“Eukaliptus”: Western erotic in Polish

Direction for the first time Marcin Krzyształcowicz It was a story about searching for the ideal in a world without values. “Eucalyptus” It is a surreal tale of human nature, set in the Convention of the West, where the legend of the Wild West is put to the ultimate test of endurance. In the Wild West’s most depressing city, Rio Bravo, love is hotter, crime is crueler, and poetry is more poetic than Byron himself. Venereal diseases consumed the minds of the people of Rio Bravo, leaving behind an unbridled longing for eucalyptus.

The multi-threaded story set in the Wild West scene nearly two centuries ago has been played entirely in English.

Marcin Krzyształowicz explained that the film’s surprising format was meant to strengthen reality and make the context of the story more believable. He also defended himself against accusations of excessive obscenity for “eucalyptus”. According to the director, this is one of the reasons why the actors use English. Marcin Krzyształowicz explained: “It was about strengthening the form. Similar dialogues in Polish can seem very trivial and natural.”

The protagonist of “Eukaliptus” is Sony Holiday (Laszek Zdibach), a gunslinger endowed by nature with two particularly intriguing properties: delicacy and an unusual “bird”. Sony’s sensitivity is expressed in his words and demeanor, and they are so different from those of the world around him that it’s safe to call Sony a true poet. But it is not hypersensitivity that makes our hero famous, but his unusual “bird”, which some call a “metaphysical bird”. To him Sony owes its fame, which was valued more in the Wild West than life and health.

Sonny is a mature man and is always guided by pragmatism in his sexual choices, which is why he spends most of his time with the same bitch Sheila (Dorota Staliska), otherwise it is the oldest in the whole of Rio Bravo. Sonny and Sheila have a special friendship that allows them to joke around and remember each other. The latter relates particularly to Sonny’s father, who deeply influenced old Sheila’s life, raising her with true dedication to be a “racial whore”.

sony’s father (Ryszard KotysHe was a tough and firm man. His great sexual temperament allowed him to interact more intensely with women, men, children and pets, which is what deserves to be called a real authority in the eyes of the whole Rio Bravo. Sonny and Sheila’s relationship is disrupted by the appearance of the beautiful Lo (Renata Dansevich). As a result, Sony only turned old Sheila into the fourteen-year-old Lu. This trade-off had some complications with it. Lo is the girlfriend of Billy Rosenkrantz’s greatest serial killer.Krzysztof Globisz). Bill is so spoiled that he lives with the dead without the slightest embarrassment, which, even in a depressing city like Rio Bravo, is a common scandal. Of course, Bell does not care about all the rules and moral standards because he is one of the fastest bearers of guns and is not afraid of anyone.

The romance between Sony and Lo, as tradition dictates, was not played out in complete secrecy, and one day Billy, of course, found out everything. At first he doubted the manhood of Sonny, who allegedly lost his “bird” in the old days. But when Lou explains to Billy that Sonny has a special and invisible “bird,” he vows revenge.

However, the most important character in the film is Sheriff John Gersbet (Adam France). It takes place from the first scene to the last scene in the movie. He is the narrator of the whole story and at the same time takes an active part in it. It turns out that the mayor, regardless of the seriousness of his position, his moral authority and his age, suddenly falls in love with young Lu. This tragic love will affect the fate of everyone, and the sheriff will not hesitate to seize the fair-haired Lu.

Director Marcin Krzyształowicz described “Eukaliptus” as a “luscious western.”

“If you know the meaning of western and the sexy words, you already know a lot, but you don’t know everything. Because sexy western is not just a simple sum of these words, but a new film quality full of emotions and associations, with many possibilities to influence the viewer. First:” Western erotica” terrifies and laughs – it terrifies especially the most respected critics. Second: it provokes, especially intellectual, so that the audience has the opportunity to formulate the following – to come to conclusions about moral and sexual life or life in general. Of course, taking place in the Wild West, Because we assume we still don’t have enough information about the Wild West, which is still doing well, plus it’s getting brutal day by day” – explained Krzyształcowicz.

The creator of “Eukaliptus” added that the audience for his film is primarily … school youth. “We are based on the educational premise that what you soak into when you are young, the slaps you get when you get old. But of course it is not too late to study and a greater part of our society can also benefit from viewing Eucalyptus.” Because it is in the realm of sex , shooting, friendship with animals and widely understood presence on the set – our film creates new values ​​that may become close to Poles, regardless of age and gender,” added Krzyształcowicz.

“We put ‘Eukaliptus’ on one shelf with adaptations of school readings, whose task is primarily to educate and educate. Our Westerners also educate and educate, but in the spirit of ‘survival’, and therefore there is always a danger that one of the viewers may simply not be able to withstand, but not They all have to be commandos at once. So if you have any doubts as to whether your psychosomatic state would permit a screening of ‘Eukaliptus’, you’d better stay at home” – warned Krzyrzałowicz, specifying that his Western was a ‘family movie’. “.

“Eukaliptus” promotes the premise that life without love is meaningless. And everyone must agree to this fact. So “Eukaliptus” is a movie for the whole family, including the dog” – concluded the director.

Eukaliptus’ was created in three places. Western City in Karpacz became the movie Rio Bravo, the cowboy village created by Jerzy Pokoj and slightly rebuilt for the purpose of the film. Some locations were also filmed near Western City. All interiors were built under the leadership of Marek Birkenmayer in Television studio in Katowice.

The most important task faced by the designer and cinematographer (Adam Sikora) was to create a credible and coherent ground in every element of the Earth straight from Sergio Leone’s Spaghetti Western. But it also needs the right weather. For most of the filming period, the crew was accompanied by a sunny sky from morning to evening, so luck was on the rise and Poland became the America of the last century for several days.

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