France. Long-time writer, poet and PAP reporter, Ludwik Lewin . has passed away in Paris

On May 8, after a long struggle with illness at the age of 77, the long-time correspondent of the Polish News Agency, journalist, poet, writer and documentary director Ludwik Lewin, died in Paris. The deceased’s wife, Majorzata Lewin, gave information about his death.

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Ludvik Lewin was born on August 12, 1944 in Namangan, Soviet Uzbekistan. He came to Poland with his parents in 1946.

He graduated from Polish philology at the University of Warsaw, and also studied directing at the State Higher School of Theater and Film in ód. In 1967, he moved to Paris, and after the Communist anti-Semitic campaign of 1968, he stayed in France.

In 1968, as a photojournalist for Keystone, he reported from Prague about the invasion of Czechoslovakia by Soviet forces. He returned to this city in January 1969. After the death of Jan Balach, who set himself on fire in protest of the Soviet invasion. At the time, he was working on the weekly “Life”.

In 1969-1985 he worked for Radio France Internationale (French radio for foreign countries). In the years 1978-1981 he worked for the French monthly “Strategies”.. Between 1986 and 1990 he was a journalist in the Polish department of the BBC, and then for 15 years – its correspondent in Paris.

He has also worked as a reporter for Życie Warszawy, Gazeta Wyborcza and the Polish News Agency. He was a war correspondent in Israel during the first Gulf War and Yugoslavia (August 1991 and December 1992).

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He also published his texts in the French press including. In the newspapers “Le Monde” and “Le Progress” and in the monthly French-Jewish newspaper “Corridors”. He wrote for the Polish newspaper Immigrants, incl. The monthly “Contect” magazine published in Paris.

While writing for PAP, Lewin regularly reported to readers in Poland about political and social events in France. He specialized in interviews with French intellectuals. Among his interlocutors were: Chantal Delsol, Alain Finkelkraut, Michel Wiviorca, Paul Thibault, Frédéric Insel and Dominique Moisy.

He is the author of several books and volumes of poetry, including: “When I Go Eighteen in the Morning”, “Sissyphus Luska”, “Escape from Egypt”, “Flight on the Tables of France”, “Paris for Two Louise” (with Ludvik Stoma).

In 2005, Telewizja Polonia prepared a documentary about Ludwik Lewin, “My Worlds”, directed by Krzysztof Kownas.

“He was able to absorb the essence of human nature as little as possible”

Great regret, great loss. Ludvik Lewin had a remarkable ability to extract unchanging historical processes from the tide of changing facts, recalls Thomas Jarosh, head of the foreign department of the People’s Action Party.

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– He was able, at least today, to comprehend the essence of human nature, which, although subject to time, has certain enduring features – notes Jarush.

When the coronavirus epidemic spread, and the world that used to enlightenment to predict, was turned upside down, It was Editor Loewen who prepared for PAP interviews with world-renowned philosophers, and assessed social reactions to the element of unpredictability brought about by the coronavirus. Conversations with Ludwik Lewin have been a real intellectual feast for me – he adds.

The funeral service, according to Jewish tradition, will take place on Friday at 2.30 pm in the Pantin cemetery north of Paris.

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