Corey Haim: Raped by a famous actor. “Anyone can see it”

The fact that Haim was sexually harassed on the set of the movie “Lucas” was written in 2013 in the actor’s diary Corey Feldman.

“The adult man persuaded him [Haima]that it is quite normal in show business for older men to have sexual contact with younger partners; This is something everyone does, Feldman wrote, without ever mentioning the abuser by name.

Haim and Corey Feldman, who played together in Joel Schumacher’s “Lost Boys,” formed the popular duo “The Two Corey.” But unlike his more modest fellow, Haim made the most of five minutes in Hollywood. He loved drugs, alcohol, and partying until dawn, which made him famous for being “difficult to work with.”

Feldman returns to Chaim’s harassment in the documentary “(My Right) The Truth: The Rape of Koreans” accused Charlie Sheen.

“It wasn’t a story I was casually thrown on my deathbed. He didn’t mention it sometimes, but he told me everything in detail. He said, ‘Charlie leaned between two convoys and raped me in broad daylight.'” Anytime someone would show up there and see it,” he remembers the crying words of his friend Cory Feldman. When “Lucas” was filmed, Haim was 13 and Shane was 19.

“It wasn’t like he once said for a moment, ‘Oh, it’s already happened, it has happened. “He said it in detail. Shane raped between trailers in the middle of the day. Anyone can pass that way. Anyone can get in. To see ”- said Feldman.

Several other people in the document also commented saying that Chaim had told them about being harassed by Shane or had heard about it from someone else.

The case is not new, and Sheen has categorically denied raping Chaim in the past. The case was also taken to court, but it eventually ended in a settlement.

Shane wasn’t the only celebrity whose name appeared in a Feldman documentary. Also mentions is the actor John Grissom, who played Chaim and Feldman in the films Driver’s License and Dreams Come True, nightclub owner Alpha Hoffman and former star manager Marty Weiss. Feldman also claims that the other person who molested Haim was actor Dominic Bracia, who died in 2018. Interestingly, it was Brassya who accused Shane of raping Corey Haim several times in 2017.

Corey Feldman first spoke about child sexual abuse in Hollywood in an interview with ABC in 2011. He later continued the topic in his 2013 memoir “Chorography.”

Corey Haim He died in 2010 of complications after a history of pneumonia. He was 38 years old.

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