Eurovision 2022: emotions with sparkle. Touching words from fans from Ukraine

In the first semi-final Eurovision Song Contest Representatives of seventeen countries will perform on stage in Turin. The top ten will qualify for the Grand Finals on Saturday, joining hosts Spain, France, the United Kingdom, Germany and Italy.

What was the mood among fans who came to Turin to experience the emotions accompanying the largest European music event, which attracts hundreds of millions of viewers in front of TV sets? What opportunities do they offer Christian OchmannWho will compete for the final on Thursday, May 12th?

– Some people liked our song this year because it’s so emotional. Last year we were one of the candidates, so this year we have slightly lower expectations. Poland’s chances are very high. You guys are high on bets, right? Christian Uchmann will definitely be promoted. I don’t know how to say it in Polish, but…good luck! – says the Swiss in an interview with Interia.

Icelandic fans confirm that Eurovision is what they live for. – We cry, we have chills, we are excited. All the feelings you can feel at once. in glitter!

– We are volunteers, we help security, we monitor the queue, we say what cannot be brought, such as umbrellas and plastic bottles. This is our business. We are glad that we can host Eurovision in our city. I love Turin, and I’m proud – adds the Italian.

Fans from Spain have a similar opinion about the pole, waving their fingers for their representative – Chanel.

– “River” is a very good song. Christian’s voice is amazing. I hope you reach the final. The show may not be my favourite, but I think it will advance. Who knows, maybe the top ten? – they ask.

Among the candidates, Greece represents Amanda Teneford With the song “Die Together”.

– Every year Greece tries to send something attractive to Eurovision. At the same time, we choose great singers. Amanda is an excellent singer, she is from Norway. I’m impressed that our performance was so well received after the video was released. We hope to be promoted this year as before. I am a big fan of Polish songs. It is in third place. I hope Poland will qualify for the final. I love Christian Ochmann’s voice, it’s impressive. I like the song so much I will listen to it too after Eurovision – that’s what Greek women think.

Fans from the Netherlands decided to change their clothes for the competition.

– Since we have never been able to dress like this, we go to work, where we have to dress normally. And we don’t want to be normal! We want to look like this! This is a great opportunity to dress up in shiny clothes. The whole world unites during Eurovision. The whole world is watching her. We were in Rotterdam for the first time a year ago, fell in love and now we want to go to Eurovision every year!

Music unites. It is the language of all of us. Especially now, at this difficult time for Europe in relation to the pandemic, it is very important that we are together and celebrate. Also because of what is happening in Ukraine. We want to try it together as Europeans.

Fans from Ukraine gave extraordinary feelings. I remember that Kaloosh Orchestra From this country, according to the latest assessments, is the main contender to win the Grand Final.

– If Ukraine wins, I would like Poland to organize Eurovision for all the support you have given us. I had to flee the war and I cannot express my gratitude for what I did. I now live in Sweden and my Polish friends continue to support me. No words can describe our gratitude. We used to say that we are brother countries with the aggressor today. We now know that we only have one sister, and that is Poland, said the Ukrainian.

Promotion to the finals (the top 10 players from each semi-final) is determined by the points awarded in a ratio of 50:50 by jurors and television viewers. Jurys will judge the performance of all participants this year exactly 24 hours before the spectators. Jury rehearsals, during which jury members present their scores, will be held on Mondays and Wednesdays.

1 – Runella Hajati (Albania) – “Secret” – Listen!
2 – City Zeni (Latvia) – “Eat your salad” – Listen!
3 – Monica Liu (Lithuania) – “Sentimentai” – Listen!
4. Marius Behr (Switzerland) – “Boys Don’t Cry” – Listen!
5. LPS (Slovenia) – “Disko” – Listen!
6. Kalush Orchestra (Ukraine) – “Stefania” – Listen!
7- Smart Music Project (Bulgaria) – “Intention” – Listen!
8. S10 (Netherlands) – “De Diepte” – Listen!
9. Win şi Zdub & Advahov Brothers (Moldova) – “Trenulețul” – Listen!
10 – MARU (Portugal) – “Saudade, Saudade” – Listen!
11 – Mia Demšić (Croatia) – “Guilt Pleasure” – Listen!
12- ‘Reddy’ (Denmark) – ‘The Show’ – Listen!
13. LUM! X feat. Pia Maria (Austria) – “Halo” – Listen!
14- Sestor (Iceland) – “Mi Hokandi Sol” – Listen!
15- Amanda Georgiade Teneford (Greece) – “We Die Together” – Listen!
16. Subwoolfer (Norway) – “Give this wolf a banana” – Listen!
17. Rosa Lynn (Armenia) – “Snap” – Listen!

The representative of Poland will appear in the second semi-finals Christian Ochmann With the song “River”. The final festival will take place on May 14th.

Łukasz Smardzewski, Turin

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