From the Ukrainian front to Eurovision. Who are the Kalush Orchestra of Ukraine

The Ukrainian actor was chosen for Eurovision in mid-February. Then Alina Bash won the preliminary nomination, but soon it turned out that her management had falsified documents confirming that the singer did not cross the Ukrainian-Russian border. When the case arose, the artist was disqualified and the Kalush Orchestra offered to represent the country. A few days after the official competition candidate was announced, Russia attacked Ukraine militarily, and the team’s performance in Turin was called into question.

However, it is now known that the group managed to visit Italy, where for several days they have been preparing for the competition and are ready to win. – We hope that next year Eurovision will be held in a new, reconstructed and unified Ukraine. Prettier than before the war – Ue Bisik, the group’s vocalist, said in an interview with Bartosz Söder.

Although the bookmakers tend to hail the Kalush Orchestra as one of this year’s Eurovision favorites, the musicians have no reason to celebrate. Ole Bisuk admitted in an interview with Reuters, “I can’t enjoy it when I’m worried about my relatives. The war has separated me and my girlfriend. She is 300 kilometers from me. We can’t meet because it’s too dangerous.”

As it turned out, the singer’s sweetheart is hiding in the cellar and producing Molotov cocktails with others. “No matter what circumstances we go to Eurovision in, I will try to be useful to Ukraine. Even if the war ends in the near future, it will not be easy anyway, because we will need a lot of time to rebuild. The country is in ruins. “ – said the team leader a few weeks ago.

The artist believes that the current situation in Ukraine shows that no one can feel safe. “If you think that this will not happen in your country, there is no guarantee. We also thought that it will not happen to us. Therefore, let’s stop it as soon as possible. We want peace to finally prevail in Ukraine,” he comments.

Until recently, musicians remained separate, but prepared to compete as much as possible. Later they moved to Kyiv, where they began to rehearse the song “Stefania”. According to the boys, the song has already become an unofficial anthem of people fighting for their homeland in Ukraine.

The piece was written before the outbreak of the war. It was intended for my mother. When the conflict begins, people see the final conclusion in the text. The title is not only my mother Stefania, but also Ukraine. The work began to carry many positive values ​​for all Ukrainians. We hope that many Europeans will understand this message – Psiuk emphasized

Psiuk is currently organizing charitable fundraising and actively helping those in need who have resided in Ukraine. Meanwhile, Kyłymmen is active in the territorial defense forces.

Kalosh Orchestra is a band that combines rap music with elements of the Ukrainian people. The group was founded by Oleh Psiuk – rapper and lead of the band Kałusz. The project was created only a few months ago, and their first single “Shtomber Womber” became a sensation in Ukrainian and received positive reviews from critics.

During the Eurovision Song Contest, the band will sing the song “Stefania” dedicated to the leader’s mother. Although the musicians took second place in the pre-selections, the disqualification of Alina Bash made them represent Ukraine during the concert.

Netizens were not satisfied with this turn of events and were looking for ways that the Kaloch Orchestra would also abandon its performance in Turin. And soon they stumbled upon a photo of Ole taken on Red Square in Moscow. The picture was supposed to be from 2015, but soon it turned out that it was taken before the start of the Ukrainian-Russian conflict in 2014. The artist appeared in the capital, Moscow, at the concert as a spectator, and not as an actor, while still a student.

The group consists of: Ołeh Psiuk, singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalists Tymofij Muzyczuk, Witałij Dużyk and DJ MS Kyłymmen.

The day after the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the European Broadcasting Union announced that none of the Russian artists would participate in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Turin. The EBU Board made a decision on the recommendation of the governing body of the Eurovision Song Contest, the reference group, based on the event’s regulations and the values ​​of the European Broadcasting Union. The EBU Television Committee also endorsed the reference team’s recommendation.

“The decision expresses concern that in light of the unprecedented crisis in Ukraine, the participation of Russians in this year’s competition will jeopardize the competition,” read the statement published today. We read: “Our aim is to protect the value of cultural competition that promotes international exchange and understanding, brings viewers together, celebrates diversity through music and unites Europe on one stage.”

The 66th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest will take place from 10-14 May 2022. The competition will be held at the PalaOlimpico in Turin. This will be the third competition to be held in Italy.

The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) was founded in 1950 as an organization of public (non-commercial) radio and television stations to exchange programs and jointly produce programs for viewers in many countries. EBU currently owns radio and television stations from 56 countries. Polish Radio and Telewizja Polska have been members of EBU since 1993.

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