar She is a 23-year-old artist who has been described as a true pearl of Icelandic music. Her musical roots began to grow from an early age, because the singer’s parents are also associated with this industry. dad Brit He loves hard rock, and plays guitar at the same time.

Brit – SolblomListen!

Already at the age of 12 Brit Lessons on this machine began under the supervision of her father. She took her first steps in music in local restaurants as well as in the streets, who was fascinated by the jazz songs she sang. However, it wasn’t jazz who fell in love with her Brit more. This was done by indie music, which the singer conquered the music market.

Brit Ísis Elfar - Hardcover
Photo: single “DINO” cover / Spotify

The singer’s last album Kveðja It is a show of excitement and original sounds. Charming and flirting with the listener, the artist repeatedly seduces him, forcing him to embark on this musical journey with her. It is sad, reflective and, above all, very original.

Give them a year: Vök

a team vouk He took his first steps in 2013 when he was a singer Margaret Run The saxophone player Andrei Marfirst They created a group for the annual competition Músíktilrauni. The performance was the band’s first concert that was actually performed without any preparations. The music presented during this was created spontaneously and without much effort, and, as it turned out, was the key to success.

Vok – WaterfallListen!

We knew we wanted to play sensually, so we came up with some ideas to start with. Then we presented in our thoughts the visions of directors Skate and Baldvin, who made of our ideas complete and original collections

The band’s music is kept in the climates of electronics, which, with its mixture of pop and alternative sounds, hits us across the pages of each song. You can also feel it inspired by the Scandinavian atmosphere mixed with charming singing Margarettakes us to very remote climates.

The band’s inspirations include: Knife, all-out attack And portished.

Give it a year: gugusar

Guðlaug To the world of music, she revealed herself during a talent competition Músíktilraunir. She did not play it alone, because in order to fight stage fright, her friend also appeared by her side – Aníta Núr Magnúsdóttir. Thanks to their performance, the girls reached the highest position on the podium and thus made themselves known to a wider audience.

gugusar – Rodden and ClitonumListen!

A few months after the end of the competition Guðlaug She concluded her musical adventure and was born with a head full of new ideas like gugusar. Taking the singer step by step and gaining newer and newer amounts of courage, he performed with artists such as: Hattery, Umotrak, Andy Svarthol, Fred, KloppupAnd Hermigervil And FM Belfast.

gugusar / photo: the main image of the artist on Spotify
Image: Artist’s main image on Spotify

What is more, gugusar It’s a project where two people are actually locked up. One is a gritty character and a stage that takes us through music into a completely different world, pulsing with subtle and intricately woven sounds, while the other is a special character hidden behind the walls of his work.

However, the music gugusar It is a true climatic masterpiece that can take us to the deepest musical depths.

Give them a year: Milkywhale

Milkywhale It is a combination of pop/electronic explosive straight from the heart Iceland. The band consists of a singer Melkorka Sigríður Magnúsdóttir, Also a musician and producer Árni Rúnar Hlöðverssson.

The duo together walk the borders of many musical worlds, trying to connect them through their works. Their works are a mixture of creative performers with visual masterpieces, decorated with interesting and thoughtful choreographic designs.

Milkywhale – rhubarb girlListen!

The beginnings of the musicians’ work dates back to 2015, when they occupied one of the festival stages Iceland’s airwaves. Since then, their music has experienced a huge boom, which is being built under the banner of snow, whales and white beasts. You have to give them a chance!

Photo: Still from the music video for “Paradise”.

Give him a year: sir

Ásgeir Trausti Einarsson Icelandic singer and musician. It also appeared in publishing houses as Ásgeir Trausti. In 2013, he began to use the acronym Ásgeir as your registry name.

Ásgeir – PicturesListen!

The singer performs with his own band – Ásgeir Trausti . Band. He also plays guitar in an Icelandic band beautiful lionIn particular, he also creates his own sounds hidden in the recesses of his creativity.

debut album ÁsgeiraAnd Dýrð in dauðaþögn, released 10 years ago, conquer the music world. It has been hailed as one of the most interesting appearances that will revolutionize the Icelandic market. The frosty and very mysterious version is the piece of music everyone should know!

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