Elegance and elegance on the turquoise carpet! The opening is behind us!

Officially launched Eurovision 2022! The opening ceremony was held in Turin on 8 May, traditionally hosted by the competition’s host city. For another year, the Eurovision stars walked on a turquoise carpet. How did this year’s Eurovision participants present themselves? Let’s check it out!

The Opening Ceremony is a great event that officially marks the start of Eurovision Week. However, a year ago, not all artists had access to it. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, delegations from Poland, Iceland, Malta and Romania have had to stay in their hotel rooms. This year, fortunately, there were no such cases.

Eurovision 2022: Artists officially welcomed in Turin

Turin is the second most important economic and cultural center (after Milan) in the north of the country. In the years 1861-1865 it was the first capital of a united Italy, but in the following years it remained the capital of the Italian elite. The city experienced a demographic leap linked to the development of industry – in Turin in 1899 an automobile company was founded Fiat! Today, more than a hundred years later, it hosts the largest music event in the world. The official partners of Eurovision 2022 are experts in the field of hair and body care – Moroccanoiltelecom service provider RiddleHousing and accommodation gates ideal And ReservationAirlines Vueling and the platform tik tok. In the latter, we can, for example, see excerpts from the first rehearsals. However, this idea did not appeal to fans of the competition.

Eurovision 2022 opening ceremony:

This year’s opening ceremony was held in the Venaria Palace complex. Built in 1675, the palace is famous for its impressive architecture and lavish gardens. The former residence of the kings of the Savoy dynasty was inscribed in a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997. The Turquoise Carpet was hosted this year Gabriel CorsiAnd Mario Acampa And Carolina de Domenico.

Artists from 40 countries participating in Eurovision 2022 have presented many wonderful creations on the carpet. What are the most interesting patterns? There were certainly delegations from Australia, Iceland and Israel. Sheldon Riley He was dressed in a white suit with a huge fur train. The witch’s outfit is very similar to the one he will wear during his performance at Eurovision.

Eurovision 2022: Sheldon Riley of Australia on the turquoise carpet, Photo: Andres Potting/EBU

Michael Ben David From Israel, he composed his own clothes. It has attracted attention with a rather unconventional style. He has proven once again that when you play Eurovision, you should play everything!

Eurovision 2022 opening ceremony Michael Ben-David Israel
Eurovision 2022: Israeli – Michael Ben-David – during the opening ceremony, Photo: Anders Botting/EBU

Walking on the turquoise carpet is also an occasion for expressiveness. This is how they present themselves systor from Iceland. Eileen appeared with the transgender flag, Sega in a logo T-shirt We are all humanA beta with the flag of Ukraine.

Eurovision 2022 opening ceremony in Iceland
Eurovision 2022: Icelandic trio Systur with statement, Photo: Andres Putting/EBU

Opening Ceremony 2022: Classic Victories

The vast majority of artists have chosen classics, not to say Italianelegance. Even those from whom we expected extravagant sweets. We are talking primarily about Vladan from Montenegro. Famous for her totally bizarre designs, she showed up yesterday in… a white dress. Many fans were disappointed with this choice, but an interested person decided to take this step after seeing the photos of the palace complex.

Opening Ceremony of Eurovision 2022 Vladana Montenegro
Eurovision 2022: Vladana of Montenegro on the turquoise carpet, Photo: Anders Potting/EBU

Classic and elegant black color has always prevailed in the clothes of many artists including in Stephan. Estonian was wearing a black suit, black shirt and sunglasses.

Eurovision 2022 opening ceremony Estonia Stefan
Eurovision 2022: Stefan of Estonia during the opening ceremony, Photo: Andres Putting/EBU

For example, the design was no surprise Monica Liu from Lithuania. A black dress with wedge heels and a signature hairdo that perfectly matches the vibe of her song CinemaTai.

Opening Ceremony of Monica Leo Lithuania Eurovision 2022
Eurovision 2022: Lithuanian Monica Liu in front of the Venaria Palace, Photo: Andres Putting / EBU

Opening Ceremony 2022: Who Let Us Down?

Unfortunately, it is impossible to please everyone. Some performers wear costumes very similar to those we know from the stage. The band’s Denki was at the top here Reddy.

Opening Ceremony of Eurovision 2022 Denmark Reddy
Eurovision 2022: Denmark’s REDDI quad in fashion we know it well, Photo: Andres Putting/EBU

They also put on weird outfits blame! X And Pia Maria. He wore a fluffy jacket over a shirt, and she was…a black lace dress over a black suit. Wasn’t it hot in it?

Eurovision 2022 AUSTRIA LUM!  10 Pia Maria . Opening Ceremony
Eurovision 2022: Austrian duo LUM! X and Pia Maria during the opening ceremony, Photo: Andres Putting / EBU

Opening Ceremony 2022: Poland gives elegance!

On the carpet, of course, there was a Polish delegation with the representative of our country, Christian Uchmann. Undertaker river He walked along the route of the event accompanied by four dancers and his performance directors – Mikowaj Dobroolski and Tomas Klimeck. Ochman was asked by the lecturers, among others, about his relationship with the United States where he was born. He also mentioned the support he enjoys from his parents and siblings.

Eurovision 2022: Polish actress Christian Ochmann, on the turquoise carpet, Photo: youtube.com

Of course, our editors were no worse! Our editorial team was represented at the opening ceremony by Marcia Batajanov, Kasia Leniewska and Myshko Chernyawski. Soon you will see the results of their visit to Veneria Reale!

Eurovision 2022: All you need to know

Eurovision 2022 It will be held on May 10, 12 and 14, 2022. The site at the foot of the Alps was chosen as the organizer of the show Turin. Concerts will be held in the hall Bala AlbiturWhich hosted ice hockey matches during the 2006 Winter Olympics. This year’s competition theme will be beauty voice. The European Broadcasting Union also introduced a new logo and visual identification for the competition, and will host the event Laura Puccini, Mica and Alessandro Cattelan. You’ll find a powerful summary of the most important information about this year’s edition here.

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